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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 33: Sponsor Explodes At Officials, Roosters Consider Releasing Suaali’i

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Sixties, Forty20 and Clint are back to look at the news week that was for the Eels and the NRL. This episode of The Tip Sheet jumps right into the fallout from Parramatta’s Round 10 loss which saw Mitchell Moses suffer a Catergory 1 concussion. How do the Eels manage this week without their star halfback?

The Jersey Flegg has received a big injection of talent with 5 SG Ball players featuring in a new look roster on Team List Tuesday. The boys discuss how much that could trickle up to NSW Cup in the coming weeks and months.

Magic Round saw the sparkling debut of Valynce Te Whare for the Dolphins. The rugby union convert scored a brace of tries against the Sharks and the shows breaks down his wonderful debut and how he stands to fare moving forwards.

The referees copped both barrels from the CEO of the prinicple sponsor of the New Zealand Warriors this week. Jason Paris has unloaded on the NRL and its officials declaring they are cheating the Warriors out of fair wins. It is as serious a claim as you can make and the boys try to give it a fair and reasonable discussion.

The other massive news doing the rounds was the apparently souring relationship between the Sydney Roosters and young gun Joseph Suaali’i. Reports emerged this week that the Roosters were considering releasing Suaali’i to rugby union early. The show has a look at what is going on in the Eastern suburbs as the Suaali’i situation gets added to Sam Walker’s exile to the NSW Cup.

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8 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 33: Sponsor Explodes At Officials, Roosters Consider Releasing Suaali’i

  1. pete

    With Roosters moving on Suallii and Walker and Teddy coming out saying their attack isn’t connected. I really think the attacking issue lies in Brandon Smith. All this noise are Roosters clearing the decks and making a last minute play for Moses? I hope not…

    Jayden should never have got away with it last year. The media swings into action to protect certain teams or players. They influence the MRC and the NRL “Nothing in it” or “its not in his game” “hes a good bloke” “in the heat of battle” A case of leading the witness. The media ignore infringements related to Parra.

    We are in trouble. Defence is a huge worry. We keep saying it yet nothing changes. +40 missed tackles won’t win a title.

    Ogden and Greig need to be in the team and get decent minutes. Relying on Junior and Reg isn’t a sustainable winning formula. It didn’t succeed last year. We can’t expect it to work in ’23. We haven’t improved this year.

    Well done SG Ball team and coaches. We really need to keep this core group together as the future of the club.

    Valance – hulking centre plucked from obscurity. We lack a strike centre…Recruitment?

    1. Spark

      The Moses to the Roosters rumour IS making the rounds.
      The wily old cat Issac is just dangling the carrot.
      Is there any truth in it ?
      Who knows but who would have foreseen Wighton leaving the Raiders??
      Moses has continually pushed the ‘I just want to win a premiership’ barrow.
      The big problem with the Eels is that we have been caught a little in the recruitment area.
      We had big hopes for some but there seems to be a realisation across the board that they arnt as good as we thought they were and whilst we have some decent prospects in the lower grades they are at least 18 months away.
      This is understandable as you just can’t keep going to the ‘moneyball’ well and expect to find a pot of gold every year.
      Don’t listen to the silly rhetoric coming from the club. “We are a development club” just means – we don’t want to pay the money for the blue chip talent.

      Whilst Moses loves the club, the senior players are fully aware that we just haven’t the roster at the moment, thus the general consensus that we need an X player ASAP.

      Everyone is trying their guts out but if you haven’t got the players in this competition, you won’t win too many.

      Moses could have easily just signed his contract but why do so when he doesn’t have to and instead he backs himself to see how we perform?
      If we finish down in the mud this year, he will certainly look at his options.

      1. pete

        Agree Spark. He could easily just sign the extension. I don’t know if we can up the offer. Another problem is all the players and BA coming off contract in 2025? Our recruitment is a slow moving train crash.

        1. Spark

          To be fair to BA, if we finish outside the finals for the next few years, he will be looking for a new job.
          Which is very unfair and whilst I don’t always agree with what he does, we have to look at oranges v oranges.
          What sort of coach is Trent Robinson ?
          According to the media, he’s a maestro but really, with the amount of internationals and ahm .. support that the coach has at that club, he should be winning titles every year or two.
          Maybe Moses just wants a piece of that pie and who could blame him ?

          1. sixties

            Spark and Pete, I’m fairly certain that Moses has agreed to the contract. I don’t believe there is any fielding of other terms. Development Club philosophy is genuine but that doesn’t mean that the club can’t bite the bullet and make a blue chip signing. In fact, they need to.

          2. Spark

            Sixties, you probably won’t agree but we do need to grab the proverbial broom at the end of year.
            Moses may have agreed in principle but it’s worth Jack until he signs.

  2. Tanky

    Not sure but didn’t Moses have to activate his players option by round 10 or is there not a time limit?

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