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Live Blog – Super Saturday: District Representatives Round 6 vs Cronulla Sharks, ISP Round 2 vs Blacktown Workers

Intrust Super Premiership


Late Mail

A number of changes for Wenty this week. Kaysa Pritchard and David Gower come into the starting line up after dropping out of NRL contention. Dylan Izzard replaces Zac Nicholls while Matt Woods drops to the bench and Reed Mahoney drops out of the team.

First Half


Wenty kick off.

The Magpies kick off deep to Vai Toutai who shows a safe set of hands to get Blacktown under way. Rugged defence from Wenty early in this set. Workers kick early but Eddie Aiono is well positioned to take the kick of the full.

Nice offload from Dane Aukafolau midway through this set. Wenty pick up a penalty from the resultant catch and run. Ball is centered by Stromquist. Stone takes the second carry but a knock is called. Stone isn’t impressed with the call and has a chat to the official but of course it won’t amount to anything.

A penalty to Blacktown now as an offside defender is passed into directly by the visitors. Folau is crunched by David Gower from the tap restart. Excellent defence. Niukore and Appouri combine for a strong tackle in the centre of the field and from there Blacktown kick in behind but Layoun flies across to clean it up.

Oh wowza, Wenty pick up a penalty for an offside defender but can only produce the shonkiest of touch finders as it barely gets 4m off the ground and is taken easily by the Blacktown line. However in a massively fortuitous twist they lose the ball coming back into the Wenty defensive line.

Now an error from Kaysa Pritchard as George Jennings slips a nice, late offload. Wenty really gifting Blacktown a shot here. The visitors attack down their right edge early in the set but Dylan Izzard chops him down in a really good tackle. They switch play back to their left where they look to have created a bit of space but the final pass to their winger is dropped!

Wenty’s inability to complete a set proves costly as Blacktown open the scoring via Taniela Paseka. Loose defence from our right edge as he brushes through weak initial contact and strides out a good 25m to beat Layoun and score.


Try scored by Taniela Paseka. Conversion successful.

Blacktown lead 6-0

14min gone


Wenty are digging themselves into a rut here as they fail to complete their next possession. Blacktown pounce and rapidly make it a two-score lead as a lovely angled run and crash ball to Jack Gosiewksi splits Izzard and his outside men on the left edge.


Try scored by Jack Gosiewski. Conversion successful.

Blacktown lead 12-0

17min gone


Great hustle from Davis! A shanked kick from Manly sees Toutai field the kick on halfway. Davis hammers him legally in the air and then flashes through to clean up his offload and make a good 15m on top of it! Wenty look to springboard from the change in momentum as the ball goes from left to right but the kick from Layoun down the right edge rolls comfortably over the dead ball line.

7 tackle set for Blacktown. Ooph, Tuha has butchered a huge overlap! 3 on 1 for Blacktown and Tuha dummies and goes himself! He is cleaned up by the cover defence. Workers have a second chance down the same side but a huge effort from Aukafolau saves the day! Wenty have somehow held on! Jennings takes the fifth tackle kick on the full just inside the field of play and does well to stay on the right side of that goal line.

A simple set for Wenty now, but by golly did they need it. Just working it through the middle before finding touch 25m off Blacktown’s line. They have to work their way back into this game and sets like that are how they will do it.

And with the ball getting marked out we will have a quarter time drinks break with the rather high temperatures in play this weekend.

Error from Blacktown now as they look to build towards an attacking movement down their left edge. Nice let off for Wenty there.

They drive the ball into Blacktown’s half in reply and trap Tuha 5m off his line. Much better footy from Wenty in the last two possessions.

Blacktown heave the ball downfield early in their set as Layoun and Aiono race back to clean it up. They do just that but an error comes in the following play the ball.  Dang it, just as Wenty were building towards a good run of field territory as well!

Great tackle by Aiono there! Saved a certain try as Davis is beaten by Folau down Wenty’s left edge. Blacktown go once tackle back to the posts and then roll it in behind of left edge once more. Aiono and Toutai each knock on in the contest for the ball but it is ruled a line drop out after Aiono’s initial infringement.

Good tackle from Marata in this set, saved a likely try under the posts but it amounts to little when the Magpies are caught too far off their line two tackles later. Well weighted kick down Blacktown’s attacking left edge and their winger (numbered as a centre in the #4) Jade Anderson touches the grubber kick down out wide to cement a three-score lead for Blacktown.


Try scored by Jade Anderson. Conversion successful.

