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The Tip Sheet – 2020 Season Review


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Back by popular demand (am I really using that term correctly!?), Sixties and Forty20 conduct their own review of the 2020 season for the Parramatta Eels.

Starting with the big picture of the team’s 3rd place finish, the boys pull apart Parramatta’s best regulation season finish since 2005 before contrasting the Eels’ scorching start to their scrappy finish. While the Eels didn’t have any long-term injuries, a series of disruptive blows to their spine played a factor in their struggles and the duo discuss how much of a factor that was to the back-end of the campaign.

At the end of 2019, Junior Paulo issued a challenge to himself and his teammates to aspire to representative honours in the following year in order to better themselves and the team. Fast-forward 12 months and 3 of his comrades in Clinton Gutherson, Nathan Brown and Reagan Campbell-Gillard as well as his himself have earned selections for the NSW Blues. Forty20 and Sixties chat about how these four men can elevate themselves and their fellow Eels in 2021 on the back of representative selection.

The lads round out the round-table on 2020 looking at where the Eels hurt themselves the most and the exciting amount of room they have to grow before scouting out a trio of freshly announced new recruits.

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Jpe Briffa

Thanks fellas plenty to digest, already looking forward to your next instalment, keep well


Hi Joe hope you are well mate.


Cheers Joe, we’ll keep them coming.


What will be the impact of three senior team members being part of Origin? It can only be beneficial for team leadership surely.


I think it can only help with the big games and how the team handle them. It will be different for the coaching staff I would assume as they may need to try and work through the origin period with several players representing next year. In the past we have only had one or 2 representing. However I don’t remember a team winning the premiership with no origin players in it


I suppose we can assume that Origin returns to normal scheduling next year?


Great listen boys enjoyed everyone of these this season much appreciated.


Appreciate that mate. You’re one of our club’s legendary supporters.


Nice to have a season review that doesn’t focus in sacking BA and half the team. Some great observations and criticism where warranted but noting the positives and potential at Parra. Looking forward to 2021.


Thanks Shaun. We try to have balance in what we say. Criticism where warranted, but big recognition of the clubs direction.


Tks guys. Papali’i could prove a really good signing. He has a background of leadership and winning in League, Union and weightlifting through school and entry into senior competition.
Only 22 and maybe just looking for that early re-boot, young blokes sometimes need to be in the right place with the right people to get their mojo working.


Cheers BDon. Papa could be a very interesting acquisition. He was very motivated to shift to Parra and his good mate Marata helps with his acclimatisation. His progress during the preseason will be good to track.


Great discussion. Really appreciate the work you put in to keeping us informed and thinking all things Eels. Recruitment will be key especially because of the loss of 12 or more players and if sample B comes back drug positive it may well end M Jennings career (hopefully not). One area to tighten is Right side defence. Waqa and Fergo seem like strangers and don’t seem to work well together. Both have had average seasons. We need to get it right because we were left flat footed most of the year. There might be an easy fix but given it… Read more »

Last edited 13 days ago by pete
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