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Team List Tuesday – Rest & Reinforcements For The Right Edge Edition

NRL Team List


When the sins of Round 11 were repeated the following week against the South Sydney Rabbitohs in Indigenous Round it became apparent that change was coming. Lo and behold it is Blake Ferguson who has fallen upon the jagged edge of the sword of selection. Haze Dunster gets the call to replace the fallen winger and will presumably line-up outside of Tom Opacic on the right sideline based on what we saw in Round 12. Ferguson himself seems to have been given the week off, somewhat understandably, and was not named in the NSW Cup team list.

With Origin selections proving to be less of a toll than initially anticipated the Eels are actually in a position of considerable strength and are scheduled to only be without the services of Junior Paulo as it currently stands. Reed Mahoney was named in the extended QLD squad but with the Maroons backing Harry Grant to be fit it looks like Mahoney is merely the emergency backup in camp.

Dylan Brown gives the Eels a significant boost to the ailing right-edge defence and he is the first part of a massive one-two punch for the Blue & Gold’s First XIII as Reagan Campbell-Gillard dons his starting jersey after a week on the sidelines due to a high tackle. The good news keeps rolling in this week with Will Smith returning from a thumb injury and shoring up the bench rotation as Brad Arthur’s preferred super-utility.

Arthur has elected to start Marata Niukore in the front-row alongside ‘RCG’, leaving Oregon Kaufusi and Shaun Lane to work as the relief middle forwards. It leaves the Eels with a shockingly well stocked roster to take on the Newcastle Knights on a massive day for the Novocastrians given it is their Old Boys Day. Newcastle themselves are without a number of stars due to suspension, injury and Origin (including Kalyn Ponga, Daniel Saifiti, Tyson Frizell and David Klemmer) but given how Parramatta has played over the last fortnight they can ill-afford to take their opposition lightly.


1. Clinton Gutherson ©
2. Maika Sivo
3. Tom Opacic
4. Waqa Blake
5. Haze Dunster
6. Dylan Brown
7. Mitchell Moses
8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Marata Niukore
11. Isaiah Papali’i
12. Ryan Matterson
13. Nathan Brown
14. Will Smith
15. Shaun Lane
16. Oregon Kaufusi
17. Bryce Cartwright
18. Joey Lussick
19. Makahesi Makatoa
20. Jakob Arthur
21. Will Penisini


Injury Update


Ray Stone – Ankle (TBA)


NSW Cup Team List


After seeing off the South Sydney Rabbitohs in a close 22-12 skirmish, the Eels reset their focus in the NSW Cup to take on the 5th placed Newcastle Knights in a massive road trip. Jakob Arthur’s return to the halves gives the Blue & Gold a significant boost as he partners Jordan Rankin and allows Hayze Perham to slide back to fullback. With Reed Mahoney looking like playing for the Eels in first-grade, coach Ryan Carr has the luxury of deploying both his dummy-halves this week in Joey Lussick and Nathaniel Roache.

Beyond that, Samuel Loizou snares the last spot on the bench and will get a taste of the NSW Cup in a likely limited capacity this week. Parramatta own outright 3rd on the NSW Cup ladder and are looking to narrow the gap between them and the high-flying Panthers and Magpies.


1. Hayze Perham
2. Solomone Naiduki
3. Will Penisini
4. Michael Oldfield
5. Sean Russell
6. Jordan Rankin
7. Jakob Arthur
8. Makahesi Makatoa
9. Joey Lussick
10. Wiremu Greig
11. Elie El-Zakhem
12. Charbel Tasipale
13. Kurt Dillon
14. Nathaniel Roache
15. David Hollis
16. Ky Rodwell
17. Samuel Loizou

Jersey Flegg Team List 



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Trouser Eel

How can Reed be listed, if he’s in the qld camp?
I don’t think Fergo has been that bad. A bit tough on him if you ask me.

John Eel

Forty if as you suggest Opacic stays on the right, this will be an interesting outcome. It can be assumed that BA is giving Fergo a refresh given he has not been listed as injured or rostered for NSW Cup: I am keenly anticipating the influence of Dylan back on the right side again. Will Opacic have a better game working off Dylan? Will Waqa put in a good performance on the right? Also I am happy to see Marata back as a Middle. I do like him off the bench with the impact that he produces. However with Junior… Read more »

Colin Hussey

John, its going to be an interesting game as it would seem that we will be only missing Jnr, and wonder how much it will affect us especially as he has seemed to be off somewhat in the last couple of games and not running as hard as he has been, SOO may give him a boost. Looking at the team sheet, that BA has put Opi back to his normal side playing next to Sivo. Waqa comes back to the right side with Dunster on his wing. There’s been a lot of flack against Waqa & Dunster, which is… Read more »

John Eel

I read a report Colin that Haze ran over 200 metres last week. If that is true he really put his hand up to be selected.

I also agree that he had a good game in 2020 when called in at the last moment to cover when MJ was suspended.

Colin Hussey

Is it this article HAZE DUNSTER – PARRAMATTA EELSIt was a workmanlike performance from Haze Dunster in Parramatta’s 22-12 win over South Sydney. The Eels winger churned through 21 runs for 219 metres with 89 post-contact metres, offering his side plenty of go-forward early in sets. Dunster also had four tackle breaks and a linebreak, causing plenty of issues for the Rabbitohs reserves on the left edge. While Parramatta’s backline haven’t been too impacted by Origin this season, leaving Brad Arthur with plenty of options for selection, Dunster will have done his chance no harm with that individual display against Souths.… Read more »


Colin, Haze has an interesting step as he hits the line which helps him to beat the first defender. But all I want from him is to simply follow the coach’s instructions defensively and play his usual running game on the kick returns.

