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Instant Reaction – Dylan Brown Delivers An Early Christmas Present

Dylan Brown is an Eel for life. Well, sort of. Parramatta’s star five-eighth has just inked a spectacular new deal that will see him potentially at the club until the end of 2031. The contract is the first of its kind for the Blue & Gold and massively eclipes the 3 and 4 year extensions given out to other core players in recent times. That obviously speaks to the importance of Dylan to the club and the almost exotic value that comes with a 22-year old playmaker that is a genuine build around piece.

As you might expect, Dylan’s new deal isn’t a simple 8-year extension. It is structured in a fashion that gives both the player and possibly the club outs at certain junctures over the next 9 years. Indeed, this style of contract is more akin to American sports where core stars are given long deals with clauses and outs built into them.

So let’s see what we can find out about this historic signing for the Eels.

For starters, Brown is unequivocally an Eel until the end of 2025. He will continue to helm Parramatta’s charge for a breakthrough premiership over the next 3 years at the very least. While the official signing portal doesn’t actually have the range to fully encapsulate Brown’s new deal club CEO Jim Sarantinos revealed that Brown has a player option in 2026 to extend the deal until the end of 2028. From there a second, potentially mutual, option can be activated to lock Dylan in for the final 3 years.

The key date looks to be the potential activation the 2026 player option. It gives Dylan the ability to test the market should he want. That will be a legitimate possibility but it is also worth considering that he has already activated a player option in his time at the club.

I know everyone will be jockeying to see the dollar value of his deal but there is absolutely nothing out there right now. The Eels have been judicious in their evaulation of recruitment and retention under Mark O’Neill and Brad Arthur but players like Dyl and Mitchell Moses almost certainly command a premium from the market.

Speaking of Moses, all eyes now turn to him as Parramatta look to secure their other playmaker to a long term deal. While some may construe Dylan’s re-signing as a blow to the Eels’ chances of keeping Mitch on the monetary front I think it is the complete opposite. Now that Brown is here for the forseeable future, Moses has his running mate locked in for his final major NRL deal.

Brown’s retention is a brilliant Christmas present for the Parra faithful. His buy-in in the face of extremely tempting offers from rival clubs speaks volumes to team comraderie and club culture.(See Sixties Bumpers Up for an earlier example of Dylan’s attitude and loyalty). He now becomes one of the legitimate faces of the franchise and one of the critical pieces in Parramatta’s pursuit of a 5th premiership.



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48 thoughts on “Instant Reaction – Dylan Brown Delivers An Early Christmas Present

  1. Colin Hussey

    Great news indeed.

    Have read most of the reports but the best when I got back from the Doctors surgery, to read the reports is fantastic a huge signing and the vultures no doubt looking for some other food, to lay in against the club and their slackness.

    One more to sign to complete the roster. Come Home Mitch.

    I wonder with this signing and the long term contracts, tends to cement my personal thoughts for some time now, that DB is potentially the clubs future Captain once Gutho signs out.

    1. sixties

      I’m not sure that Dyl covets a captaincy role Colin. My tip would not include him, but Gutho has committed for a while so who knows what will happen by then.

      1. Colin Hussey

        Mate I don’t see it in the short term regarding the captaincy aspect but more to the future. Guth has the roll now, and doing the job ok, & not really sure who would take over when Guth signs off.

        I do see DB as a leader going forward and he gains confidence.

        1. Brett Allen

          Reed Mahoney was the obvious heir apparent, right now though there doesn’t seem an obvious candidate if it’s not Dylan. Possibly Will Penisini ????

  2. Chris Stone

    A huge signing for us. Dylan Brown was who i was worried about losing. He is the future for us. Moses may go hopefully not. But regardless Dylan and Jake are gonna be our future halves i think. Really thought Jake grew 10 feet taller this year.

    1. Anonymous

      If Dyl stays long long term it will be the Ethan and Dyl show providing we don’t lose Ethan.
      He looks so impressive and will be very interested in how he goes at nsw cup.
      Jake will be a bench utility or will change clubs I think

      1. Glenn

        For Jake’s future & family harmony I’d suggest he’d be better off moving clubs. Imagine if BA had to drop his son what the household would be like.

