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Team List Tuesday – Lockdown 2.0 Electric Eelaloo Edition

NRL Team List


As COVID-19 rears its head once again amidst a flurry of second wave outbreaks across Victoria and now NSW, the NRL has moved quickly to re-activate strict bubble protocols. There is even talk about shifting the entire competition to Queensland in an attempt to stay ahead of a potential explosive spread of the pandemic. The Melbourne Storm have already made that jump given the dire state of affairs in Victoria and I have to think that the Sunshine State would welcome the wholesale move with open arms. Even if Queensland were to only to host the likes of the Eels, Panthers and Roosters, the ‘heartland of rugby league’ would surely love to recall what it is like to have one let alone three competitive teams based in its backyard!

Back on the important stuff now and the Parramatta Eels faced a nervous wait on multiple fronts in the wake of their torrid 10-4 victory over the Newcastle Knights in Round 9. From Junior Paulo’s back spasms, to Stefano Utoikamanu’s unfortunate breach of COVID-19 protocols and finally Waqa Blake’s nervous 24-hour wait on the Match Review Committee. Thankfully, Waqa escaped the game with no charges (and just as well) while Stefano was cleared of an infection earlier this afternoon. The biggest boost of all though comes on the stroke of 4:00PM as Brad Arthur names Junior to his starting team.

Otherwise there are no reinforcements for the Eels this week. Mitchell Moses was deemed to be a real shot at returning this week but ‘BA’ has taken the safety first approach (perhaps with the Brookvale bog in mind) and left him out of the TLT-21 completely. Jai Field has held down the fort admirably in his place and could be a real factor against the fraying edge defence of the Sea Eagles in Round 10.

A host of Eels will be looking for bounceback efforts in attack on Saturday night, chief among them Dylan Brown. The blossoming superstar was decidedly out-of-sync against the Newcastle Knights and I have zero doubts he will be focused on nailing his fundamentals against the Sea Eagles.

Manly will be without their hugely talented prop Addin Fonua-Blake as he serves the last week of a suspension for a vile tirade against an official and the importance of his absence should be stressed for a team that is genuinely struggling currently. Their pack still boasts talents like Martin Taupau and Jake Trbojevic, the latter of whom will be locked in an epic tussle with Nathan Brown over the course of the game, but their go-forward and line-breaking ability through the middle starts with Fonua-Blake.

While the Eels prevailed over their arch-rivals in controversial circumstances way back in Round 4, the focus this week will be looking to build on the lessons from that game. Leading 18-2 earling in the second half, a string of errors and brittle defence down our right edge allowed the Sea Eagles to nearly mount an unlikely comeback (aided by a clear no-try to Dylan Walker that no-one in the media ever mentions).

Parramatta will want to ensure there are no such lapses the second time around as they chase their 9th win of the season.


Parramatta Eels Manly Sea Eagles
1 Clinton Gutherson 1 Brendan Elliot
2 Maika Sivo 2 Jorge Taufua
3 Michael Jennings 3 Brad Parker
4 Waqa Blake 4 Moses Suli
5 Blake Ferguson 5 Reuben Garrick
6 Dylan Brown 6 Cade Cust
7 Jai Field 7 Daly Cherry-Evans
8 Reagan Campbell-Gillard 8 Taniela Paseka
9 Reed Mahoney 9 Danny Levi
10 Junior Paulo 10 Martin Taupau
11 Shaun Lane 11 Joel Thompson
12 Ryan Matterson 12 Curtis Sironen
13 Nathan Brown 13 Jake Trbojevic
14 David Gower 14 Lachlan Croker
15 Stefano Utoikamanu 15 Jack Gosiewski
16 Marata Niukore 16 Sean Keppie
17 Brad Takairangi 17 Corey Waddell
18 Daniel Alvaro 18 Haumole Olakau’atu
19 George Jennings 19 Tevita Funa
20 Will Smith 20 Abbas Miski
21 Andrew Davey 21 Toafofoa Sipley
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John Eel

If Mitch is not 100% fit I am more than happy for him to sit out more time on the sideline. There are bigger fish to fry. I am really happy for Stefano to get a second crack. Hopefully he gets more time on the field this week. Maybe we can do a number on them and get a big lead to allow BA to bring him on earlier. However it is pretty hard to see that Manly will be as soft as they were last week. I am sure Dessie will have them fired up for a big one… Read more »


