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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 84: Wighton Biting, Flegg Fighting & Backflips Sighted

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There is never a dull week in the NRL as The Tip Sheet covers the first week of NRL finals including Jack Wighton’s bite on Tyson Gamble. The Jersey Flegg march on while breaking news in the middle of the show indicates that contract cooling off periods are coming back and backflips are suddenly in play once again.

Sixties, Forty20 and Clint tuck into a big week of news, reviews and previews starting with the NRLW and Jersey Flegg. One team is struggling as its season winds down while the other is surging towards a grand final. The boys look at their contrasting results and how they shape up for this weekend.

NRL news obviously features the Jack Wighton bite but the show discusses whether any of the remaining teams can feasibly challenge the Panthers and Broncos. The NRL is investing in the shire, so what exactly does that mean? How do the Sharks secure funds to upgrade their stadium?

A wuick preview of the upcoming NRL finals winds the show down as the boys give their tips on the Storm vs Roosters and Warriors vs Knights games.

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15 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 84: Wighton Biting, Flegg Fighting & Backflips Sighted

  1. Anonymous

    On another note:

    Peter Parr has made a huge difference to the Knights team and look at the Cowboys now and Val Holmes. Not saying Knights can win. But considering where they were at start of year.

    If we had Peter Parr we would win the comp! Matto wouldn’t have been taking the suspension. Dylbags perhaps a different outcome?? The point is he can improve player and coach performance. He knows talent and can bust chops if needed. O’Neil should be punted. We cannot keep doing the same thing and falling short.

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously can anyone name one significant signing since mcelduff ,sarantino and oniell gained power, the only thing they’ve done is oversee the destruction of a grand final team in one season , shambles .

    1. Anonymous

      Winning starts in the front office – Jack Gibson. Jack wasn’t talking about the people at the front counter of the leagues club. The front office at every NRL team is the Recruitment Office. Winning starts there!! Until we learn that we will never win a comp.

      1. poppa

        Beautifull rhetoric again, can you explain the metamorphous in our club and constitution and not understand that experience is still happening as we move on……. Is that you Chief? I hope not, I have spoken to enough idiots on the other site today, without getting you!

    2. poppa

      But did they not also oversee the construction of a grand final team.
      Short memories on here… I know why you go by Anonymous, cannot you remember your own name?

      1. Anonymous

        We made the GF And? Are we supposed to dine out on that for the next 10-12 years? Did we leverage that GF to get some top shelf signings or players staying for unders? We made the GF in 2009 and 2001. And where did that get us? If we constructed a GF team why didn’t we do it again?

  3. MickB

    Thanks lads.

    Have to agree with some of the sentiments shared already. Over the past couple of years we’ve kept powder dry on outside backs on the market and as a result missed out on the likes of Farnworth, Staggs, Addo Carr, Young, Sualii, Manu, Crichton etc. some maybe not all that realistic in terms of prospects, but now we are at the point where missing fringe first graders like Alamoti is raising eye brows.

    I hope the club has some stuff in the wings that is news soon. We’ve made a few steps in the right direction with clearing up a bit more space in the top 30, but it’d be good to have some roster certainty well ahead of the pre season.

    1. Anonymous

      We missed signing the Canterbury winger name escapes me as well as Alomoti.

      We need a Dom Young – yet we’re not in the same ball park?

      Reports were, We offered up our most promising half back to Canberra immediate transfer for HSS?? Luckily it fell through because the young bloke is killing it in Flegg for us. But who the he’ll is HSS? He’s not even close to first grade? If all this is true coupled with our lack of intelligence in not replacing our squad from 22. We will never win a title with these brain dead decisions by brain dead individuals. We may as well get Allan Joyce to run recruitment. I love this club but I cannot fall behind these constant bone head decisions and something must change!!

    2. poppa

      What made you think anyone of those players wanted to come to Parra Mick? How do you know how much we offered them and what promises were made by sponsors of say a questionable nature?

  4. Shaun

    As always, the podcast gives listeners a lot to chew on.

    speaking of which, some of the commentary by ex-players looking to absolve Wighton was bizarre. I know the focus is on BIG OPINIONS and contrary yelling for the sake of it but jeez, they can be awful.

    i get the NRL needs to invest and ensure the spices must flow but I do worry about the financial advice they are receiving. Then again in game that embraces conflict of interest why would you expect anything different?

    and good luck to the Flegg team. This week I shall remember that I can get to Leichardt pretty easily so looking forward to seeing the young’uns going around.

    1. Anonymous

      Shaun I always thought that the players themselves viewed biting as a big no no!

      Seems odd that they would be making excuses for him.

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