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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 26: Instant Reaction, True Grit Prevails As Eels Take The West

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Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago, Randy Marsh vs Batdad, The Parramatta Eels vs Penrith Panthers. Just a few of the greatest against the odds triumphs in sports entertainment history.

The follow-up to 2021’s incredible elimination final against the Panthers was worth the wait. Tonight was a true successor to that instant classic in essentially every way as the undermanned Eels somehow outgunned the phenomenal Panthers 22-20. In doing so they ended a historic home streak for the reigning premiers and showed that despite slip-ups against some other teams, the Blue & Gold are built to take on the mightiest rosters in the NRL.

An understandably ecstatic Forty20 and Sixties wax long and lyrical about the iconic win as they break down one of the most fascinating and exhausting games of the season. Join the boys for all high, lows and big blows as the Eels bounce back from a loss in Darwin in the most emphatic manner possible.

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I thanked you both last week for doing the podcast after a tough loss. So it was great to hear you both enjoy one of the best wins in recent seasons. I hope all Eels fans simply enjoy the win. We all deserve it.


Cheers mate. That we do!

Mike Pez

I stand corrected.
Boys stood up and overcame that embarrassing loss against the Cowboys.
Magnificent win and I hope they continue that level of intensity week in week, out for the rest of the season.
Just brilliant.


This team can beat anyone! Just have to get their headspace right every week


Loved listening in Forty and Sixties; i liked the PG rating and talking points. The word ‘wart’ used opens up a few connotations i must admit and i was laughing when i heard that used; its so appropriate to me. Who wants a wart? And who wants to have a ‘wart’ of a game. You both made a great point about Lane, he may not have the best metres etc. but some of his plays are quality. For me, the forwards got us back in the game with some all round plays by Gutho and our halves. Great support by… Read more »


Cheers Milo. It was a true team win. The forwards were outstanding and I felt that I should have given top points to a forward but Gutho was impossible to ignore. Overall, everyone played their role. What a result


Ok someone call in the Sports psychologists – the whisperers ! Somewhere there is a great team in there. To travel to Melbourne and Penrith and to beat them on their own turf shows this. Unfortunately we are just as likely to turn up and play like pumpkins! BA is well aware of this and it’s finding the consistency that is the big key. I’m sure the grades are on their way but if Moses wants a million what’s Gutho worth ? .. on Moses, it’s all about game management son, you want a million you don’t throw a long… Read more »


That was another head space moment Spark. It’s all up the top for thinking and belief and attitude. The final component to get Parra the title we deserve.
After watching how positive they looked at training this week, and sharp, I was convinced they’d be on.
Gutho is one of those blokes who is worth far more to his club than the market values him. We probably pay him more than market value but less than Parra value – and that is likely fair all round.


And another thing – not withstanding the knock on and how on earth it was missed – I’ve never ever seen a referee stop the clock at the end for a series of slow play the balls! It’s unprecedented! It’s totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious – outrageous.”


Your best work yet Spark


That was ridiculous. Players have been doing the semi-injury fake at the end of games since time immemorial and I’ve never seen a ref do anything. And what else were they going to do – go for the quick play the ball?


How often do we see firsts involving Parra?

greg okladnikov

Inspired by Jackie Childs ?


Gotta love a Seinfeld quote! Spark did well.

Big Derek

Impressive podcast covering the game, would like to give a shout out to the centres, they stabilises the edges with no real danger coming from thenPenrith duo. Good carries and not knowing the stats! Didn’t appear to be many if any missed tackles. Mattos form is eye catching, and creates an issue for the club if they are intent on resigning him, well and truly in the shop window now. Watching. A game where the forwards more than held their own against another top rated pack, a brutal and satisfying battle. It looked as if Moses is carrying an injury… Read more »


I actually heard that Moses was suffering from the flu during the week. Talking of the flu, Gutho shivering at the presser ….


As BA pointed out, a few of the players picked up a bug during the Darwin trip and didn’t train on Tuesday.


Cheers Derek. Yes, it was an outstanding defensive effort from our centres, and the understanding between Will and Bailey continues to develop.
I’d argue that Matto is in career best form. Hopefully that can be sorted soon.
You’re only as good as your last game, and there are a number of tough games ahead.

Parra Pete

Matterson has been fantastic in the past few games. I hope he will be retained by the Club. His best days are ahead of him. When is Marata back? He has been sorely missed IMO..


I think we will have most players back within the next 3-4 weeks – apart from the season ending injuries to Stone and Dunster.

Trapped in the 1970’s

Thanks for the late night podcast guys as who could sleep after that game. I didn’t know what to expect after last week but it sure wasn’t that. Great game by Gutho and Jnr who is so much more effective when his game is more skewed to running the ball than passing it. Matto’s rich vein of form continues and he is looking like a must keep. So sorry that Ice is leaving. Somehow the air is fresher and the sun brighter this morning. Go those eels.


Cheers Trapped. The form of Matto is amazing – dare I say the best of his career.

John Eel

Trapped I laid awake in bed until around 2. I woke again at 5:30 so I got up and watched the replay

My wife thinks I need counseling


Tks for that men. Considering Penrith got a penalty, error and 6 Again start (and 6-0 score), that was a super effort. The Panthers’ defence was brutal and man, have they perfected the hold and carry gang tackle. Faith restored.
Totally left field trivia- Nathan Cleary led with his knees/legs to almost foil Dylan Brown, thought that was outlawed?That first penalty against Nathan Brown was so soft, the guy’s upper body was already so close to the ground, a grab on his leg did not cause danger. Cleary’s knees had more potential for injury.

John Eel

BDon we came from behind twice to win that game. It was some effort


That it was John!


Don’t start me BDon!


We are the only team to beat Melbourne and Penrith , that last 10 mins the eels were electric , the silence was deafening from the panthers as we left the stadium 💙💛 well done all I could hear in my head as they took the lead was the the song “ where not gunna take it “


How good was it to hear the Parra chant in the second half!

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