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Team List Tuesday – Curtain Raiser Crescendo Edition

NRL Team List

Round 25, 8:00PM Friday 18th August, CommBank Stadium


I am not even going to waste your time with the mathematical hopes that the Eels still possess to make the finals. Even if Parramatta miraculously cobble together a run to the Top 8 they will be squeezing into the final spot meaning that Friday night’s fixture against the Roosters will still be our last home game of the season.

As it feels like it has been all season, just as the Parramatta Eels get some serious strike power back they lose just as much. Reagan Campbell-Gillard and Maika Sivo are much needed ins but Mitchell Moses is as catastrophic an out as possible while Andrew Davey is also unavailable this week as he works through concussion protocols.

The left edge sees further adjustment this week in the wakes of those moves as Sivo reclaims his spot on the wing and Bailey Simonsson returns to left centre. J’maine Hopgood parachutes into the vacant left edge role leaving the Blue & Gold with a beefy starting middle rotation of ‘RCG’, Junior Paulo and Joe Ofahengaue. 

Dylan Brown will have to lead the team around the park in the absence of Moses. Daejarn Asi will aid him in the task but it is still a gaping void in the Parramatta line-up given how heavily involved Moses is across all facets and phases of Parra footy.

The Roosters have been mired in their own struggles this season but have won their last two outings and are still mathematical outsiders for the finals like the Eels. Angus Crichton slides onto their bench this week for an otherwise unchanged squad from Round 24 where they took down the Dolphins.

Obviously the season is still ‘alive’ and thus the Eels have plenty of reason to turn up on Friday night but it is hard to see that galvanising the fanbase after a brutal month of results. Still, I am curious to see how much of an impact Campbell-Gillard and Sivo will make. Will the left edge finally be functional in both attack and defence? Can the Parramatta middles snap their funk and bang out a final dominant performance before the season ends? Do we even bounce back from the thrashing last week given Moses is out?

Either way, after everything that we have been through this year I think we will learn some truths about the team this week. If they collapse and crater out then there needs to be a bigger, serious conversation held in the very near future. Conversely, if they show some steel and character then perhaps chatter about rebuilds could conceivably turn to retooling – and that is a very distinct difference.

Parramatta Eels Sydney Roosters
Clinton Gutherson 1 James Tedesco
Maika Sivo 2 Daniel Tupou
Will Penisini 3 Billy Smith
Bailey Simonsson 4 Joseph Manu
Sean Russell 5 Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii
Daejarn Asi 6 Luke Keary
Dylan Brown 7 Drew Huthinson
Reagan Campbell-Gillard 8 Jared Warea-Hargreaves
Joey Lussick 9 Brandon Smith
Junior Paulo 10 Lindsay Collins
J’maine Hopgood 11 Siua Wong
Bryce Cartwright 12 Nat Butcher
Joe Ofahengaue 13 Victor Radley
Luca Moretti 14 Sandon Smith
Ryan Matterson 15 Fletcher Baker
Wiremu Greig 16 Terrell May
Brendan Hands 17 Angus Crichton
Makahesi Makatoa 18 Sam Walker
Waqa Blake 19 Dylan Napa
Ofahiki Ogen 20 Corey Allan
Ky Rodwell 21 Fetalaiga Pauga
Jack Murchie 22 Nathan Brown


NRLW Team List

Round 5, 1:45PM Sunday 20th August, GIO Stadium


Speaking of showing character, I thought the NRLW did plenty of that last week despite going down to the Broncos. They were all guts and grit even in the face of losing star forward Elsie Albert midgame. Now they have to back it up. The Canberra Raiders will be fierce competition as well given they have looked the most accomplished amongst all of the 2023 expansion teams.

Dean Widders has named an unchanged back line while he has tinkered with his forward pack in light of Albert’s awful luck. Madeline Jones starts at prop while Kyra Simon is at lock forward. Nakia Davis-Welsh returns to the interchange bench to round out the Round 5 adjustments.

Naturally there are some former Eels lining up for the opposition this week. Simaima Taufa stands on top on the list but Ashleigh Quinlan has played a starring role for the Raiders this season while Tommaya Kelly-Sines holds down a starting bookend spot. Former Parra pathways players Petesa Lio is also on their extended bench.