Blacktown lead 18-0

31min gone


Nice ball and all tackle from Nathan Davis in this set but Blacktown bounce back from the nice shot to deftly lace the ball deep into Wenty’s half. It takes a favourable roll for the visitors and is marked out 10m off Wenty’s line. Big hole now for Wenty to dig themselves out of.

Saunders and Niukore cart it up for Wenty. Decent meters – especially from Marata there. Weak kick to finish the set in my opinion. The Magpies drill it along the ground from just shy of halfway but Honeti Tuha has little issue tidying it up and making some handy kick return metres.

Worse now for Wenty as they concede a ruck penalty for slowing the play down. Blacktown to go on the attack again.

Oh geez, a stagnated play results in points for Blacktown. Just weak stuff from left edge defence there. Blacktown initially play one pass to their left but quite literally come to a stop and then go two passes behind the ruck to find the backrower Gosiewski who slides into a yawning gap for his second meat pie of the day. Really, really poor from our left edge there.


Try scored by Jack Gosiewski. Conversion successful.

Blacktown lead 24-0

36min gone


Oh for crying out loud! Implosion now from Wenty as they kick it out on the full from the restart. Blacktown are pinged for an incorrect play the ball early in the following set though so a huge let off. Wenty will have 90 seconds to make something happen after all the running to the visitors.

A second penalty now! Great run from Dane Aukafolau as he drives towards to posts. Sets Wenty up to the left but on the next tackle Saunders loses it into the defensive line! That about sums up the half…

Blacktown cough the ball up immediately in reply but the clock runs out of time as Wenty dive on the ball and get tackled. They will need a WHOLE lot more in the second half to be competitive, let alone win this football game.


Half Time

Blacktown Workers 24 lead Wentworthville Magpies 0


Second Half

Wenty receiving.

Here we go! Expansive opening possession from Wenty as Gower releases Pritchard through the middle with a terrific offload. Kaysa flies downfield and links up with Layoun who is then caught from behind. Penalty to Wenty three tackles alter as Blacktown slow down the ruck.

Alas it unravels shortly after as the man they set it all up in Gower loses the ball near the goal line. Worse yet, backchat converts the scrum into a penalty. Bad slip in discipline from Wenty there.

Some good hustle from Dane Aukafolau again as he shows some defensive hustle again to shut down second phase ball from Blacktown. Workers recover on the next tackle and attack down their left-edge short side. They kick ahead from their winger Anderson pulls up in goals and Appouri Kouri has little recourse but to bat it dead. Pressure set incoming.

And the pressure proves to be too much as that oh-so-brittle left edge is shattered once again. Just way too easy as their hooker Manase Fainu steps and weaves through a series of arm grabs before Layoun wiffs in his last ditch attempt. Embarrassingly soft there and that lead is looking insurmountable now.


Try scored by Manase Fainu. Conversion unsuccessful.

Blacktown lead 28-0

47min gone


Error from Blacktown coming out of their half. Really nice run from Hiroti down the right edge there. Ran the ball with venom – more of that please, good sir!

Of course Wenty can only produce a diabolical kick on the last as Kouri’s kick is far too heavy and gifts Blacktown a 7-tackle set.

Ouch, Wenty pay for it immediately with an all-too-easy break to the winger Anderson before they kick ahead two tackles later and catch Layoun and Aiono all at sea. The man with the first half double in Gosiewski flies through and just manages to plant the ball down in goals as he loses his footing. Far too easy and it is going to be a long final 30 minutes at this rate.


Try scored by Jack Gosiewski. Conversion unsuccessful.

Blacktown lead 32-0

53min gone


Finally glimmers of something for Wenty as they efficiently drive the ball downfield and force a line drop out from a contested bomb. Too late to snare the win but maybe pride can be salvaged.

Nope, no it can’t. Just not a good day. The ever reliable David Gower has produced his second error of the day as he spills the drop out. Tried to get a running start on the take and ended up grassing it.

Blacktown turn it over immediately so Wenty will get a chance to attack but after a strong run and offload from Dane Aukafolau (Wenty’s best by some margin I think today) Wenty kick early via Matt Woods and give possession away softly. There is just so much wrong with EVERYTHING today.

A few possessions later there is an officially an error from Ray Stone but I will be damned if that wasn’t a blatant penalty. He was clearly pushed back to the ground as he tries to get up and play the ball and loses the pill as a result but the referee calls for a scrum. Stone is left somewhat miffed from my viewing angle and gets up to question the referee in his role as a captain.

