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Stat Attack Review – Round 21: Eels defeat Broncos


Eels 28 Broncos 12

Crowd: 12, 182

Wow – what a game of footy! These are not simply the words of a parochial Eels supporter. For most commentators, this high standard match was reviewed as September arriving early.

The game was played side to side, end to end, at a high pace. There was speed, aggression, great defence, and some great tries. Both teams came out and played this match the way footy should be played.

Everyone was up for this game – the players, the coaches, the crowd. Sitting right next to the players bench you could feel Parra’s intensity. The players in the ‘dug out’ were all very vocal, especially one C. Gutherson, yelling out encouragement and assistance like he was still out there.

So let’s look at the stats that matter for Parramatta.

Parramatta Eels
H Minute Name Event Score
1 4 M.Gillett TRY 0 – 4
1 5 J.Kahu CONVERSION 0 – 6
1 7 J.Roberts TRY 0 – 10
1 8 J.Kahu CONVERSION 0 – 12
1 13 T.Moeroa TRY 4 – 12
1 14 C.Norman CONVERSION 6 – 12
1 16 K.Auva’a TRY 10 – 12
1 18 M.Moses CONVERSION 12 – 12
1 38 J.Kahu PENALTY GOAL 12 – 14
2 55 M.Moses PENALTY GOAL 14 – 14
2 69 M.Moses PENALTY GOAL 16 – 14
2 73 K.Auva’a TRY 20 – 14
2 75 M.Moses CONVERSION 22 – 14
2 78 B.French TRY 26 – 14
2 80 M.Moses CONVERSION 28 – 14

Full Time Stats Team Stats
51 Possession (%) 49
33/40 (82) Complete/Total Sets (%) 27/32 (84)
44:51 Time – Opposition Half 35:31
20:17 Time – Opposition 20 11:16
2474 Metres Gained 2270
5 Scrum Win 3
1 Goal Line Dropout 0
6 Penalty Conceded 9
0 Forty Twenty 0

Both teams completed at a very high rate, but it was the Eels who took control of the match after the Broncos shot out to an early 12 point lead. The Eels used a very compressed defensive line early on and Broncos took full advantage of that using their right edge speedsters to get around the Eels. After a couple of minor adjustments, the Broncos fast men were soon shut down.

1st Half Team Stats
48 Possession (%) 52
15/17 (88) Complete/Total Sets (%) 15/17 (88)
15:13 Time – Opposition Half 24:56
8:11 Time – Opposition 20 7:33
1160 Metres Gained 1338
1 Scrum Win 1
1 Goal Line Dropout 0
4 Penalty Conceded 3
0 Forty Twenty 0

The first half was played at a blistering pace. There were only 2 scrums in the entire half and very high completion rates from both teams meant that neither team got much respite. The Broncos had the better time with the ball, but after their first 10 minute onslaught, the Eels defence answered every question asked of it. The 2nd phase play from the Broncos was readily defused and the Eels scramble was excellent.

Mitchell Moses was on song, even when he received those special moments of extra attention.. His deft little grubber for Tepai to regather and score was a classy touch under so much pressure from Adam Blair. And his long ball to put Auva’a over untouched in the corner showed his vision as the whole Broncos left edge sprinted up off the line. It was a superb example of playing what’s in front of you, a rare commodity in the modern game.

2nd Half Team Stats
53 Possession (%) 47
18/23 (78) Complete/Total Sets (%) 12/15 (80)
29:38 Time – Opposition Half 10:35
12:06 Time – Opposition 20 3:43
1315 Metres Gained 933
4 Scrum Win 2
0 Goal Line Dropout 0
2 Penalty Conceded 6
0 Forty Twenty 0


Masterful game management from the Eels was the feature of the second half as the Broncos tried everything they could to regain momentum. Parramatta were dominant in every aspect in the 2nd half. The Broncos frustrations were clear to see as they couldn’t nullify the Eels in either attack or defence. The Eels gave them nothing.

