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Team List Tuesday – Set Hype Thrusters To Maximum Edition

NRL Team List


In case you missed it this week, both Fairfax and Newscorp have placed the laurel crown upon our brow and conferred upon us the status of media darling after our sparkling 28-14 victory over the Brisbane Broncos. Barring a determined campaign to paint Kenny Edwards in as bad a light as possible (while conveniently glazing over the actions of Adam Blair and Josh Maguire) the amount of positive press has been almost nauseous. How Brad Arthur and his band of brave men handle the spotlight adds a fascinating sub-text to the run to the finals.

As for the team itself this week, Arthur has made no changes to the seventeen players that prevailed over the Broncos in Round 21. Did you really expect anything different? Mitchell Moses and Brad Takairangi picked up minor knocks in the win but are good to go while inspirational lock forward Nathan Brown should clear concussion protocol.

The Dogs are in the midst of a well publicised crisis which leads to a tricky approach to this game for the Eels. They need to harness the momentum of their outstanding comeback victory over the Broncos but they can not fall into the trap of expecting things to simply happen for them on the field. The two teams playing an ugly, error-ridden grind-a-thon in Round 17 where the Eels prevailed 13-12 thanks to a field goal from the boot of Mitchell Moses.

Parramatta have everything to play for; a 6th consecutive win and a potential berth in the Top 4 (pending benevolent results involving the Broncos and Cowboys) are up for grabs on Thursday. Furthermore, in the light-hearted stakes, a win over the Dogs would crown the Eels the undisputed Kings Of The West in 2017 after sweeping the Panthers 1-0, the Tigers 2-0 and finally the Dogs 2-0!


Parramatta Eels side

1. Bevan French

2. Semi Radradra

3. Michael Jennings

4. Brad Takairangi

5. Kirisome Auva’a

6. Corey Norman

7. Mitch Moses

8. Siosaia Vave

9. Cameron King

10. Tim Mannah (c)

11. Manu Ma’u

12. Tepai Moeroa

13. Nathan Brown


14. Daniel Alvaro

15. Kenny Edwards

16. Suaia Matagi

17. Peni Terepo

18. David Gower

19. Will Smith

20. Frank Pritchard

21. Josh Hoffman


Intrust Super Premiership Team List


The Magpies have their final bye of the regulation season.


Holden Cup Team List


Not to be outdone by the NRL seniors, the NYC Eels also produced a signature 20-12 win on Friday night as they took bragging rights over the Broncos in an extremely high quality game. 17-year-old play-maker Dylan Brown made his NYC debut and showed plenty of poise and talent to help pilot the Eels to an important victory that keeps them poised to make an assault on the Top 4.

Luke Burt has been able to call upon the services of two big guns this week with the bye to Wenty. While Troy Dargan is rested from active duty in Round 22 both Dane Aukafolau and Ray Stone return to the 20s to claim starting positions.

Just like with the NRL team, a fortunate result in another game (again involving the Cowboys) could see the Eels climb into the Top 4 with a win. There is plenty at stake in both grades!


Parramatta Eels NYC side

1. Anthony Layoun

2. Greg Leleisiuao

3. Dane Aukafolau

4. Noel Aukafolau

5. Haze Dunster

6. Dean Matterson (c)

7. Dylan Brown

8. Sean Keppie

9. Denzal Tonise (c)

10. Oregon Kaufusi

11. Dylan Clifford

12. Salesi Faingaa

13. Ray Stone


14. Reed Mahoney

15. Mitch Butfield

16. Frank Salu

17. Dom Murphy

18. Joseph Taipari

19. Tangi Hokai

20. Emosi Alamoti

21. Austin Dias

22. John Fonua

23. Nick Okladnikov

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10 thoughts on “Team List Tuesday – Set Hype Thrusters To Maximum Edition

  1. The rev aka Snedden

    Good write up 40/20.
    First thing I’d like to say is if Kenny plays like he did last weekend the critics will eat there words.

    Let me 1st start of by saying I was listening to Hadley this morning when he was talking about how MJ was filthy at the bronco’s for stomping on Timmy’s foot. He said MJ should be concerned about Kenny smashing players laying down. I quickly changed to good old John laws.

    Like John laws parra are trying to keep there’s going for as long as possible n it starts on Thursday night n I for one will be cheering them on from the side lines.

    I like the way brad gets the boys up for the big games its a sign of a very good coach.
    I’m hoping if we continue to play the way we did last week we should account for the bulldogs.

    It’s good that we are getting players back at the right time.

    Question for you 40/20 if king gutherson was playing n with players coming back do you think karisome avau’a would be on the wing or in Wenty.

    IMO I started to like the combo Hoffman n karisome avau’a were starting.

    So in saying that if they weren’t injured hoffman n karisome do you think French would be in the NRL side or what.

    I think parra will continue on our winning ways.

    Eels 32 / dogs 10

    1. sixties

      I’d like to add my thoughts Rev. Firstly I liked the combination of Moses and French which was evolving on the right. Having three quick and quick thinking players in Moses, Jennings and French was working well.
      Isn’t it interesting to have selection dramas where it’s about who misses out. I wouldn’t like to be making the choices. At least it’s better than the alternative.

      1. The rev aka Snedden

        Sixtiesboy there’s one combo I’m liking ATM n it’s tepi moeroa n Moses down the right side a bit like last year with Manu Norman takarangi n semi combo.

        That is also another reason for brad putting taka back on semi’s flank which I heard in a interview on a sports show on the radio.

        As for choosing who plays n who misses out well I’m like you sixtiesboy I’m glad it’s in brads hands n not mine. #eels4life#

  2. The Captain

    I feel like this game will be the most telling of the season for us in terms of testing our mental control and resolve. Last week was an amazingly cohesive effort by a committed and focused team and whilst I dared to dream the boys blew my expectations out of the water.

    Now we have to back up against a team we should beat, and beat well. And these are typically the games we’ve struggled with. It seems that we have a harder time mentally preparing when we feel like the challenge is already won and we just have to turn up to win.

    This consistent mental toughness is what separates teams like the Storm. Week in, week out, no matter the opposition they roll up the sleeves and get the job done in the same workmanlike fashion. And that’s the kind of performance I would love to see against the Dogs.

    We’re great at defying expectations, this week it’s time for us to meet expectations and prove we really have turned that mental corner. I’m very hopeful we have, but the effort against the Tigers 2 short weeks ago makes me very nervous.

    And boy it’d be great to see our for and against lift into the positive too!!

    Eels by 18.

    1. sixties

      Captain, I’m not worried about the for and against. Yes, if the opportunity is there, we need to put a team away. But every match must be played on its merits. Every team respected. Wins take care of our table position and for and against. Just important to get the win.

  3. billy-girl

    I noticed him limping in the game last week, particularly when he came off the first time. And I noticed he came off twice, which I would’ve thought he doesn’t generally do.

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