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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 13: Championship Round For Eels As The Storm & Broncos Await

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Another jam packed episode of The Tip Sheet awaits as the Eels prepare for huge showdowns in the NRL and NRLW this week. First things first though, Spiro joins Sixties and Forty20 to go Behind The Mic and wrap up everything happening in the world of the NRL.

There are fresh additions to Parramatta’s injury ward this week as the boys look at how long the club will be without a couple of playmakers.

We then leap right into a full suite of previews to round out the show. First up – a Junior Representatives triple header at Redfern. The weekend matchups for the Jersey Flegg and NSW Cup follow before the boys break down the two crucial main events in the NRL and NRLW.

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18 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 13: Championship Round For Eels As The Storm & Broncos Await

  1. pete

    In junior league we were always told you can’t slide in with your knees. You can only tackle with the upper part of your body. There is no excuse to use your knees. If we did what Campbell did we would be penalised and probably sent off.. forget sin bin.
    It’s basically giving a green light or anything goes in trying to prevent a try. Similar to Rapana getting away with using his hip and no arms. The NRL needs to fix this two tierd favouritism with Rooster’s players more valuable than other players.

  2. Shaun

    Given Isakko is joining the Dolphins going to the Titans makes sense as he doesn’t need to move states. I rarely use socmed these days but something popped up on FB earlier this week with Gould going on about how Moses “jumps” after he kicks and it makes it hard for tacklers to judge where his legs are. It was a ludicrous attempt to assign some blame to Moses. Just don’t attack the legs and there is no problem. The issue is not just the NRL but key media figures.

    1. pete

      100% agree. Especially about the media. Some are always trying to influence the outcome of games and it’s officiating.

      1. sixties

        I think most of us have issues with agendas in the media. We can work out those who report with a straight bat and those who have other agendas.

        1. Shaun

          League is generally not served well by the media. I’d like to see less confected outrage/conflict and obsequious pandering to the NRL and more thoughtful and considered coverage that calls out the NRL when required.

    2. sixties

      Absolutely. Gould would be saying nothing of the sort if one of his players was on the receiving end. What a ridiculous take from him.

    3. John Eel

      I have already had plenty to say on Sean Russell broken rib’s caused by Campbell kneeing him.

      However if the NRL are serious about seeing the practice eradicated, there not, then immediately they would enforce the eight point try ruling.

      They are not serious because they don’t even see it as something that deserves a penalty at any time.

      1. sixties

        And then tonight we saw a crusher penalty and a player put on report for a ridiculously innocuous contact where the ball carrier fell into a defender.

  3. geEzA

    The greatest supporter content available! Been loving TCT since the inception many years ago. The special guests are just 👌🏻, the instant post game episodes are magic, local juniors podcasts were so good (soft spot for the Kookas) and honestly, just an over all phenomenal job – big kudos to y’all for what you have built and continue to build!

    There is so much here to comment about but for now, just the 6 again.

    I agree in that it should have been left out all together along with a couple of the other tweaks introduced however, here we are. The best of an average situation was to bring the penalty back for those early, intentional hold downs and agree that it has helped tighten things up.

    I have an observation though that involves the Storm, of course ha. It would be interesting to see how many times they attempt the “legal” strip in those early tackles. I believe the officials give an allowance of time in these scenarios to see how it plays out and whether or not a one on one strip will be completed. In doing so, this inherently brings about a slow play the ball effectively allowing that defensive line to set leading to a similar result of the intentional hold down, without the infringement.

    This also seems to allow the locking in of arms etc again slowing the play the ball and just creating a generally messy style of play. (Unfortunately, early on we aren’t entirely exempt from this mess either)

    I’m a lover of the game and try to watch all full games but at least the Kayo mini of all games – full Eels games of course. Being honest though, I have been somewhat disappointed with the style of this years game. It is early but over the first couple of weeks it has seemed sloppy and somewhat uncontrolled by the officials as players flop around, fake lock ins and then, as I mentioned, intentionally going for the strip knowing full well the officials will allow that extra bit of time to see if a strip is completed.

    This is not to say there haven’t been exciting games – I will always watch and enjoy, mostly haha.

    We know that every coach and team is after that edge and I firmly believe that a professional coach and his supporting team would absolutely be aware that if they attempt a strip strategically, it will allow that slow play the ball.

    It’s a win win. You either execute the strip or create a slow play the ball and your line is set.

    Anyhow a bit of a novel but a little something that I thought needed to get out of my head. Let’s see how it plays out.

    Again, appreciate all you pull together for us that bleed blue and gold!

    Is this the year?? Of course it is!!

    Eels always…

    1. sixties

      Wow Geeza. What a reply with food for thought. First, thanks for the kind words.
      second, I hadn’t considered the Storm tactic until you raised it. That’s the thing about Bellamy. He always finds some way to get an edge or an advantage, and the flow on effect too.
      ill now be watching that with intent.

    2. John Eel

      Geeza one more thing on doing away with the six again inside the defending teams forty.

      I thought that the run metres by the players went up with the introduction of the six again over the last two seasons

      This season I think it has gone back down on a small early sample size. Might be a good one for Comac to follow up on.

    3. BDon

      Well said. While on pet peeves. The Morris twins perfected this one. As you get up to play the ball you start falling forward, lunge beyond the mark, into the marker trying to get organised. Rarely does the ref penalise the ball carrier, usually the marker for crowding or not straight. At worst you fudge another metre or 2 of ground. Have been waiting for about 3 years to see the ball carrier pinged for moving off the mark.

      1. sixties

        They are pedantic in juniors and lower grades. They’ll send back a play the ball if they are 15cm off the mark.

        1. BDon

          Happened last night sixties. Papa released promptly in their 10 mtr zone, stood up on the mark, no body weight or movement towards the tackled player who bumbled forward into him then to one side to play the ball. Klein pings him when he did nothing, the Storm player created the mess.

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