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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 30: Eels Claim SG Ball, Tigers End The Drought

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A return, a re-signing and a rousing SG Ball title lead the way for the Eels in this week’s edition of the NRL & News on The Tip Sheet. Sixites, Forty20 and Clint get right into the weekend of action against the Newcastle Knights. From big wins in the NRL and NSW Cup to the stirring win in the SG Ball grand final, the boys break it all down.

Andrew Davey is back and Sean Russell has re-signed while the NRLW have been busy building up their 2023 squad. The show looks at all the roster moves for the Blue & Gold before scoping out which junior Eels earned representative honours for City.

Magic Round is back and so are concerns about the state of the turf. With the Eels and Titans playing the last game of the round there are legitimate concerns – the show asks what can be done? Does Magic Round need to be split across two venues?

The Tigers ended an awful drought with a gutsy win over the Penrith Panthers. Can they build on that momentum? Josh Reynolds and Zac Lomax find themselves in different spots of trouble while there is some bad blood at Manly.

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20 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 30: Eels Claim SG Ball, Tigers End The Drought

  1. sixties

    Is it significant that the Panthers have the same number of wins as the Eels and are only ahead due to the bye?
    After winning everything from Ball to NRL last season, they didn’t make the grand final in any junior rep competition, and are not at the top of any senior grade. They might still win titles this year but at this stage are nowhere near as dominant as last season.

  2. Big Derek

    Credit should go to the review done on pathways not a couple of years ago by Nathan Brown, recruitment and identification in our junior league has been at the forefront of the improve. Even Flegg looks better resourced after being also rans in the first half of last season, they have moved up a notch too.

    Manly have come back after winning comps, seems the Fulton influence being reduced hasn’t worked in their favour.

    Think Clint hit the nail on the head for Davey starting, his size and mobility to take the sting hopefully out of the influence David Fifita has on the game initially.

    Should be able to see ongoing good work in juniors as the development squads beneath the reps gain momentum , definitely needed to rework the junior programmes similar to what we see Penrith do, and that seems to have been adopted.

    1. !0 Year Member

      I agree with why Davey might be in the starting side. What I don’t believe is that he is such an influential player that comes in last week and waltzes straight into the starting side. Is he the second best edge player in the team. Furthermore…. We apparently tried to get him for this year and he chose doggies. If this was a Cameron Murray or Angus Crichton I would understand, instead I am left perplexed 🤔

      1. Spark

        My understanding is that Davey was very keen to come back to the Eels and told the Eels that. The problem was he was waiting and waiting and waiting for an offer and then had no choice to accept the offer from the Dogs.
        I really rate Davey. Good size and a great motor – should never had let him go in the first place.

        1. Anonymous

          Well another problem is players already on the team have been waiting and waiting and waiting for their opportunity to play working hard at training for Davey just to slot in without proving anything in a training session.

          1. Gibbo

            Obviously there not good enough and davey is , cant have it both ways , theyve had plenty of time to prove themselves by your waiting and waiting and waiting statement , you do have to be capable !!!!!

          1. Spark

            Sixties, you are always able to refute any claims I make and I will take it with good grace and humility.

          2. sixties

            I’m genuinely keen to know your sources because there are times when it looks like it’s a very good source.

          3. Spark

            Just some good footy friends who put up with a retired old bastard and sometimes throw me a bone – and have told me to stop posting on social media or they will be ex – friends !!

      2. sixties

        10 year, it’s no different when any mid year signing joins any club. If they are added to a squad it’s generally to play first grade. Parra isn’t an island in that regard. Players are professional and have had similar situations either at Parra or elsewhere.

  3. HamSammich

    City vs country is 16’s and 18’s because the country team is picked from the Andrew Johns and Laurie Daley competitions which are still 16’s and 18’s.

    No to Lomax. What’s he done to be worth his contract?

    1. sixties

      Cheers Ham. Knew you’d be on this – interesting that they didn’t change the ages here, though possibly it might be more challenging to field under 19 teams in regional areas as players might have left school and possibly home for work or study, or even contracts with Sydney clubs.

  4. HINDY111

    Any news on Parry? I read he has signed on to some local team up at Moree. I thought he was one of the higher rated kids in this side and would be pushed into Flegg once Sg ball was over.
    Any news on him?

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