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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 12: Instant Reaction As A Cannon Ball Sinks Slow Starting Eels

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An errant Ray Stone tackle handed the Sharks the keys to victory in an entertaining albeit frustrating game. Sixties and Forty20 launch into the post-mortem as the Eels drop their first game of the 2022 season.

A slow start dominated by defensive struggles marred another contest for the Blue & Gold and the boys try to figure out where it is breaking down for the Eels.

Despite the loss there were still good signs for Parramatta. Mitchell Moses battled through some targeted physical punishment to keep the Eels in the hunt while Dylan Brown threatened to break the line with every other touch. The duo look at what the club can salvage from the loss and just how concerned fans should be as the team falls to 1-1.

While the NRL failed to get the choccies today, it was otherwise a hugely successful Saturday as the entirety of the Junior Representatives and the Jersey Flegg posted victories. Forty20 and Sixties run through the results in rapid fire fashion to finish the show.

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7 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 12: Instant Reaction As A Cannon Ball Sinks Slow Starting Eels

    1. Forty20 Post author

      Mulitalo has a nice little run going on there as first try scorer. At least you pocketed a little something out of today!

  1. BDon

    Tks men.We’re off the pace mentally, the Sharks looked more focussed and energetic and they slowed the ruck more effectively, I continually counted to 5 in their release and peel off. You mentioned no support for Dylan Brown with 6 points on offer, Waqa had one too, both those guys get their upper body through tackles quite a lot. Where was the scramble when Gutho knocked Mulitano down? Just daylight and green acres. Did notice Gutho stayed on the winger when Penisini felled that mammoth out wide, I thought they’d saved the game.

    1. Forty20 Post author

      Good shout on the Waqa moment. He just needed one free runner for the try assist. Definitely one they let slip through their fingers. It has been a manic start to the season across the board. Roosters looking subpar, ditto for Melbourne. Unfortunately the Eels tripped themselves up today and have to pick themselves up for the trip to Victoria.

    2. Clive

      That play from Gutho showed perfectly how a winger should defend. He trusted that his centre could make the tackle and he stayed on the winger therefore shutting down the play.
      Compare that to earlier in the game when Waqa comes in and he and Opacic are left tackling the same guy while the winger scores untouched.

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