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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 99: Talking Parra With PLC Directors

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After recording our discussion with Eels General Manager of Football, Mark O’Neill, TCT was able to speak with Parramatta Leagues Club Directors Richard Foda, Joy Cusack and Darren Adam about the Eels’ season, what lies ahead and the relationship between the leagues club and the football club.

The Eels are core to Parra Leagues so in addition to talking footy, Richard, Joy and Darren  outline some of the exciting hospitality developments that will make match days even better at the club for members and guests. We also discuss the connections Parra Leagues has forged across the district and the importance of supporting the local community, including junior sport.

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19 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 99: Talking Parra With PLC Directors

  1. sixties

    For those wondering, Forty was on camera duties here. In future video presentations he will be on screen and involved in the discussions.

  2. pete

    Great podcast guys!
    So much happening on and off the field.
    The Eels are getting so much right in the front office. Jack Gibson would be so proud of what is being built for the future.
    So much credit to those involved in this.

    1. sixties

      Thanks for watching/listening Pete. The directors drive so much from behind the scenes, and the club is heading in the right direction across the PLC group. Providing support for the Eels is included in the PLC constitution, and it’s reassuring to hear directors state that the Eels are at the core of the club and have been since the PLC first opened its doors.

  3. Rocket

    Normally I would have the podcast in the background and miss some of the content.
    I enjoyed the video. Gone are the bad days of the PLC board.
    Well done guys,

  4. John Eel

    I look forward to the new experience at Eels Lane.

    Normally when I go to the football with my daughter we usually go to the pub and have a meal.
    This will give us an alternative to that on match day.

    The NFL have their tailgating experience. Hopefully ours will be similar without the grill in the back of the truck.

    Really enjoyed this interview.

    P.S. Need to hit them up for a studio. By doing this the club can add a professional touch to the presentation of the club.

  5. !0 Year Member

    Great stuff TCT. Great to see the league’s club directors invested in the football club. Are you able to provide a link to the football club directors? Google gets me no where

    1. sixties

      As you would have noted from our podcast, Richard Foda and Mark Jenkins are the two PLC directors that must be appointed to the PNRL (football) Board. The other five directors are then independent of the Leagues Club.
      Here’s a link to the story of the initial appointment
      One director (Anthony Shiner) had to cease being on the board due to other work commitments. Here’s a link to those details:
      NB Richard and Mark replaced Max Donnelly and Jim Sarantinos who were the PLC appointments whilst PLC were under Max’s time as an Administrator.
      Sean McElduff is the Chairman of the Board with Colin Robertshaw as deputy Chairman.

      1. !0 Year Member

        Thanks sixties. Its all coming back to me now. Just surprised the information is not readily accessible in a central location

  6. Milo

    I like this initiate 60’s and Forty, well done and i have only just started to watch it, and will hopefully finish it tonight my time here. Well done and very professionally done.

    1. sixties

      Thanks mate. We want to provide something that builds on what we do every year. This is part of that plan for 2023 for selected podcasts.

      1. Milo

        Watched it all and the first director knows his football. Some good questions abt funding too Sixties. 👍 well done

        1. sixties

          Thanks mate. Richard is on both boards. I see him at senior matches and also at Junior reps. As you’d expect that are all personally passionate about Parra. They go to the matches. Darren’s son spent some time volunteering for the Flegg team. I have regularly bumped into each of them in Eels Lane before games or after games up in Jacks. I joked with Joy about the hugs, that’s because we see her so regularly at the footy. Recently her husband has been giving up his time cataloguing Eels historical items to help organise what is there. In fact I saw a few of the directors competing with the throngs of fans up at Penrith Park in that first finals match. No special seats, just there supporting the team. Could have talked about all of that but that would have been putting too much focus on them individually and that’s not what they would have wanted.

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