Yes agree with John here, Manly will be v tough as noted and their halves will be hard to contain, and particularly if the surface is wet, kicking and defence under pressure will be the order of the day. I sincerely hope we put in another great defensive effort. Toss of the coin this one and we can also put Manly under huge pressure if we hang in there till the end and come up trumps….Manly could be in danger of a top 8 but they will be v hard to beat. My betting is Manly to win the penalties… Read more »


I’m sorry Milo but a ‘toss of the coin’ to decide.
Get on the men from Parra!
Who cares f it’s wet.. both team will play with a slippery ball, get heavy legs etc etc
If what the Eels have shown this year does not inspire / convince you to believe then maybe your on the wrong team!
What’s it going to take for you to fully believe ? Besides a premiership of course
As the players have belief…so too should we
Parra by 12+


Agree with you Marty…..I am questioning what your smoking Milo, unless the Milo is getting mixed with something a whole lot stronger.


Thanks Pop’s i have not had a ciggie since the early 90’s……no excuse there mate, maybe too much Milo in this cool weather.


Thanks Marty for the confidence and I may be reading too much into things, and that is just me. Thanks for the advice Pal, but Manly will def be tougher this week.
I never said the eels do not inspire me bud, but I have been around long enough and would like to see a consistent season. Yes we have done superb thus far but as I said kicking will be an important area and we need to do this well (general play) as well as defence. Our defence has been superb.


I hear you loud and clear Milo, am also a 35+ year fan, jeez I was a virgin last time we took the Flag
We all want the same thing, Eel victories


Ha mate we seem to be similar age then; as for the other comment suffice to say I cannot remember….


Hear you loud and clear Milo! 🙂
I am also a fan for 35+ years…jeez I was a virgin last time we won a Flag

!0 Year Member

Did the Dragons do these guys by 30 on the weekend? It is a long time since I felt confident going into a Manly game. Bring on Saturday 7.35pm


Good call to rest Mitch for another week, even two.
I’d like to see Andrew Davey get a run at some stage.
Anyone know how far away Kane Evans is?

The rev aka Snedden

John I’ve been asking that same question for about 2weeks know.

John Eel

There is an interview with the S & C guy talking about Evans and others injured

The rev aka Snedden

Good side but I can’t wait to Kane Evans n Oregon kaufusi n Ray stone are back. To me looks like Dylan Brown is playing halfback n gutherson at 5\8 in attack n Field fullback. But in defence gutherson fullback n Field 5\8. If this is the Case it’s working well but it’s taken energy away from Gutherson’s Game. He had a quiet Game last week. Yes you can’t be up every week but the best player’s do it week in week out. Stefano needs more Game time. I Think we are putting to much pressure on our starting props… Read more »


Obviously Milo goes to the same church as you Reverand. Stephano only needs more game time if we need him to do so. We aren’t out there developing him for the Tigers, unless it suits our situation. As for prop to lock, how do you see the difference or more to the point why would Marata play any different to how he normally plays and Nathan Brown the same. When Marata came on last week, where did he play? the edge forwards didn’t change and neither did Nathan, so why would you ask the question. Finally you think we are… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Calm down poppa you don’t seem to be understanding what I’m talking about. You had your pills today. You seem pretty angry.
Anyhow. What I’m talking about is what the storm are doing they are rotating their fowards. We need forward’s to take as much pressure as our starting props.


You know why I am angry Rev, we are on top of the table, we are going bloody well and we have people telling the coach about rotating forwards. Who gives a stuff what Storm are doing…..we are obviously doing well. On top of that you don’t understand that in the modern game the lock is a middle forward…..hence the switching is not an issue…..that says to me you don’t understand that you don’t understand.
Sorry I am going to take another pill! Lol

The rev aka Snedden

Don’t pop to many pills poppa.

I understand what your on about poppa i’m just saying that we need our bench forwards to match the starting props aggressive impact. Yet when they come on they don’t match RCG n JR in making the metre’s up the middle. Except Marata Niukore.
As for parra being on top its a great thing i’m loving it just sit back poppa n enjoy the ride. God bless you n parra for the rest of this season.


Pop’s no church for me. I was banned yrs ago after an issue with the plate.


When fit ALL Clubs will always use their starting props…end of story
Too much pressure! Please Rev that’s why they are starting props, they must eat the pressure it’s THEIR responsibility.

!0 Year Member

Peni is listed as indefinite on the team injury/unavailable list. Any word on whats happening there?

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