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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 07: Moses Reportedly Agrees To Massive New Deal

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A big weeks of NRL and Parramatta news means an action packed installment of The Tip Sheet as Sixties and Forty20 dive into the latest on the CBA as well as a raft of player movement news.

From Dom Young’s defection to the Roosters to the Tigers locking up a pair of playmakers – it has been a big week from recruitment and retention. Above it all though was a story broken by Michael Chammas that Mitchell Moses is set to rebuff the Wests Tigers and ink a 4 year deal with the Blue & Gold worth an expected total of 5-million dollars. The boys discuss the importance of the in-principle agreement and how it sets the club up long-term.

The episode concludes with a look back at a big week in the Junior Representatives as the Eels bagged a draw and two wins in a big road trip to Wollongong.

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Hi guys @ TCT. Are the Tigers really on the up? Are the Bulldogs heading the same way? Both teams have new coaches and new players and while it would generate a new found enthusiasm does it then roll over into wins. Not necessarily. Recent history does not prove a new coach can turn things around. Why would Moses or Mahoney for that matter defect to a bottom four team. Money is worth more than pride! Actually, I believe Mahoney was/is privately a bulldog fan. As for Moses I would like to think he has a loyalty streak and pride.… Read more »


Zero, you know that TCT have always been cheering Yatesy – his application to footy is second to none. And it’s never, ever come easy. Still, he has had the chance to leave but loves the club. I don’t get the criticism of Jake or BA around his selection. He’s only 20, has done a job when selected, and his father has never suggested that he’d play him ahead of Moses or Brown. Seriously, he and the club look like finalising both Moses and Brown being on long term deals. And BA has publicly stated that he wants him to… Read more »


I don’t rate Yates that much. I actually think JA on the bench is a better option and I don’t rate JA that much. I felt his 2nd trial he was very solid however. And he played behind a good pack. First trial he didn’t.


We said after the first trial that the runners can make ball players look either good or bad. Even in the first trial Jake still put Mataele and Doorey into holes in the second half when they ran their lines.


JA took the ball to the line. This is new. This is a key difference. Next step would be to pose a threat running the ball to help create for those around him


Lets give the Jake bashing a rest.


Respect your opinion but it’s funny how different people see different things !
I’m a massive Yates fan, the game is absolutely ripe for busy Cameron Murray type players and both Hopgood and Yates fit the bill perfectly.


Sixties, you have your opinion on Jake and others have a different opinion. People arnt bashing him, we have been down this road before mate. Any calls of nepotism is not only disrespectful to BA but also to Jake. Notwithstanding that, he, like all players are subject to discourse. Praise and criticism. Surely we don’t want to get to a point whereby we feel uncomfortable referencing certain players because others believe that player is unfairly criticised. Wylie (below) wasn’t ‘bashing’ him. He was just making comment on what he believes he sees. Is his comment valid ? who knows, probably… Read more »


Perhaps I was noting a tone in Wylei’s comments, especially in how he wrote it. Maybe that’s my imagination. I have no issue with criticism of any player, but I’m over the incessant bagging of a 20 year who’s just starting his career. Anyway, I’m happy to agree to disagree.


Excellent- and thanks for the good work you do !




An English stint is a very good idea for any young playmaker in the game.
There is some excellent coaches there and players can learn the game without the pressure cooker atmosphere of the NRL.
Players like French and Croft would come back better players. It did wonders for Jackson Hastings.


Good call

John Eel

Another very enjoyable podcast. Not the least of which was the discussion of Mitch supposedly agreeing to terms with the Eels. I was far more positive about him re-signing once the Dogs dropped out of the race. For me Mitch made it clear his final decision would be made on where he was most likely to win a GF, that spoke of the Eels. Duehai extending for 2024 was a give away in my opinion. Some might suggest the Eels paid too much but I agree with your thoughts that the contract reflected the increased salary cap and supply and… Read more »


Yes, it’s not professional to be making such significant decisions on the eve of a season launch.


JE, one point on Moses…..he was never going to the dogs as he openly said that Mahoney had overcalled him on a number of occasions last season.

