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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 97: Samoa Chases History, Young Eels Make Waves In Junior Blues

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The Rugby League World Cup reaches a frenzied zenith with Toa Samoa looking make rugby league history in the men’s championship while Australia and New Zealand add another chapter to the rivalry in the women’s championship.

Sixties and Forty20 yack and yack (and yack) about all the story line converging into these two games and what it all could mean for the game. They also review England’s triumphant run to the title in the Wheelchair bracket of the tournament.

NRL news is on the sparser side this week but the boys break down the big player swap between the Newcastle Knights and the Wests TIgers. A quartert of young Eels have been named to the Junior Blues while training continues to ramp up as Sixties gives us the latest out of Kellyville.

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John Eel

I have a view that I have expressed here before that Cleary likes to play structured football.

This is why he in my opinion he struggles a little with Origin and Kangaroos football. Representative football is eyes up footy playing what you see in front of you.

Paulo on the other hand thrives on eyes up football. Fittler take note.


Good observations John. I mentioned last week that I reckon Cleary plays well to the strengths of his team mates when he knows and understands them. He needs that day in day out with them like he gets at club level and then he isn’t just a good player, he excels as an organiser/leader.

Last edited 2 months ago by sixties

Good points John.
Clearly hasn’t really excelled as you say because he needs a structure. His kicking has been poor as well.
How can Freddy continue to coach when JAC and RCG both had outstanding tournaments. Just making mockery of his ‘big calls’.


It proves that a rep jersey is no longer a validation of or reward for excellent form. Instead it is evidence that whoever is the coach likes you.


Well said. Fittler has mates on the inside as we all know.


I would bring in Des Hasler as origin coach; to me he would fit the mould well and bring in the siege approach in some way.


John I watched the final over here live on TV; and tbh i felt the Aussies should have won by more in some way; all of the talent they had on the park was amazing. Munster / Hunt / Tedesco / Cleary and co. gee they had some talent on show. I know Mal will be paraded around now but to me the team played well but there was something not right; maybe it was the make up of the 13, I am not sure and maybe it was also about Cleary and his role in the team. I felt… Read more »


This is the nature of Rep footy. The combinations are t settled so it’s more a case of individual brilliance at times. As for Samoa, they were short for a dummy half and they didn’t have a regular NRL level halfback. Therein was the difference.

John Eel

Milo I have only seen game highlights at this point. Looking forward to watching the game.

My points above are long held views of Cleary’s game. The combination between he and Munster is nonexistent. Even more there appears to be a disconnect between NSW players and Qld players.

It has been evident since Gallen blew up over them singing the Qld origin victory song after a Kangaroos victory.


You could be onto something here John. We looked good at times but also clunky, but still made it look easy at times. Samoa needed a few more key players in some positions.

John Eel

Milo I watched a replay of the World Cup Final yesterday. I thought Paulo had an outstanding game both as a captain and as a middle.

He did begin to tire in defence in the back of the second half. However the coach left him out there and he kept working hard. I thought he was a stand out in a beaten side.


I’d suggest the opposition is far stronger then your club games and also in a new system at the sametime. Nathan is an amazing player but agree he likes to play the same style. I still think he could end up with another 1 or 2 grand final rings

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