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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 44: BA’s Historic Week & Junior Rep Awards Night

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There is plenty to talk about coming off a long bye week and The Tip Sheet covers it all in a massive episode. Sixties, Forty20 and Clint kick things off with a nod to head coach Brad Arthur as he overtakes Brian Smith to become the longest tenured coach of all time at the Parramatta Eels.

The boys then have a serious discussion about Dylan Brown and the circumstances that led to the NRL standing him down for the foreseeable future. The talk turns to who will replace him with new recruit Daejarn Asi primed to be the next man to step up.

It almost wouldn’t be a news podcast without another Eel injured and frustratingly it is breakout stud Wiremu Greig who has joined the injured list. Wiremu has a Lisfranc fracture – an injury that will likely end his season. There is good news though with Reagan Campbell-Gillard back from a groin injury as well as more reinforcements on the horizon.

Next up the show brings you all of the news and award winners from the Junior Representatives Awards Night. The gala event celebrated all three teams making the finals and the SG Ball claiming a record setting 14th title.

Origin and concussion dominate the backend of the show. Injuries to Nathan Cleary and the live injury to Api Koroisau have thrown the NSW Blues into disarray. Will Mitchell Moses be called up? What does that mean for the Eels?

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7 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 44: BA’s Historic Week & Junior Rep Awards Night

  1. MickB

    Great pod guys, hard to disagree with anything you’ve covered.

    On origin, very torn re Mitch. You want to have the club recognised for producing origin players so it becomes attractive, but ultimately origin is just a 3 game exhibition event. It’s not really taken seriously as a footy comp, it’s a media circus. So hard to find logic in risking our best player in that arena, given our current injury ward.

    On the mandatory 11 day stand down protocol, clearly ridiculous. I don’t think Reed being included or excluded will turn the result of the game but hellooooooo ….. does mandatory not have a clear meaning? Clubs should not be able to challenge. Furthermore, the only doctor opinions that should be considered are those that regularly see NRL concussions so that there is consistency in application. Consiser this from a risk and probability perspective. The severity of any concussion is going to be judgmental. So it wouldn’t be hard to find a doctor that can opine in the grey given that one concussion isn’t going to be make or break. A random doctor willing to sign off on cat 1 v cat 2 has almost nothing to lose as a one-off and thus the probability of any issue being brought upon that person is negligible particularly compared to the doctors doing the in game assessment.

    1. sixties

      Mick, news is now through that an NRL appointed neurological expect has declared Reed as fit to play. Therefore, let’s have every player go through this process should they or their club choose. I can literally guarantee that any player with concussion in the week before the grand final will now do so.

    2. John Eel

      MickB notwithstanding the Sixties information above that the doctor was an NRL appointed neurologist. It still makes a mockery of the statement from the NRL recently that there will be an 11 day mandatory stand down for all Cat 1 concussions.

      It is only a matter of time before a short turnaround makes a Cat 1 concussion a Cat 3.

      Mandatory means mandatory. When Valandys and Abdo first took over the NRL I was happy with Valandys because of his commercial instincts. Not so much Abdo.

      Valandys then began to immerse himself in football operations and rule changes and began to lose me. Abdo has lost me completely. He is your typical bureaucrat totally immersed in virtue signalling

      1. sixties

        John, how is the 11 day stand down any different to before if players can get rulings that they are suffering no I’ll effects inside that time? I thought that the line of 11 days was essentially to save players from making such decisions, and thereby looking after their future.

  2. Shaun

    Great listen. Some thoughts.

    Im not much into social media anymore but I have seen some disturbing speculation/comments surrounding the Dylan Brown issue. Leave it alone as it adds nothing and simply reveals more about those making the comments.

    Taking the long view of BA’s career Parra has shown a steady and sustained improvement. The club is better for his tenure and when it does end, should be set up for continued success.

    Im expecting Daejarn Asi to play at 5/8 as it makes sense. I’m looking forward to seeing him play as I liked the glimpses of talent he has shown previously in the NRL. Hopefully he fulfills his potential at the Eels.

    As for Origin, NSW are running around like headless chooks. Haynes has been the understudy, playing well in the NRL and it would be an insult not to play him as halfback. Bring Cook in to replace Api. Simples. I’m also a selfish Parra supporter so don’t want Moses to play anyway.

    And gutted to hear The Emu is likely out for the season and just when he’s shown he belongs in the NRL. All the best for his recovery and return.

    As always, go Parra.

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