Oh that is sloppy from both teams. A poor (borderline) pass from Dylan Izzard on the last is dropped by Aiono but he is cleaned up by a head high shoulder charge so the foul play overrides the initial error.

Strong carry from Vave as he does to the posts. Aukafolau jaunts from right edge back to the posts where he is tackled and then on the third tackle a poor pass from Kaysa to perhaps Marata is dropped. He had no chance at catching that ball though as Kaysa left it far too late to find him before the defence closed in. Frustrations aplenty watching this from the stands.

Another error from Blacktown hands Wenty a chance to break the duck egg and Vave puts them on the front foot with a lovely little pass to Stone that creates a half break. To the goal line now and Wenty are lined up to the left but Pritchard looks to go himself. There is a little crease there as well to be fair but he has made a second effort to get the ball down. Deary me, double movement. Will anything go right today for Wenty?

One person that things are going right for (four?) is Jack Gosiewski crosses for his fourth try of the day – another off a short ball – as he strolls over untouched down our left edge. While Blacktown have won in other areas today, that left edge has simply bled points today and has contributed hugely to the downfall of the Magpies.


Try scored by Jack Gosiewski. Conversion successful.

Blacktown lead 38-0

69min gone


Penalty for a high shot on Layoun as he looks to return a Blacktown bomb.

Wenty take the ball down their left via Woods. Kaysa has a hit up one off the ruck and draws a second penalty. Shocking stuff here as the count starts to even up in garbage time.

Layoun dummies and goes himself down the left edge but loses the ball over the line. The initial call from the referee is held up but he changes his mind a couple of seconds after blowing the whistle. Not really sure what happened there to be honest.

Blacktown know what is happening as a short ball around the middle releases Tom Wright. He is lightning quick and essentially embarrasses Layoun as the fullback is punished painfully for taking a bad angle at the last line. Blacktown racing the clock to hit 50 here.

Bit of bad (worse?) news for Wenty as Marata is left strewn on the ground from the play. Looks to be a head knock and he is escorted off the field with the aid of a trainer – he won’t be returning today.


Try scored by Tom Wright. Conversion unsuccessful.

Blacktown lead 42-0

74min gone


Stone concussed now in Wenty’s next possession. Worse and worse now for the Magpies.

Just as Wenty survive another Blacktown raid, the Magpies turn it back over. Pritchard the culprit here as he looks to run the ball hard into the defensive line. It is a costly error too as a set piece from the scrum win sees the visitors cross.

Really well weighted kick from Tom Wright as he finds Anderson on the bounce out wide – that will do us too as the siren rings out while Lussick lines up the conversion.


Try scored by Jade Anderson. Conversion unsuccessful.


Full Time

Blacktown Workers 46 defeat Wentworthville Magpies 0


SG Ball

1. John-Paul NOHRA
18. Peter TEVAGA
3. William KEI
4. Joseph SMALL
9. Penioni TOHI
15. Lachlan DALY-ORILEY
7. Mathew SMITH
14. Jayden YATES
10. Valance HARRIS
11. Matthew DOOREY
12. Charbel TASIPALE
13. Samuel HUGHES
6. Tyler FIELD
16. Harry DUGGAN
20. David HOLLIS

Plenty of changes for the Eels as they look to an arrest something of a form slump – despite winning their last two games. New look backline and halves pairing.


First Half

Eels kicking off.

A couple of ruck penalties take the Sharks deep into our half but a strong defensive front keeps them out.

Cronulla cross first and it comes via a soft blow. Our right edge defence just disintegrates on an inside ball and the Sharks are in. Disappointing start there.

Try scored by Cronulla. Conversion successful.

Sharks lead 6-0

Two in the run for Cronulla now. A sharply kicked 40/20 puts them back in the box seat and they take advantage of the chance with a short interchange of passes in front of the posts that sees their lock cross. Danger signs for the Eels here.

Try scored by Cronulla #13. Conversion successful.

Sharks lead 12-0

Bronx cheer for the first Parra penalty after four or five on the trot to the visitors. Alas the Eels turn it over immediately. Same problems rearing their hideous heads early on today.

Brilliant break from William Kei! He works through the middle from a scrum play and explodes into the backfield. Matt Doorey is the beneficiary of the break three or so tackles later as he crashes over on an unders line!

Try scored my Matt Doorey. Conversion attempt unsuccessful by Daly-Oreily.

Eels trail 4-12

Finally some poise from the Eels as Matthew Smith forces a line drop out with a neat grubber kick. Doorey providing the kick chase there.