John Eel

You are entitled to your opinion Poppa


Look Mahoney is a solid footballer and will probably go pretty well at the dogs but comparing apples with apples, Hodgo is far the superior player, even given his age.
We definitely came out on top.


Spot on.


Just fantastic news that Moses will commit to the Eels. There was no chance that he was ever leaving. Great work by Mark O’Neil and the club. So much for the media making up stories that we would only be able to afford one of our halves.

Last edited 26 days ago by avenger

The amount of fantasy speculation was astounding.


100% mate


Great podcast guys. People sometimes have short memories. Moses missed the birth of his first child to play for this team/club. It was always just media speculation and click bait that he wouldn’t re- sign. Whilst it made fans nervous it (like Dylbags signing) was never in any doubt. Because Eels were given chance to match the offer. The media just like to see Eels fans tear the club apart over these stories. I really like how our signings are kept low key and not run via the media these days. I suspect if that managers strategy comes back it… Read more »


Cheers Pete. Times have changed with how signings take place

Peter Cadwalledem

What player would miss a gf qualifier. Most if not all wouldn’t miss it for anything. Barring probably Matterson who misses matches for pocket change


Interesting to see the narrative shift to Parra were conned and paid overs for Moses from they were going to lose him as Parra pay unders. Parra now have the important core group of players locked in for 3-4 seasons.


Yes Shaun, we will never escape a narrative.

John Eel

Eels in the news item, “Drums start beating “. One of the worst bits of journalism I have seen.

The piece was obviously written between the end of the season and Christmas. Bits of it were edited as they realised things have changed.

However no one had read top to bottom before publishing. It is inaccurate and contradictory.

I am sick of these Eels stories where the Journalist has his head stuck in 2018.

Move on please.


Well said John; when you see who’s quoted you kind of just laugh / shake your head etc. and laugh again. Have people mentioned Munster / Ponga / L Brooks / Burton and co. Nope cause Parra sells..


It is an awful piece. It is contradictory around the forwards, even to the point of listing a number of forwards as likely to be unlucky in missing selection. Furthermore, Murchie is listed as unlikely to miss out. He has enjoyed a great preseason. Now although many journos read the preseason training reports, I wouldn’t be suggesting that they should. However, the tip about Murchie was found in his role in the trials. ie – the second trial

Last edited 24 days ago by sixties

Even Andrew Johns has come up with a nice one. Lists the Eels as a team to be worried about ( as in failing) but left the Knights off that list and offered Quentin Ponga as a player to watch. I’ve been watching him for a few years now, he’s an X- factor footballer who struggles for his real potential at the Knights.


Kalyn Ponga is about to turn 25. He’s played Origin and has nearly 100 NRL games behind him, despite missing a lot of footy. He can play, but it’s fair to say he’s been less than influential at club level. When Joey was with us, he maintained his right to offer criticism as part of his ongoing media duties. He mustn’t have that caveat with the Knights.

John Eel

Sorry hit the wrong thumb.

Mitch has run around Ponga before. Gosford was not the first time. I think that he has his measure.

John Eel

Too much hype too early around Ponga you think BDon?

His best has been in SOO. Not sure Knights are getting full value.


Your last line made me think of another Queenslander closer to home, Bob Lindner.
Joey is probably managing Ponga’s switch to 5/8, so talking his own book. No doubting there’s something to work with, but let’s see, I used to score sensational tries at training.

John Eel

Is Sean Russell under suspension Rd 1 for an incident in State Cup last season?


Not that I’m aware of.

John Eel

Came from Nicolussi in the article Eels in the news


Just read it John. Damn. Things could get messy now.


Damn shame for Zac Cini, terrible injury a rib cartlidge. If anyone here has suffered a rib cartilage injury, you know what I mean !

Last edited 23 days ago by Spark

Hey 60s. I’ve read Russel is suspended and Simmonson injured. One played not mentioned is Sam Laizou. Dunster not being rushed and others I juried do you feel he is a chance?

John Eel

Lumelume? Loisziou?

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