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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 80: Flegg Looks For Finals Flourish

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As the NRL and NSW Cup squads sign off on the 2023 season, the Jersey Flegg is eyeing off the final spot in the Top 5. They will need a little bit of help to get there though with the Eels needing to not only knock off the Penrith Panthers but also rely on the Raiders to topple to the Storm.

Sixties and Forty20 lead off with their preview of the finals permutation for the Flegg as well as break down their strong team list ahead of Saturday’s decisive games.

The NSW Cup is part of a double header with the Flegg but the major story here is Jordan Rankin hanging up the boots. Rankin will move into a full time coaching role with the club but not before he leads the Cup out one last time as they look to play spoilers for the Panthers.

A home game well away from home awaits the NRLW this week as they look to notch their first win of the season against the Cowboys. Their form has improved week on week, can they break the duck egg in Round 6?

The outlook isn’t great for the Eels in the NRL as the boys look at a potentially long night against the Panthers. With the reigning premiers rounding into top form and Parramatta battling issues on multiple fronts it will take an almighty team effort to sign off on 2023 with a win.

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6 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 80: Flegg Looks For Finals Flourish

  1. sixties

    This was a tough preview to do. I always try to find a way that the Eels will win. Maybe the late changes to Penrith might provide that way!

    1. Tanky

      Hope so mate .I know it’s silly but I can’t ever tip against Parramatta even though deep down i know they have little chance

  2. Karmazin

    How wrong was sixtiesboy, the first time he totally wrote off the eels for a massive flogging, then we beat em by 13 plus lol.
    Good game eels

    1. Johno

      60s said it would take an almighty effort and the boys delivered it so he didnt totally write them off at all he simply pointed out what was needed and it was given !!!

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