Listening to Brad Arthur on Triple M on Saturday, he said the score didn’t indicate the tight affair of the game. This might be true, but In looking at these second half stats, the Eels did deserve to win by that margin. After being down 12 points within 10 minutes the result really could’ve been anything. A couple of years ago the score would’ve been in the 50’s after a start like that. But the Eels hit back and hit back hard with only a penalty goal scored against them in the next 70 plus minutes of football. A score line of 28 – 2 in the final 70 mins of footy sounds like an awesome result for mine,  especially against a competition heavyweight.




Top 5 Runs
Name R N.Brown 20 J.Pearson 15 B.Takairangi 14 J.McGuire 14 K.Auva’a 14
Top 5 Run Metres
Name RM N.Brown 205 J.Pearson 197 T.Moga 171 M.Jennings 158 J.Roberts 156

What can you say about Nathan Brown that already hasn’t been said. It was another outstanding performance in attack from a player who’s making the league world sit up and take notice, this time with another 200+ metres run game. If you take out the first 10 minutes of the game, the top 3 Broncos runners barely get to 100 metres all game.

In an impressive team display, nine Eels ran for more than 100 metres against the Broncos.

Nathan Brown 205m
Michael Jennings 158m
Semi Radradra 152m
Kirisome Auva’a 146m
Manu Ma’u 132m
Tim Mannah 123m
Brad Takairangi 119m
Kenny Edwards 111m
Bevan French 108m

Line Breaks

Eels – 7

Broncos – 3

Run Metres

Eels – 1759m

Broncos – 1583m

Set Starts

(teams running left to right >>>>>)


The Eels had some quality field position against the Broncos.


The Eels gave the Broncos nothing and made them work hard for their field position.




T. Moeroa (13’)

K. Auva’a (16’)

K. Auva’a (73’)

B. French (78’)

Hit Ups




Most of the match was played between the 20 metres lines. The Broncos utilised their runs for the main to the middle part of the field whereas the Eels again were using their hit up merchants deeper into opposition territory.

I have included some match ups from the game.

French v Boyd


Runs : 12 for 108m


Runs: 12 for 104m

Mannah v Blair


Runs: 11 for 123m


Runs: 5 for 37m

Norman v Milford


Runs: 5 for 67m


Runs: 5 runs 35m

These heat maps illustrate the quality efforts from some of our boys against their much hyped opponents.




Eels Kicking Metres – 24 kicks for 716 metres

Broncos Kicking Metres – 18 kicks for 688 metres

Corey Norman

Kick Metres – 5 kicks for 220 metres

Mitchell Moses

Kick Metres – 11 kicks for 324 metres

There was a big turn around in our kicking game this week compared to the Tigers game.

The Eels kicked for an extra 300 metres against the Broncos and both kickers predominantly used the right side of the field.




Top 5 Tackles
Name TAK N.Brown 45 M.Gillett 43 D.Alvaro 42 C.King 36 A.McCullough 36
Top 5 Missed Tackles
Name MT J.McGuire 6 C.King 4 J.Roberts 3 N.Brown 3 C.Norman 3

What a machine Nathan Brown is. After notching up 200 plus run metres he again tops the tackle count with 40 plus tackles. If not for being knocked out by his own team mate, Nathan would have again played 80 minutes. Surely he would be buy of the year now.

Seven Eels made 20 or more tackles. A special mention goes to Mitchell Moses who came up with 18 tackles and 2 misses. His defensive game is becoming more and more solid each week.

Tackles Missed Tackles Ineffective Tackles
Eels 333 28 21
Broncos 340 26 21


Penalties Conceded

Penalties finished Parra 6 – Broncos 9. Incredibly, the Eels conceded less penalties than the competitions best disciplined side.




Eels – 6

Broncos – 8

So as we close off Round 21 with a superb performance, now comes the harder part of our late season draw. Aside from playing the Broncos again, all the teams we face now are well below us and not in any position to push for a finals run. These teams will be dangerous and will want to finish their own season on a high by taking out as many top 8 sides as they can. Parra need to keep the ball rolling and show that we have the ability to push for the title. The boys will need to ensure that complacency does not become a major factor for the Eels in the next month of footy. Four games at ‘home’ for the Eels will no doubt help in all this.

