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The Tip Sheet – Round 17 Review

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It was a much needed return to the winner’s circle for the Parramatta Eels this week as they prevailed 24-18 in a hard fought clash against the New Zealand Warriors. Parramatta were certainly not at their best throughout the pulsating contest but they showed glimpses of the grit and gumption that has carried them throughout the season to date.

Forty20 and Sixties run their eyes over the good and bad to come out of the Sunday afternoon win. The boys praise Reed Mahoney’s command over the ruck and revisit their assessments of Maika Sivo and Waqa Blake one week removed from their horror night against the Rabbitohs.

The victory moves the Eels back into outright 3rd on the ladder but both Sixties and Forty20 know that Parramatta need to be far better coming off a short turnaround if they are to challenge the competition leading Panthers on Friday night. TCT’s talking heads look back to Parramatta’s 16-10 victory when these two teams last met for inspiration before offering how they would attempt to attack the extremely well balanced outfit at the foot of the mountain.


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it was remiss of me to not give credit to Mitch Moses for his kicking game yesterday. The variety and impact of his kicks were crucial in achieving the victory.

!0 Year Member

Kicking straight and on the full to RTS on multiple occasions? constant mid-field bombs? Not having generated a repeat set for how long? The real Moses has left the building, I wish he would come back. He needs to vary his kicks, we need another option on the 5th tackle (this is not all on Moses). We have the team to be there at the end of the year, we are lacking a true game manager, someone to take the game by the scruff of the neck, the only player whom can be that person is Moses. We need Moses.… Read more »


Mid field bombs? Didn’t see any from Moses. Saw one from Field. Saw tremendous depth in the kicks and good kick chases on all but two. One of those should have been chased hard. Saw a try off two. I thought it was a very decent kicking game.

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!0 Year Member

How about the lack of composure on the last tackle when he should (the general should be coordinating the troops) have gone for a field goal, with a few minutes remaining, and he got caught like a cat on a hot tine roof and had to dart left and then we turn over the ball? and the warriors march down field. Maybe I am only seeing the negative.


Should he have gone for field goal? If it was in his plans I’m glad he didn’t. There’s greater chance for a 7 tackle set. The smarter play these days is what you see the Storm doing. Run it on the 6th, and at worst turn it over inside the 20 (Or the 10).

Trapped in the 1970's

Certainly happy for the win, the fact that they’ve not dropped consecutive games this year and it was a much improved effort from the Souths game, but this Friday’s away game will be the real litmus test to gauge where they are at particularly with Marata and Reed picking up injuries and Penrith keen to avenge their only loss of the season.  I thought Moses kicking game was a real mixed bag. A nice kick in the lead up to Fergo’s try and then an ordinary kick at the end of a poor set for a 20 mtr. restart and I… Read more »


I thought that the kicking was stronger than you suggest Trapped, but given there’s now a couple of criticisms of Moses, maybe I’m wrong. I genuinely thought that the kicking for territory was quite good, and the two restarts – one just rolled a touch too long and the other should have had a kick chase contesting it- there was nobody and it was the last tackle. I copped abuse for clapping my team at last years trial, which I laughed at and asked whether he was serious. His personal abuse which followed demonstrated he was. To be fair, other… Read more »

Trapped in the 1970's

Perhaps they thought you were Ricky Stuart re the coins? Maybe I’m wrong re Moses as I’d forgotten about his 40:20 which wasn’t his fault that it came to nothing. Cleary’s low kicks for Kikau can be a worry so pressure on the kicker will be vital.


Oregon 7 mins? I heard this was because he wasnt well. Terrible luck becoming unwell less than an hour before kick off. Surely the 18th man would have come into the 17 if known prior to this.


I reckon he’s said he was right to go. We know that BA is happy to play the starters for longer minutes if the match requires it – that probably made that decision this week easier with the illness.

Last edited 1 day ago by sixties
Luke Winley

Hi guys
I thought Junior Pahlow’s involvement is great as always but I really wish that he would put the skip and a step away until the half an hour mark. I want to see him knocking bodies over running full steam.


Fair call


Good read Luke, I thought the same. It stops his impetus


Tks, enjoyed that. A couple of things that you discussed have run through my mind:
1) The mental switch off. We’ve given away too many good leads to think this doesn’t exist in this squad. Also our poor attempts at times to properly form up in defence can be an effort área either mental or physical.
2) Sivo is getting knocked over like he’s 20kg lighter. Needs work on his running style, including some variation like a step. Fergo varies it, with good attention to ball security.


BDon, the mental application is something that I wrote about last year as being essential for taking the next step. The last couple of weeks continue to confirm that it is still an issue.
i can assure you that Sivo receives individual coaching about how he engages defenders. To my mind he is far too upright when hitting the ball up from kick returns.

Luke Winley

Hi guys
I thought Junior paulos involvement was great as always but I really wish that he would put the skip and step away until After hes left his mark. I want to see him knocking bodies over running full steam.

Parra Pete

I thought the final score-line did not reflect the match dominance by the Eels..Swap the ‘luck in running” to the Eels and the scoreline would have been an more acceptable indicator The Warriors three tries had a ‘touch of arse’ about each one. Great tries, but each of them was arsey, If the Eels had the same sort of luck, they could have added another three – two easily convertible. One by Fergo, one by Evans and one to Mahoney. Take 18 off Warriors,. add 16 to Eels better score 40 blot….Sure, I’m an eternal optimist, and pleased to take… Read more »


I was speaking to people since the game who all agree that had we taken the Evans try, the game blows out to a big score. That changed a bit of momentum and luck. BTW, those Warriors tries were spectacular and deserved, but if anyone can’t acknowledge that you need luck to pull off either, then they don’t understand footy. It was a case of fortune favouring the brave. A reward for not giving in. But geez! And, we are all ignoring RTS pass falling forward out of his hands as he fell

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