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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 66: Instant Reaction, Moses Points The Way As Parra Pummel Dogs

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In front of a bumper crowd at CommBank Stadium the Parramatta Eels unloaded a full week of pent up frustration on the Canterbury Bulldogs with a dominant 42-6 victory. Sixties and Forty20 recap all of the action from the game as well as the three other grades that took to the field on a gorgeous Saturday morning and afternoon.

The physicality was back and so was Mitchell Moses and both proved to be critical in the big win. The boys look at both aspects shaped the big turnaround and with parts of the team were the biggest beneficiaries as a result.

Unfortunately, the crucial NRL win was juxtaposed with a trio of losses for the Eels across the NRLW, NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg. Sixties and Forty20 take a quick look at each grade and what bearing each loss will have on the respective seasons.

The show rounds out with a recap of the brilliant Blue & Gold Alliance luncheon and a tease of some of the audio The Tip Sheet captured!

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A good win with some caveats that you noted. Especially Penisini hogging the ball and not allowing RCG to score the first try. But the look on the Doggies’ players faces after Brown casually soccered that ball through to score was priceless. Worth watching over and over again. But it was a strong team performance. If they can bottle that with some improvements then they will be in charge of their own destiny in September. But geez, it showed how important Moses is to the team. He was tremendous. Just on the Dogs, Ciraldo is going to have some work… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Shaun

Shaun, not only Moses but also our mental attitude. The line speed and the collision was so different to last week. Yes, different opponents but also different attitudes.


Can we please have more afternoon matches next year? Today was only second chance I’ve had this year to take my young kids to games (the other time was again against the dogs at the Olympic Stadium). The crowd of over 26k is case in point. I know Parra Stadium looks good at night but so does a sold out stadium.


Ian I was stunned when told by Parra officials that the match was a sell out. When does a 3pm Saturday game ever sell out. But I do get your point. My caveat on that was my usual seats on the eastern side look into the sun, and in the warmer months it is very unpleasant.

Chris K

Is there a Covid crowd cap on the Stadium? Second time I’ve seen on TV that there are plenty of spare seats scattered about when its officially sold out.


Chris, it’s not a covid cap, there were no more seats that they were allowed to sell. Yesterday, 30K could have turned up. The empty seats are ticket holders who haven’t turned up. I believe they typically have around 3-4K of people who have a season ticket or some sort of package ticket who don’t turn up on the day. As you know, people have the option of putting their ticket up for resale but often they don’t. I have a full season ticket but had an invitation to a box yesterday. I was there but my seat was empty.


A good win tonight and much needed; and tbh we should’ve won against them. Next week and week after for me are the keys now. We can win next week, but it will be tough. Melb look to be back to some sort of form…


So Broncos then the Storm. Yes Milo, very tough. Rather be in our spot than Souths though. They have Cowboys then Roosters, with Raiders on their tail. What did Latrell say about looking over shoulders?


Tks men. The attitude we started with set a tone, first to score and Moses converts from the sideline. Happy days, then a 15 minute fall from grace gifted the Dogs some hope. A top team would have punished us, but fortunately we re-set, competed and got right on top. Observations – the short drop outs, Gutho’s kicks were perfect but so were the Dogs’ responses, blockers and a designated catcher. We seem to choose the pot luck response, one was where our shortest player was the catcher. One percenters, Dylan Brown saves a try (again) but Will Penisini crabs… Read more »

Chris K

I didn’t love our short goal line drop outs either – 0 from 3 I think? The Dogs, were 3 from 3 (including the short kick-offs – thankfully we only had to kick-off twice). Suppose though given the lead, it was a good time to practice them, and certainly absolutely loved the determination and outcomes in the goal line defence whenever we had to defend from these failed short kick attempts.

Last edited 5 months ago by Chris K
John Eel

Goal line defence was outstanding


That it was John.


Those last two short kick offs by Burton were amazing kicks. Ball flight and spin that I’ve never seen before. TV coverage didn’t do them justice.


They were amazing. I’ll agree there.


I agree on that Chris. See above.


BDon, we just don’t seem to compete, really compete for those short kicks. We have one of the tallest men in Lane and we kick in his direction, but when he gets there it’s a passive presence. I know that’s a tough call given his great form, but if we were looking to truly contest the ball, maybe opponents would be penalised for blockers. It’s the same in tackles. We have slow play the balls that don’t earn the six agains that they should because we don’t seem to struggle enough to be getting up.


Sixties, my grandson’s basketball team have a 6ft3” 15 year old who didnt jump, he just reached. Coaching got his feet off the ground, he’s not exactly leaping like LeBron but he’s so much better. I’ll get the coach up to Kellyville.


Sounds like the plan 😁


Good game and defensive effort.

Does anyone know why sixties boy lives in a chicken coop ??


Ha, very good! Two pet tiels and a kakariki – their screeches and whistles penetrate walls. I normally cover them when I do pods because they hear my voice and start calling out. Anyone with pet cockatiels will understand how loud they can be.
By the way, we’ll organise a time to catch up over a coffee at the Container soon.

Last edited 5 months ago by sixties

Any news on Wiremu Greig charge ?


Massive overreaction by the official. Borderline sin bin but a send off ??

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