Colin Hussey

Agree sixties, I would say that he will be targetted by the knights, but I believe he’s up to it. We really have only 3 players out of the team and its one that should win through.

Do you know it the NSWcup game is being screened at all?

John Eel

Waqa on the left. I said right.


What a difference a week makes; the returning players really add some punch and a bold change out with Haze. Solid team, we’ve missed Reg & Drown. Marata starting in the middle makes sense, the bench looks impactful, even more so with Will Smith’s back. It’s tough on Fergo but BA has test the variables to improve the perennial RHS defensive weakness. Not having Fergo carting the ball up on the 2nd tackle may be a mixed blessing, he does this effectively and bravely each week but his absence may mean there’s more variety in bringing the ball out of… Read more »


I’m expecting a very different performance this week.


We just happy that someone on that edge has gone.
Really it was murder to watch.
Haze goes well Fergo might not get back.


I really can’t understand BA’s stubbornness in persisting with Waqa. The simplest way to go was put Marata back to centre where he excelled to start the season, Kaufusi to prop where he specialises and bring a specialist prop like Greig or Makatoa onto the bench. As it stands we have a guy who’s a lightweight for a prop being expected to be dominant in the middle and a glaring weakness in the centres that every team is targeting. Last week it was Opacic being thrown to the wolves to keep Waqa. This week it’s Marata and Fergo. Waqa’s troubles… Read more »


Clive, what we aren’t aware of is whether a player is playing to instructions or not. We aren’t aware of what the communication is like out on the field and whether someone is causing problems with that. Let’s see how this plays out.


Mate I hear what your saying but if the outside backs are playing to instructions then the defensive coach needs to be sacked. I actually feel as though Kidwell has had enough time to prove himself and we need a change anyway.
The so called premiership window is only open for a limited time so are we going to risk missing out due to persisting with guys who have proven they can’t do the job🤷‍♂️


Clive, I’m seeing the same things that you and everyone else are seeing. Consequently, I’m not able to dispute that a defensive system isn’t at fault. However, I’m merely suggesting that we don’t know what each player has been instructed to do in their role. Which means that the coaches are looking at it from the added perspective of breaking down where it went wrong according to anyone not doing as they should within that system. Now, I wrote last week about the folly of singling out Waqa as I didn’t believe that he was the only player at fault.… Read more »


That game last week was weird in its flow and momentum shifts. Souths were gifted a lot of field position, how about possession on Souths 20, take it back 25 on a bunker call, then possession to Souths from penalty and play on our 30, all without any bruises. I found it difficult to really rate the middle of the park, Souths didn’t exactly belt us. We were missing a player for 20 minutes. But the standout that can’t be debated was the really inept defence out wider. Inside defenders can be drawn into this for the need to be… Read more »


That will be the interesting take from this week. Has it been fixed with positional switch, player returns and elevation of Dunster.

Mr controversy aka rev

Strong side. Let’s hope they put a big score on Newcastle.


Have a look at Duos and Trios video on NRL site, Siebold gives a pretty good analysis of our defence and where some issues stems from, enlightening


Yes it would appear (in the highlighted clips at least) that its the inside men, Matterson, Arthur etc, who arnt positioned correctly

Last edited 2 months ago by Jonno
Big roy

Seibold renowned for his success in defence at broncos and now knights , matto , arthur , yep those two at fault also but thats because shape dosent hold from outside in , lack of trust leads to wrong decisions by others , fergo plays for fergo not the team , always has always will , thankfully not here at seasons end !!! Shape , trust and talk will fix most defensive issues !

Last edited 2 months ago by Big roy

True BR, I thought Sterlo’s thoughts on defence being a living , flowing unit ran true as well, if we cant make defensive decisions as the play unfolds, then we cant readjust

Colin Hussey

Seibold is a pretty fair coach, had some issues as head coach, but given that video, I wonder if he would be a reasonable assistant coach, in charge of the defense? Much of that which is similar to the effort that Sterlo had on Kayo a few nights back. Both have highlighted how the attacking team makes it relatively easy to stack one side of the field but get the ball to fast players on the other side. The aspect that the teams who are scoring are facing a straight line compressed defence, while the attacking side is angled outwards… Read more »


Siebold broncos trys conceded 2019 =83. Season 2020 = 107 ,pot calling kettle black , we all know the above and defensive structures col its more about players doing as told , fergo dosent and causes indecision making others look bad , has always done it .

Colin Hussey

Being honest I had never watched anything akin to that on any of the NRL type shows, on that score I get jack of reading so many sites with the experts, I did not watch all of it, but it was a fair demo, but it was also pretty close to the one that Sterlo had put out on one of the post game vivi sectioning of the game. For some time now I have expressed my concerns regarding Feg’s as he is IMHO no longer first grade standard, so we need to lift with a new player, hopefully Haze… Read more »

Big roy

If a players not doing his job you sack the player not the coach mate , crikey we would be starting a new coach every year , we havent got a trophy yet but weve got stability

Colin Hussey

Big Roy, please show me where I have said to sack the coach? By mentioning the assistant coaches, I am referring to them only, but its up to the club to work on that.

Big roy

Calm down col , coaching staff ba,s concern , he knows whos doing their job , all good col👍

John Eel

I am confident that Dylan’s presence back at six will make a difference.


I’m really looking forward to seeing Haze suit up for first grade again. Haze deserves a chance. If we are a development club then surely Haze will replace Fergo next year unless Fergo has a massive season from now on…(I’m not sure about that happening)..And Will Penisini will replace Waqa…or Tom… The right edge has been a problem for 12 months or more.. BA had to send a message that we cannot afford mediocre performances to continue. It’s really been an issue for a while. I didn’t think Waqa and Fergo communicated very well last year and again this year.… Read more »

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