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Team List Tuesday – Eye Of The Ex-Tiger Edition

NRL Team List


Mitchell Moses spearheads a hugely welcome returning triumvirate in Round 11 that also features Ryan Matterson and Blake Ferguson as the Parrmatta Eels look to bounce back from an ugly loss against the Manly Sea Eagles. The trio’s selection for Thursday nights derby not only restores the right-edge to its proper glory, it signals the first time since Round 7 that Brad Arthur has been able to name a full-strength starting roster. The caveat here is that one would have to imagine that both Maika Sivo and Nathan Brown are racing the clock on the short turnaround to overcome painful short-term knocks to their knee and hip respectively.

Still, that starting team is a sight for sore eyes and the return of Moses can not be overstated. His presence will free up Reed Mahoney and Dylan Brown, allowing the two young aces to put their full focus into their responsibilities rather than commandeering the team around the park. I for one, am looking forward to Parramatta getting back to basics with a game plan predicated on strong set finishes and an astute kicking game that will hopefully nullify the influence of the Tigers’ back three.

Andrew Davey earns a spot on the bench following a positive debut but it comes at the expense of the old warhorse David Gower with ‘BA’ favouring the fresher legs of Davey and Stefano Utoikamanu over the veteran. Jai Field is the other major loser this week as he drops back to the extended bench – a move that had to be expected. Still, he showed enough in his handful of games to suggest that the coaching staff will give him every shot to carve out a place in the team.

On another note, It will be curious to see how the Eels plan to handle any spiteful moments that the game could throw up. Several anonymous Wests-Tigers insiders have stoked the fires of revenge in the lead-up to this game by providing Sydney Morning Herald journalist Christian Nicolussi supposed quotes from Ryan Matterson surrounding his departure. Matterson, as he has since departing the joint-venture, has refused to comment on the matter (both a right he is very much entitled to have and a professional courtesy to everyone involved) while Benji Marshall tried to defuse the tension this week but the Tigers have been involved in a number of heated fixtures of late so a certain level of caution should be applied.

I have written about this already in the wake of the Round 10 loss but the Eels can not afford a second loss on the trot here. The Wests Tigers will be amped up coming into this fixture on the back of their demolition job on the Brisbane Broncos but Parramatta have to take care of business and put a dismal first half performance against Manly to rest. Harry Grant will be a priority target for our defence after getting gashed by Daly Cherry-Evans and Dany Levi last week while the entire team will need to put the clamps on the work of David Nofoaluma when he attempts to garner momentum early in a Wests’ possession.

Whether the emphasis is on getting back to basics after two scratchy offensive performance recently or whether the team choose to back their more advanced structures with the return of Moses – the message is simple this week…take care of business.


Parramatta Eels Wests Tigers
1 Clinton Gutherson 1 Adam Doueihi
2 Maika Sivo 2 David Nofoaluma
3 Michael Jennings 3 Chris Lawrence
4 Waqa Blake 4 Moses Mbye
5 Blake Ferguson 5 Tommy Talau
6 Dylan Brown 6 Billy Walters
7 Mitchell Moses 7 Benji Marshall
8 Reagan Campbell-Gillard 8 Josh Aloiai
9 Reed Mahoney 9 Harry Grant
10 Junior Paulo 10 Russel Packer
11 Shaun Lane 11 Michael Chee-Kam
12 Ryan Matterson 12 Luciano Leilua
13 Nathan Brown 13 Matthew Eisenhuth
14 Andrew Davey 14 Sam McIntyre
15 Marata Niukore 15 Thomas Mikaele
16 Stefano Utoikamanu 16 Luke Brooks
17 Brad Takairangi 17 Chris McQueen
18 David Gower 18 Oliver Clark
19 George Jennings 19 Elijah Taylor
20 Daniel Alvaro 20 Shawn Blore
21 Jai Field 21 Alex Seyfarth


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John Eel

Great to see our best 13 listed for the run on side

The proof of the pudding will be when we see who runs out on Thursday night.

I have good seats for Thursday can’t wait to get to the game. This is a must win game for us. It will be great to get Kane and Oregon back on the bench some time soon.


Hopefully not too long to wait.

!0 Year Member

Saints flog Manly. Then Manly flog us, yes the score was close, but if you watched the game you would have realised we were never a chance,although I am proud of the team and how they hung in there and did not leak any points after the break. I then go and state the Manly game was the most confident I have been in a decade….lol… brash statements this time around. I cannot wait for the game and hope the boys come to play and give us fans another win.

John Eel

I love your optimism but that was a big call to be that confident of a win when the Eels had 7 players unavailable due to injury

The players included Moses, Matterson, Ferguson, Evans, Kaufusi, Stone and Terepo. All have played in the NRL this year and any one of them would have played Saturday had they been available


I am sure it will be a different Parra on Thursday night, but the Tigers will be pumped for this.


I got questioned about my tipping last week, and rightly so but i feel each team cannot be always up 100% each week, and injuries can hinder. Having said this how we start this week will indicate what mentality we have taken from last week. Manly were always going to be tough and we have had a tough period of 5 wks. I am still not 100% convinced of a win, as Wests are playing some v good footy, but if we can get our discipline and defence around the play the ball sorted we should win. The young fellow… Read more »

John Eel

Milo were you previously from the area?


Hi John, yes for work, about 18 yrs. But lived in the Hawkesbury area and Ingleburn before that.


Thanks Forty20,
Looking like a great match up. Last week’s loss for us and a big win by them. We need to win again to keep the habit going.

“Take me down to Paradise City”

The rev aka Snedden

This should be a good Game but last time we played the tiger’s I also said that n we pumped the tiger’s 51\6 . We are almost at full strength just waiting on Kane n Oregon n Ray then we are full strength. This is our BBF game if we don’t win this Game all the Sports media ppl will start saying we won’t win this yrs comp. Or get boneheaded ppl like kenty n Gus saying stuff like we are mentally weak. Never heard Gus say the same about his Rooster’s after loosing to Canberra. I’m so glad Moses… Read more »

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