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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 87: Grand Final Fever Dreams With Spiro

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The biggest week in three and a half decades is well and truly underway for the Parramatta Eels as they prepare for a brace of Grand Finals in the NRL and NRLW. Spiro joins The Tip Sheet in the midst of a whirlwind week of his own to look back at the milestone victories over the Cowboys and Roosters on the weekend. He, alongside Sixties and Forty20 then cast their eyes forwards to the monster Sunday as both glory and an incredibly unique slice of rugby league history lie for the taking.

There is plenty else to talk about of course including the mad scramble for tickets fans had to endure on Monday morning. The Dally Ms take place tonight so the boys take their punts on which Eels will feature while Shaun Lane is set to lock in for a further three years at the club.

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10 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 87: Grand Final Fever Dreams With Spiro

  1. Wilhelmina

    I was one who missed out on tickets, after going to all the home games and multiple away games – gutted 🙁 If anyone ends up with one spare, and happy to add a strange woman to their group, let me know! Wearing my Parra gear into work tomorrow anyway, for my one day in the office, and I’ll be cheering the girls and the lads on loudly from wherever I am on Sunday.

    I’m utterly convinced we can do it if we don’t get overawed by the occasion. Keep calm, play your own game, don’t get sucked into the Panthers crap (I’m looking at you, Luai), and for goodness sake, push your luck in the line speed and the play the ball, because the opposition sure as hell will.

  2. Cybapete

    i go back to desire and who wants to win it more i honestly believe that’s why we beat the cowboys our first half was horrible and by any metric we should have been down by 20 at halftime but we refused to yield

    on stats penrith should win but their desire is a match our desire is a flamethrower

  3. Shaun

    I’ve been very flat this week. Possibly due to missing out on a GF ticket along with releasing some emotion at full time on Friday. A thought that came to mind during listening to the podcast and considering the recent wins is that maybe Parra has finally found its identity as a team? While Penrith are indeed arrogant (arrogance comes before the fall I hope) Parra have confidence and determination tempered with humility. If this is indeed their identity then that will serve the team long beyond Sunday.

  4. John Eel

    As a significant event in my opinion the win against the Cowboys is the highlight of the NRL era.

    One of the reasons it has been such a significant event is that it went against public opinion. Even some Eels fans have been calling for the head of our coach egged on gleefully and agreeably by a compliant NRL media.

    Even after the Dally M’s where the Eels have been essentially ignored despite being locked into the top four and now the GF. You have to ask why are the NRL journos not looking for the reason why the glass is half full. They have not looked at why the Eels are into the Grand Final.

    They were able to see the lack of consistency that led to losses but did not recognise the resilience the team played with.

    Being two tries down against Panthers five days after a loss to the Cowboys in Darwin yet still went on to secure a win over the reigning premiers

    Sixties love your old man sentiments.

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