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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 21: Hip Drop Crackdown & Parra’s Roster Gaps

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The NRL news cycle refuses to rest with another week of churn and burn in the game. The Tip Sheet covers all the Parramatta and NRL action as Sixties, Forty20 and Clint lead a roundtable on the news.

This week’s news podcast starts with the return Junior Paulo to the Eels’ team sheet. Jack Murchie is forced out of the line-up as a result and the boys discuss the composition of the team ahead of their match against the Bulldogs.

Both the NRL and NRLW squads are far from complete as the clock ticks down and the market dries up. What are the options for the Eels in both teams? Have they left it too late?

In broader NRL news it was a devastating week for a couple of terminally unlucky players. Jayden Brailey and Adam Doueihi both suffered ACL injuries and the conversation turns to how much wear and tear can players take in these kind of scenarios.

The NRL continues its crackdown on hip drop tackles while Martin Taupau was involved in a nasty unintentional incident with Jordan Rapana. Is the code being consistent with this crackdown? Are players being coached into these tackles? The show breaks it all down.

Finally, there no undefeated teams left after 6 rounds while Anthony Griffin is on a scorching hot seat at the Dragons with his fate all but sealed. Is this the healthiest the NRL has been in a long team and did St George do both themselves and their coach a disservice by waiting so long to start to pull the pin? Is there opportunity for Parramatta to make a move and snare a player in the wake of any transitional process?

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12 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 21: Hip Drop Crackdown & Parra’s Roster Gaps

  1. Anonymous

    It was really poor form when some Broncos supporters were booing Rapana as he left the field. Not only were images of his injury graphic when shown, and this would have been replayed on the big screen, but he had extended time being attended to before he could exit on the medi-cab. They actually booed a bloodied injured man leaving the field. Not good!

  2. BDon

    Tks men. The hip drop,how often do we see momentum, body movement,call it whatever, change the position of the tackler and contact the legs? The tackle that should be called out is when the tackler clearly drops his body weight straight on to the back of the legs as a second action. Marata’s one was all one movement, he didn’t grab first then slide down, he wrapped up the waist and they went to the ground.
    And Forty, yes, playing the ball, did you notice David Klemmer too? And Jadyn Sua, yes again.

    1. sixties

      The tackle that you described BDon pretty much graduates from careless to reckless. Deserves to earn a longer holiday.

  3. Anonymous

    With the hip drop a couple of years ago the league introduced 3rd man had to hit above the legs n slide down the legs in my opinion that’s how the hip drop tackle started

  4. John Eel

    The problem for both the Dragons and Tigers is that they need to adopt the same fix as the Eels went through in 2018 – 2019 by conducting an independent review of the club football operations.

    Should they do that they may not get the outcome they are looking for but provided the review is truly independent and professional they will get the outcome that is going to help reform their club.

    1. sixties

      Well said John. For Parra it identified that more resources were needed. Soon after we added more staff and moved to Kellyville

      1. !0 Year Member

        Can you believe we didn’t have a proper training ground… we were nomads….. Until Kellyville. That is gross mismanagement

        1. sixties

          The years at Richie Benaud Oval were a disgrace. There were no dressing sheds, no shelter. Imagine taking a prospect on a tour of facilities! Little wonder we had to pay overs!

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