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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 38: Jakes Leaves, Joe Arrives & First Look At Origin

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Departures, arrivals and debuts – there is plenty to talk about this week on The Tip Sheet as Sixties, Forty20 and Clint get stuck into another week of NRL news.

It starts with the news that Jake Arthur is now a Sea Eagle. The boys discuss Jake’s time with the Eels and what lies ahead for him at Manly. Joe Ofahengaue is a Parramatta Eels, although the Tigers made the Eels sweat on the Team List Tuesday deadline for it to happen. Still, he will pull on the Blue & Gold for the next 2 and a half years and the show looks at what he brings to the table.

State of Origin has taken its toll on the NRL with players from both states in camp ahead of Game 1 in Adelaide. There were surprising selections for both sides and the boys look at the gambles made by Slater and Fittler ahead of a massive series for both coaches.

The show closes out with a look at a pair of players in trouble with the judiciary with Viktor Radley and Felise Kaufusi both set to miss 3 games. Was the Match Review Committee and Judiciary too light on them?

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What an excellent week ! First of all can I congratulate Mark O’Neill. He does cop it but he’s done an excellent job when you consider our injuries and our abilities to field a pretty good team against NQ. Joffa is a bloody good player. He brings experience and passion into the side. Excellent move for Jake. He’s a terrific young man and it’s great to see that the Sea Eagles view him as a ball playing lock rather than a halfback. He was badly mishandled by his father and the club resulting in the abuse that he copped. No… Read more »

John Eel

I look forward to seeing both Luca and Joe running around in our NRL side. Joe has good NRL experience and I think that BA is the right NRL coach to put the polish on him. He is a bigger human than I realised. Should fit into our system very well. Luca from what I have seen previously is a good defender and will be a welcome addition to our pack. Will be at the game on Friday and looking forward to both debuts. Sixties do you know if the rumour about Conner Tracey has any legs? It’s not being… Read more »


I was hoping that the rumour was true as well. Conner can play and would look great as a centre with Penisini, pushing Simonsson to the wing. Has a ton of speed and would look great as a 2 year deal to bridge until the youngsters arrive.


Tks guys. I wasn’t looking for them but somehow Joe O’s stats for 2022 appeared on my screen, when he was the Tigers’ player of the year, really solid and particularly a 93% tackle effectiveness rating, in a pack pretty well rolled most games. He should fit in well.moreso when our hospital ward starts to clear out.And if pedigree counts, Rugby Union had Ray Price then a decade later Willie O. I actually saw a Manly RU club game around 1990 ( a customer invited me, had to go), Willie O was was cruel, and I thought ‘he’d be… Read more »

John Eel

BDon I don’t know if you saw it at the time. When Willie O was playing in Britain, the Irish coach of the time claimed Willie as Irish based on the spelling of his name and his incredible skill as a Rugby player.


JE, he was a footballer, regardless of the code, the game I saw Manly won by 20 or so and Willie went a bit quiet when the game was safe, he hadn’t played much club Rugby at the time due to rep duties, it was almost like ‘ I’ll just half kill a few blokes til they don’t want to win, then we can all finish the game in one piece’. Geez he could hit well and hard, that Higgs or Gilmeister style with another 15/20 kgs. I don’t blame the Irish guy for claiming him.

John Eel

Forty was saying during the podcast how Luca gets his opportunity to debut this week because of injury.

Earlier this year the same thing happened to Woody. It would be nice if we get the same outcome from Luca


Woody has been an absolute revelation since his promotion !

Iron Mike

Another great listen gents! Just on Tino tackle, when you take everything into consideration about what he did and who he did it to ……. I say fair play and play on! 😉




Wishing Jake the best. Good player, disappointing we couldn’t keep him but understand him being boxed out of the Eels NRL squad in his current preferred position. It would be great if he could come back as an edge forward or centre with a bit more bulk and strength.

Joe O – going to have the Cows 2 weeks in a row. Hopefully the results are the same! I also think he’s an upgrade over Tapau.


I hope he returns too Mick. And I think Joe O is an upgrade too.


BA’s comment that it will be nice to be JA’s dad again was touching. Best of luck to JA and seriously, some of the Eels fan base are toxic beyond redemption. Watching the Penrith/Broncos game and Luai had very little impact on the game. I’d prefer Hynes at 6 as he offers so much more. But Freddie being Freddie keeps playing mind games with himself. The trouble is when he outsmarts himself the rest of us have no idea what he is doing. I’m ok with the Tino tackle. I’ve seen worse go unpenalised let alone placed on report. And… Read more »


Cheers for the observations Shaun. Just on the touching of the linesman, maybe there should be a crystal clear rule about it. That you cannot touch any match official in a confrontation or dispute. I know that still sounds ambiguous but someone could word it better to ensure that a touch on the shoulder as an apology or similar doesn’t constitute something that could result in a suspension.

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