Low percentage play on the second tackle ruins the opportunity. Went for the flat crash ball at the line and coughed it up.

Superb offload from the Cronulla #11 there and it gets them over for their third of the first half as their fullback lurks in support for the second phase footy.

Try scored by Cronulla #1. Conversion successful.

Sharks lead 18-4


Half Time

Cronulla Sharks 18 lead Parramatta Eels 4


Second Half

Eels receiving.

Great lead up play from David Hollis and Tyler Field open up a channel for Doorey to fire a cutout pass to Peni Tohi down the left sideline! Doorey backs up on the inside and Tohi finds him in support and Doorey goes in to centre the ball behind the posts.

Try scored by Matt Doorey. Conversion successful by Tyler Field.

Eels trail 10-18

The Doorey double becomes a hat trick! Short overs ball and he punches through the front line and out races the Cronulla fullback to the corner. Have the Eels turned the corner?

Try scored by Matt Doorey. Conversion successful by Tyler Field.

Eels trail 16-18

Nice backline movement from Cronulla there, they go left to right and create the overlap for their winger. Clinical play from the Sharks.

Try scored by Cronulla #5. Conversion unsuccessful.

Sharks lead 22-16

Oh dear. The Eels have let the bomb bounce. A rare mistake from JP Nohra there. It turns towards the in goals and Nohra is barely beaten to the pill by the Cronulla rake. A body blow there for the resurgent Eels.

Try scored by Cronulla #9. Conversion successful.

Sharks lead 28-16

The Sharks pick up a somewhat fortuitous six again call after a friendly kick deflection off the legs of Stefano Utoikamanu. From the next play the Eels are caught short next to the posts and the over to put the game beyond doubt.

Try scored by Cronulla #14. Conversion successful.

Sharks lead 34-16


Field goal attempt successful by Cronulla #6.

Sharks lead 35-16


Full Time

Cronulla Sharks 35 defeat Parramatta Eels 16


Harold Matthews

2. Matthew KOMOLAFE
4. Viliami PENISINI
5. Ngarimu HARTE
6. Jabriel KALACHE
7. Jakob ARTHUR
8. Peter TAATEO
10. (c) Trey MOONEY
11. Desmond RAUKETE
12. Oscar MEZZOMO
13. Caleb TOHI

14. Drew LLOYD
17. Lachlan MARIC

First Half

The Eels kick off in the first half.

They cross first as Jakob Arthur punches the ball cross field to Matthew Komolafe who bats it down to Sean Russel who promptly scoops it up and dives over.

Try scored by Sean Russell. Conversion successful by Sean Russell.
Eels lead 6-0

String of penalties to the Sharks now. It is followed by consecutive errors from both teams in Parra’s red zone. The Sharks eventually cross out wide when they roll the ball in behind our right edge and win the race to the bouncing ball.

Try scored by Cronulla #11. Conversion unsuccessful.
Sharks trail 4-6

Oh wow! Komolafe is having a blast on the right wing! After the try assist to Russell for the first try he soars high for another Arthur bomb and takes a sensational midair take before coming back to Earth to slam the ball down.

Try scored my Matthew Komolafe. Conversion successful by Sean Russell.
Eels lead 12-4

Half Time
Parramatta Eels 12 lead Cronulla Sharks 4

Second Half

Eels receiving. Oh dear, error from the kickoff but the Eels survive as Cronulla cough the ball up in reply.

Two for Komolafe! Crisp backline movement as the Eels move down their right and cut Russell out with a slick final pass. Polished finish from Komolafe to ice it off.

Try scored my Matthew Komolafe. Conversion successful by Sean Russell.
Eels lead 18-4

Trey Mooney moonlighting as a halfback now! Gorgeous cutout pass at the line to fellow bookend Peter Taateo! Taateo slices through the line and centres it under the posts – just as well too because Russell is down with chest injury after wearing a heavy shot in the big break from the play before.

Try scored by Peter Taateo. Conversion successful by Jabriel Kalache.
Eels lead 24-4

After a big bust up the middle by Taateo the Eels go over three tackles later as Caleb Tohi powers his way over!

Try scored by Caleb Tohi. Conversion successful by Drew Lloyd.
Eels lead 30-4

Cronulla hit back quickly following an incomplete set from the Eels after the try to Tohi. Short range burrow over from their interchange hooker.