Parramatta Eels Canberra Raiders
Abbi Church 1 Apii Nicholls
Zali Fay 2 Madison Bartlett
Kimberley Hunt 3 Cheyelle Robins-Reti
Cassey Tohi-Hiku 4 Alanna Dummett
Monique Donovan 5 Shakiah Tungai
Pihuka Berryman-Duff 6 Zahara Temara
Rachael Pearson 7 Ashleigh Quinlan
Talesha O’Neill 8 Tommaya Kelly-Sines
Rueben Cherrington 9 Chante Temara
Madeline Jones 10 Sophie Holyman
Amelia Mafi 11 Elise Smith
Mahalia Murphy 12 Hollie-Mae Dodd
Kyra Simon 13 Simaima Taufa
Capri Paekau 14 Ua Ravu
Tyla Amiatu 15 Grace Kemp
Shannon Muru 16 Kerehitina Matua
Nakia Davis-Welsh 17 Monalisa Soliola
Taneka Todhunter 18 Petesa Lio
Ruby-Jean Kennard-Ellis 19 Ahlivia Ingram
Chloe Jackson 20 Ella Ryan
Lindsay Tui 21 Jessica Gentle
Rosemarie Beckett 22 Tara Reinke


NSW Cup Team List

Round 25, 5:30PM Friday 18th August, CommBank Stadium


Holy mother of shakeups, Batman! You will want to be knocking off work early on Friday night if possible because the NSW Cup curtain raiser will be showcasing some of the next-gen talents that will hopefully keep the Eels ticking over at NRL level in the coming seasons.

Familiar Flegg-eligible names like Arthur Miller-Stephen, Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa, Joshua Lynn and Charlie Guymer are joined by a trio of newcomers as Richard Penisini, Matthew Arthur and Sam Tuivaiti make their NSW Cup debuts. It is an almighty injection of blue-chip prospects into the reserve grade team and adds a Carolina Reaper level of spice to what was shaping up as a nothing game between 9th and 13th (in a 13 team competition) on the ladder.

Richard, younger brother of Will Penisini, gets the lone starting gig of the 3 young men after lighting up the Jersey Flegg. The Eels desperately need more depth, speed and skill in their backline stocks and Richard gets a shot to establish himself at the front of the line this week. Keep a keen eye on Arthur and Tuivaiti though with the former a relentless schemer and fiery competitor out of dummy half while the latter is a towering, athletic bookend that has stood tall at every level in the junior pathways.


1 Arthur Miller-Stephen
2 Haze Dunster
3 Jirah Momoisea
4 Richard Penisini
5 Waqa Blake
6 Joshua Lynn
7 Jordan Rankin
8 Makahesi Makatoa
9 Jayden Yates
10 Ofahiki Ogden
11 Jack Murchie
12 Dan Keir
13 Ky Rodwell
15 Matthew Arthur
16 Charlie Guymer
17 Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa
17 Sam Tuivaiti


Jersey Flegg Team List

Round 25, 3:00PM Saturday 19th August, Ringrose Park


The Jersey Flegg take a hit this week with the aforementioned promotions to the NSW Cup. Given they are still in the hunt for the finals it is a significant blow but they have still named a strong line-up for their clash with the Roosters.

Blaize Talagi replaces Joshua Lynn in the halves while William Latu slips into the centres for Richard Penisini. Nic Lenaz showcases his versatility as he moves from lock to dummy half and will share those responsibilities with Jacob Davis and Saxon Pryke takes over at lock as a result.

Parramatta pushed the competition leading Roosters all the way when the teams met recently but they will have to take that extra step on Saturday if they are to keep their finals hopes alive. Even with the players out, there is still talent and strike across the team but they will have to play some quality footy to knock over the Tri-colours.