The band wagon will now get rolling and I would expect the Blue and Gold army to come out of the woodwork starting this Thursday against the Bulldogs.

Yes it is a Dogs home game but let’s make it our home game with more Blue and Gold than Blue and White.







As I’m a bit old school, I believe that Mitchell should have seen out his contract at the Tigers.

BUT, in saying all that, I am glad that he was released and he is now showing what he can do. He certainly looks so much happier doing it for the Eels than the Tigers. His early season form for the Tigers was pretty top notch, especially that break out game against the Cowboys when he demolished their defence.

Since his move over to Parramatta, Mitchell has more than impressed. His attack has gone to another level and his defensive work, though still a work in progress, has been outstanding. He is working on both sides of his game and it’s looking sensational. His combination with Corey still needs work but again this is becoming better week after week and they played all over the Origin pair of Milford and Hunt.

Moses has been well targeted in recent weeks, but he gets up, dusts himself off and gets in there again.

As you will see with his stats, it’s a well deserved honour for him this week.

Well done Mitch.

Possessions 45
Points 10
Conversions 3 from 3
Penalty Goals 2 from 2
Runs 5
Run Metres 49m
Line Breaks 1
Line Break Assists 2
Try Assists 3
Kicks 11
Kick Metres 324m
Tackles 18
Missed Tackles 2
Minutes Played 80



Stats courtesy of Champion Data. All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.

Champion Data

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16 thoughts on “Stat Attack Review – Round 21: Eels defeat Broncos

  1. John Eel

    Two things. Firstly for the Eels to be behind by 12 points after just 7 minutes then come back against such a formidable opponent without a hint of panic shows just how much that BA has grown the confidence and belief in this side

    Secondly the Broncos are a noted front running team. They went to the lead twice in this contest and still could not hang on. You do not see that too often.

    Mitchel’s game has grown since coming to the Eels. His game on Friday was the best he has played for the Eels so far. The only thing that he needed to top the game off would have been a try and if it were not for a desperate ankle tap in the first half I think he would have got one.

    Mitchel is fast becoming my favourite Eels player, I hope that I am not losing my objectivity about him.

    Go the Eels.

  2. Chris

    Colmac, brilliant again. Those heat maps are so insightful. The difference between Norman and Milford was visible on the night but that map just goes to show how ineffective Milf was.

    Thanks to you and Champion Data for pulling this together and giving us such great information.

    Suggest the Broncs will be very very hard to beat at Suncorp.

  3. Mitchy

    Colmac, thank you for this again. Just a question re: heat map, for Norman and Moses in the running stats is the red areas where they ran from and to? As Milfords is quite telling in that we kept him quiet, or more to it we kept their fwds under wraps.
    We played as entire squad in my view and this was a telling factor in the entire 80 mins.

    1. Colmac

      Yeah the heat maps reflect the players run when they have the ball. Red areas show where they ran most of the time then it goes yellow for not as much and so forth.

      Yes we did keep Milford very quiet hence his low involvement. This even came up on the Matty Johns Show last night talking about Milford’s low involvement in the game.

      If you look at the hit up maps and the Adam Blair map against Mannah, it does show the Broncos forwards were very well contained by the Eels.

      1. Mitchy

        Yes mate agreed we kept them in check and tbh it was an entire team effort; and this is what is needed…..

  4. John Eel

    Colmac thanks again for your great work, always worth waiting for. Let me say that the most disappointing stat for me was the crowd figure 12,182.

    What is wrong with these Eels fans. It is a shame that they have stopped coming to games with us travelling so well. Eels Broncos used to be one of our biggest drawing games. Very disappointing.

  5. Phatz

    Incredible tats and info Colmac, well put together post. Loving the heat maps. Keep up the great work!

    And boy what a game it was. Let’s hope the boys dish up the same effort for the remainder of the season and into September.

    Go PARRA

    1. sixties

      Phatz – when you said incredible tats, I thought you must have met Colmac and seen his fine sleeve work and I was going to agree with you. Then I realised it was simply missing the s – so I’ll agree again. Incredible stats.

      1. Colmac

        Haha saw this come through earlier but was out. Yes they are incredible tats and the stats arent half bad either.

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