    1. Poppa

      Yes, he is an unsung hero and obviously a formidable negotiator given he doesn’t have sugar daddies with cheque books bulging out of his pockets, like some of the other clubs.
      He has received some very unkind remarks from people that know nothing about how difficult his job would be. it may get to the stage where other clubs are chasing his signature.

      1. sixties

        Hope you’ve listened to our podcast with him Poppa. I suspected something was afoot as his phone got very busy late in our chat and he had to dash to return calls.

      2. John Eel

        Poppa you are right about the sugar daddies when it comes to other clubs.

        You think of players like Mitch and Cleary. They are as rare as diamonds. This makes their value exponentially higher than other players.

        Probably the only other players I would put in that category are Turbo and Teddy

        It takes something special to drag them across the line.

  3. pete

    Great News!!
    Dylbags said he wanted a holiday after the world cup. He had his holiday and then resigned. It was just media speculation to try and click bait everyone! He was always resigning.
    1 down 1 to go. Moses will be announced soon!!
    Well done to Eels management, the player managers and Dylbags. Very professional. This is how Signings should be handled.
    Go Eels!!

  4. Mick

    Great news. Moses next. The thing I like about it is, no one knows how much, I’m sure some supporters and media are going to come out and say it was for a specific amount, it will be total BS.
    I think we have a better team for ’23, I think our forward depth is far superior to last season, and the backs as well.

  5. BDon

    Great news. Moses and Penisini, must signs. Whilst it’s not all down to him, Penisini is key in getting over our problems in defending smart shifts out wide. We’ve improved but this glitch has to be ironed right out.

    1. Brett Allen

      It just doesn’t make sense for him to go anywhere other than maybe the Roosters or Storm. Certainly not the Tigers or Dogs.

  6. Shaun

    Like everyone else, I welcome the news and excited about the future. The core playing group for the next three or so years is a great one to build a side around. Well done to Mark O’Neill and the club for the professional approach. Parra’s behind the scenes, no leaks approach it is such an improvement on how the club used to do thing. A not so well done to the clickbait merchants and usual negative nabobs.

  7. Brett Allen

    Job well done to the club, it’s pretty clear that there is mutual love between player and club, it’s just the realities of modern pro sports keeping this from being a straightforward lifetime deal:

  8. greg okladnikov

    Great news for Parra fans and the club. As elite players can also help recruit other elite players, and help with retention ( think the Storm with the big 4/ Big 3) of players a there is a confident chance of success at the club. Well done Parra and the management, and well done to Dylan who did it cleanly and professionally

    1. Anonymous

      And stayed true to keeping confidentiality Greg. The professionalism of how business is conducted is a credit to the club.

  9. Milo

    Good result all-round – for club / coach / supporters and of course the administration / DB who made it happen.
    I like it that the media talked their narrative and then the way it was delivered today; well done to all at the club.
    As for the length of the contract, I am sure it will be further explained later but its also good that we don’t know the $$$$$.
    DB has the chance to really show himself as a standout player /perhaps our X factor.

    To me this also reaffirms my thoughts on the NRL and expansion. Quite simply in my view we have too many clubs and not enough quality players to be spread among the clubs. Hence, why the Dolphins / Bennett have no major signings. It is sad in a few ways but also spells out that players would prefer to stick with their current club / stronger team for a few years before making a move, and fair enough.

    Let’s see how some current struggling clubs go now over the next year or two, and lets be honest in reference to Moses, why would he wish to sign with Wests / C’bury besides the $$$$ when now he know his partner has committed and we also have a strong pack with now another Lion as leader (Hodgson) and strong back up with Murchie / Hopgood and co.

    Sixties and Forty, have you both been re-signed? Surely so with Player Options…..

    1. Prometheus

      I like the flexibility and maturity of the contract. These are new times and anything that ends the ” till death us do part ” mentality might appeal to a new generation. Mr Penisini next.

  10. Jano

    I’m thrilled that Dylan has re-signed. It looks a Fantastic deal for club and player. Hope it will be great encouragement for Mitchell as I believe they both coming into a time of brilliant results from their combination.

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