1 Apa Twidle
2 Matthew Komolafe
3 Samuel Loizou
4 William Latu
5 Ethyn Martin
6 Blaize Talagi
7 Ethan Sanders
8 Brock Parker
9 Nic Lenaz
10 Toni Mataele
11 Jock Brazel
12 Max Tupou
13 Saxon Pryke
14 Jacob Davis
15 Noah Reed
16 Araz Nanva
17 Lance Fualema
18 Lachlan Blackburn

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30 thoughts on “Team List Tuesday – Curtain Raiser Crescendo Edition

    1. sixties

      I believe he was injured. The Flegg team have a chance to play finals footy if they can win their last two games.

  1. Electric Analysis
    • Interesting that Guymer is ahead of Brazel now in the pecking order.
    • If Tuivita was only coming of the bench in Flegg, wouldn’t Mataele and Parker be in front of the pecking order for cup? Unless they are trying to fast trast Tuivita development.
    • Blackburn dropped out off NSW Cup and Flegg all together? Doesnt make sense.
    • Loizou and Komolafe going backwards if he cant even make cup team over Moimesia. Ik he has injuries too.
    • Why dont we drop Sanders completely out of the side if he is leaving he club.
    1. Ron

      I agree that the logic is seriously lacking at times but we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully the young fellas kill it

        1. Ron

          Pretty much what was outlined by electric above. Seems illogical on the face of it that players in Flegg that aren’t starting are being promoted to cup (such as Tuivaiti) instead of those starting in Flegg (such as mataele/Parker). Also with loizou/komolafe – loizou has a top 30 contract and is in Flegg? That’s horrible planning from parra. Also komolafe has fallen all the way down to Flegg from last year. Not saying it’s wrong to drop them but it’s just odd considering how much time and money we have invested in trying to develop them to then drop them to Flegg when our cup team (especially backline is full of rubbish reserve graders/Ron Massey cup/ or momesia/Dan Khier)

          1. Anonymous

            Seems the club has deemed Louizio / komolafe havent got it and are both moving on and i agree completely, mataele / parker sam tuivati ,guymer ,brazel ,blackburn all works in progress i would say like all rising juniors , i am at a loss to your identify what your on about ron , its a simple case of sensible development and management of our junior system by those who know how it works ,

  2. Electric Analysis

    I do not want to overhype or compare players but MA reminds me a lot of Harry Grant in every category. The way he runs from dummy half at every opportunity possible. Line speed in defence. The good tackles and even the ones they miss lol.

  3. Jack Saunders

    Where does this leave blaze you think 60s? Could he play fullback or maybe richard plays on the wing in first grade down the track. I know you cannot predict this stuff, I just really like blaze as a junior his my fav

  4. Pou

    I am thoroughly unconviced that the SG Ball players promoted to reserve grade this week are in the best Jersey Flegg team. All of the Flegg players who have played the most NSW Cup this year have been named in Flegg: Komolafe, Loizou, Parker, Mataele and Brazel. There is also no way in the world Josh Lynn is a better player than Talagi or Sanders.

    The biggest mystery is why AMS and JJBM barely played Flegg this year, as I assume they are now ineligible for the finals.

    Finally, most of the SG Ball kids in reserve grade this week are only 18.

    1. John Eel

      Are they using the opportunity to keep these players as Parra aspirational to use Sixties words.

      In the case of Sanders it has been widely reported he is going to the Raiders in 2025. Maybe they see that the best use of Sanders for now is to help the Flegg side make the finals.

      1. Pou

        Well sure, but the point is nearly all of our best Flegg-eligible players are in Flegg this week, presumably to help the Flegg side make the finals. AMS and JJBM are obviously two of the best (and not picked), but I suspect the SG Ball players currently in reserve grade (Penisini, Lynn, Arthur, Guymer and Tuivati) have actually been ‘dropped’ to reserve grade because there’s no room in the Flegg side for them.

          1. Pou

            Just coincidence that Lynn only plays Flegg when Talagi is unavailable? Blackburn played reserve grade last week now can’t even get on the bench for Flegg?

        1. sixties

          Pou, the players named this week in Cup, plus Blaize, have all been training with the NRL squad, so it’s no demotion, it’s part of a similar path trod by Dylan et al back in late 2018. As for Blaize, I assume that there are two factors at play. Firstly, he has been injured lately. Secondly, it keeps the Flegg team relatively strong with his inclusion.

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