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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 39: Eels & Cowboys Get Ready For CommBank Shootout

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The first Origin split round has arrived as the Parramatta Eels host the North Queensland Cowboys on Friday night. Sixties and Forty20 look at Parramatta’s match-ups across the weekend with the Jersey Flegg taking on the Melbourne Storm and the NSW Cup tackling the table-topping North Sydney Bears.

The preview podcast starts with the Jersey Flegg and the arrival of Joshua Lynn to replace the injured Ethan Sanders. The Eels let victory slip through their fingers last week amidst a string of injuries and will be looking to bounce back this week. In the NSW Cup the Eels take their first steps forwards without Jake Arthur and the boys have immediate concerns about how the team will fare. Daejarn Asi takes over in the halves while Zac Cini gets a chance at fullback – can either player make the difference?

Injuries have ravaged the Eels in the NRL while Origin selections have taken a toll on the Cowboys. It sets the scene for an intriguing battle on Friday night but perhaps the timely arrival of Joe Ofahengaue can swing the tide towards the Blue & Gold. The boys discuss where the game can be won and how the rise and rise of Wiremu Greig and Bryce Cartwright in 2023 has the Eels positioned to win a crucial round.

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9 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 39: Eels & Cowboys Get Ready For CommBank Shootout

  1. John Eel

    Great podcast guys. I like the the podcast and even more now since I stopped listening to SEN

    For me I find it hard that a team can play as badly as the Cowboys did last week then turn it around in a week. Too big an ask.

    The other concern for the Cowboys is that when they are off. Travelling to Sydney to play becomes a real problem.

    My tip Eels 32-16. First try scorer and multiple try scorer Maika Sivo being marked by a debutant.

    I like your pick of JH to have a big game being the senior forward on the field. BA will remind him of the fact and get him to lift. I know you will be surprised but I am going for MM as MOM.

  2. John Eel

    Fox have a nice little tribute to Tina Turner posted.

    It reminded me I was sitting at Port Hedland airport with the family waiting for a flight to Denpasar.

    Many of the fellow passengers were known to me as we all worked for the same company.

    The AFL was warming up to the GF and had a Melbourne folk group performing. The guy standing next to me, an AFL tragic, watching the screen said “surely they could do better than Judith Durham singing at the GF”. I said “I agree. We have Tina Turner for our GF”.

  3. Shaun

    I expect Parra to not do too much early on and just make sure they complete and earn the right to unleash Mitch and Dylan. While Parra (and their fans) should not be complacent about the game, I don’t mind the Parra forward pack even considering who is out. They will give the backline space to do their thing. Parra 38 – Cows 6. The Emu to cross the line first.

  4. MickB

    Where’s Ky Rodwell at? He seems to have fallen off the pace of NRL. Got a short crack last year and I thought he went ok. But never to be seen again in first grade?

    1. sixties

      Mick, he had a bit of injury just after the season started and missed some footy. I’m not sure that he’s got into any groove since then.

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