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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 95: Big Injury Update & 2024 Draw Breakdowns

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This week’s show starts with an important shout out from Sixties, Forty20 and Clint to a true stalwart of the Blue & Gold in Andrew Rowland.

The club has delivered a comprehensive injury update that details the statuses of Mitch Moses, Clinton Gutherson, Junior Paulo and more. The boys look at who is healthy and who isn’t and if there is any reason for concern right now.

The 2024 NRL and NRLW draws have been released and The Tip Sheet leaps straight into a massive breakdown of what it means for both squads heading into next year. After a shocking draw for both teams in 2023 is the 2024 edition any better? What quirks lie ahead for the Eels and how do they shape up against the competition?

In the wider NRL the Dragons have walked back a cheeky charades joke about the Roosters while the Sharks and Cowboys are once again beneficiaries of incredibly kind draws. At Canterbury Gus Gould blows up once more as pictures leak from Canterbury again.

Women’s State of Origin is shifting to a 3-game series and the show has nothing but positive words to say about it as the code continues to grow in the female space. The men return to Melbourne in 2024 while the junior Origin series is locked in at Leichardt once again.

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22 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 95: Big Injury Update & 2024 Draw Breakdowns

  1. Hamsammich

    Hopefully Paulo can get over his toe injury for next year. That middle rotation of Paulo, RCG, Hopgood, Matterson, Ofahengaue, Greig is unmatched across the NRL. When they were on the field, for the only time last season, we completely ran over the panthers scoring 6 tries without our most important spine player. That’s how good that middle rotation is.

    As for the draw, I’d prefer a hard enough draw so that come finals time you’ve likely played who is going to make the finals. The reverse is having the sharks run who have consistently made finals but have done absolutely nothing in those games. I didn’t want an easy draw and I didn’t want a ridiculous draw like we had last year, I think we’ve got something workable this year for the team and as a fan, outside of a few games, they’re a lot more accessible. Now we just need to get rid of the Darwin game and the NRL to drop the magic round gimmick.

    1. sixties

      I agree with your sentiments about the draw Ham. It should be obvious to the NRL that they have churned out a lopsided draw each year. Is it a case of having software producing the draw and whatever is spat out is just accepted? In 2023, Parra had to run the Origin gauntlet as the only team not getting a bye during those impacted rounds. This coming year it’s the Dolphins. How does that have to happen? There are teams that get two byes during that period. It’s crazy.

      1. John Eel

        Sixties the computer and a contractor, somewhere in Canada I believe are contracted to produce produce a draw based on a list of criteria.

        The fact that every year a team like the Broncos gets a saloon passage playing Friday night free to air is not the result of random computer technology. It is the result of NRL and channel nine demands.

        I have not looked at the Raiders draw yet but it is no computer glitch that they along with the Sharks and Broncos get an easy passage through to the finals each season.

        Some things can be explained like the Broncos getting big ratings numbers on free to air.

        What ever the reasoning by the NRL, notwithstanding Jim Sarantinos sending a protest letter to the NRL over the Eels treatment in the 2023 draw. It did not do a lot of good.

      2. Hamsammich

        100% no team should have 0 byes during the origin period, maybe they do need to look at every team having the weekend before origin off? Whatever it is to fix this they must do it, what they’re doing now isn’t working.

        1. sixties

          Ham, it makes no sense. We understand that there is never any fairness in every team not playing every opponent twice. It’s the price paid for an extended season but one that doesn’t stretch for 32 full regular rounds. But having some teams getting the sort of “luck of the draw” year in and year out shouldn’t happen. And given the number of byes during Origin, not team should go without a bye in that period.

    2. MickB

      Interesting observations Ham, particularly re the middle rotation. I didn’t remember/realise that fact, but it gets to a point I made last week about us having an elite spine and forward pack which should cover for weakness in the outside backs.

      To be fair to the NRL, I have to imagine the draw is a complete pain to put together. There must be a whole bunch of non-negotiables that get set which limit the discretion they have to iron out inconsistencies. Not to say this can’t be solved – they shouldn’t box themselves into this position. Ultimately a healthy and balanced competition is in everyone’s interest.

      1. Hamsammich

        We just need our backs to be able to field kicks and get us off to decent set starts. As you’ve said with how elite our pack and spine are points will come for us.

        To help with the draw I think you should play team’s twice based on where you finish I.e 1st, 3rd, 5th etc all play each other twice whilst 2nd, 4th, 6th etc play each other twice. Channel 9 and some teams may not be happy but that may be better than what we currently have

        1. sixties

          Interesting concept Ham. There must be a mathematical genius out there who can apply that to the bottom 8 as well and come up with a draw that suits a 17 team competition?

  2. Longfin Eel

    The NRL is definitely run like a business these days. I suppose that’s expected really, but this can’t be at the detriment to fans. The continual lack of fairness applied by the NRL is ruining the game for spectators and fans. The sooner they see this the better we will all be.

    1. sixties

      The NRL probably can’t see the wood for the trees. They would think they can put on the hat of the fan and see things from their perspective, because they are fans themselves. However, as most people understand, your opinions are influenced by your experiences and involvements. As they are continually making decisions based on the best business interests, I reckon they occasionally forget that they are in the business of football

  3. John Eel

    Is it coincidence that the Roosters cap is tight and they are looking to unload players so they can import a Rugby Union player into their squad.

    Then you hear the NRL is talking about cap compensation for Rugby imports. Bennett has this correct it will lead to rorting.

    1. Milo

      John, I find the NRL absolutely laughable to even mention there would be exemptions for Union players. This smells of a backyard conversation that may have taken place and then all of a sudden we hear Easts are keen on player X and then NrL talk exemptions. Bloody hell.
      Why wouldn’t this item be on the agenda at a planned annual conference? Rather than policy done on the run again.

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