Try scored by Cronulla #17. Conversion unsuccessful.
Sharks trail 8-30

Full Time
Parramatta Eels 30 defeat Cronulla Sharks 8

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Big Derek

Chiefly, here’s the facts. When BA came into the jog the juniors were basically all over the place, thanks to DA and SK having absolutely no idea. Then it was made worse when the board appointed one of them in charge of football matters, the junior league went fourth went further backwards. How do I know this, I have been involved on and off in junior footy for close to 30 years in the district, stopped a couple of years ago. 4 years ago there was a decision to start from the ground up, build through the Matts and Ball,… Read more »


Once again chief you make a fool of yourself with i reckon statements

Gerry T
Gerry T

Ha! well I bet this chief guy is happy he opened his mouth. rightfully put in his place.

there are plenty of sites on the internet where people can get away with that sort of ill informed rubbish. this isnt one of them champ

The rev aka Snedden
The rev aka Snedden

Well said.


Anyway, disappointing with the Ball team; and well done Matts. It’s hard to know what the issue is with the Ball squad; age? Injuries? Or just not good enough…….anyway time will tell.


Too much dropped ball and not playing as a team


Blacktown 42 Wenty nil

There’s serious talent coming through that wenty side lol

And the worst part, blacktown are full of arthurs rejects who weren’t good enough for parra .


This is a supporters site not a whingers forum sport ,stick to 1ee ,you only ever come on here to bag . Wont be missed .

Achilles' Eel
Achilles' Eel

BA also resurrected the careers of Manu Ma’u and Kenny Edwards (although the latter did play one game of NRL under Ricky Stuart). In addition, Semi Radradra played seven NRL games in 2013, but he was never a shoe-in for a starter’s spot in 2014. BA backed him all the way. Go back and find out what most supporters were saying about Semi on the eve of the 2014 season. The club has scouted plenty of talent from the bush. I guess many of them will have to finish their schooling first in their home environments before they are tested… Read more »

John Eel
John Eel

If you mean Blaise Barnes I think I saw his name at the end of along list for Flegg. I think that he has had an interrupted preparation due to injury. I think that he may have played at Maitland but did not have a great game


Brent Barnes is an aboriginal kid from Gold Coast. Wing / cenre who runs like the wind. Coming back from surgery


His coming back from ankle surgery. Started training with ball 3 weeks ago. Expect him to push for a starting spot in next week or so. Brent looks great at training.


Gee that result isnt good. When one considers the opposed sessions at training with the 1s its a scarey thought. Very surprising result considering the quality of our forward depth. Many will question their condition no doubt.
Goodness we need a win in the 1s tomorrow to take some heat out of the clubs performances thus far.
C’mon boys. Lets go.


No halves.


No doubt that hurt Ham but goodness all those points against.
Vave, Gower, Marata, Kaysa, Stone.
Not good.

Big Derek

Ball have had to play without their expected 7 and 9, that is a massive issue as they have a running 6 and a so so 7 who came late from Newcastle, you don’t lose the U18 SOO captain and perform the same.
The halves in ISP are similarly ordinary, looks like they are just there to keep the spots warm for Brown and Taipari.
Having said that its a horrible result for the Wenty team, who really haven’t aimed up for a while.


!00% agree. Yes the forward pack for Ball are very similar to last year but why is the team under performing.? The halves they have don’t communicate and lack direction and execution. Missing Dylan Brown is a huge loss who would add so much to this team. Dylan is a typical half with excellent organisation and execution. Kyle Schneider who your refering to above is also a massive loss to the team. SOO u16s captain 2016 – Parra captain Matts 2016, SOOu18s a year young 2017. Aus schoolboys a year young 2017. Parra u18s captain 2017 a year young. Would… Read more »


Had shoulder surgery last week – 6 months recovery. He did it in the SG Ball game against Souths


Tough day for Wenty, and not good; always next week. Lets judge at seasons end.


I respect the right of anyone to have a difference of opinion but I think something is being lost a little in the debate. While we may have had more junior players debut with the coaches before BA, the amount that actually made it as top grade players long term in the NRL is astrocious. I think we actually hurt players like Jacob Loko, Toutai, Fulou, even a player like Kaysa I put in this category by playing them too early, basically straight from junior reps to first grade. They could not handle to grind, physicality or public scrutiny- media… Read more »


Well said.!


Well written Shelley and I think your last paragraph is spot on.


What has happened to Faingaa, Dressler & Origin Kaufusi as didn’t notice their names on any team lists?


Both Faingaa and Dresler are injured. Oregan Kaufusi has played both Flegg games this year.