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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 16: Harold Matthews Mania As Eels Secure A Spot In The Big Dance

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01:23 – Joey Grima
45:48 – Harold Matthews Special Coverage
1:12:38 – Jersey Flegg & NSW Cup Reviews
1:47:13 – Jersey Flegg, NSW Cup & NRL Previews

The Harold Matthews competition reaches its zenith this weekend as the first placed Manly Sea Eagles clash with our very own second placed Parramatta Eels. It was the grand final that was meant to be ever since these two teams tussled in Round 1 before going on to separate themselves from the rest of the competition.

Forty20 and Sixties give the Harold Matthews their rightful air time this week in a nod to their terrific campaign. Starting with a bonza review of their 14-6 victory over the Penrith Panthers in the grand final qualifier and culminating in an in-depth preview of this weekend’s decider – the boys soak up all the atmosphere of a mid-year grand final.

Joey Grima is an elusive man this week but the boys still manage to get a hold of him! He talks the duo through the preparation this week for the Matts and exactly what they are looking at in their opposition ranks. We go deep into the mail bag this week for #AskJoey as we talk Captain’s Run, short restarts and the genesis of Joey’s coaching career itself. Humorously, when the conversation steers itself to the name of the talking heads imaginary player manager agency, the duo pull out a moment of psychic prescience and arrive at the same conclusion.

The boys then go on to unpack a massive Saturday of footy which featured a double header at Ringrose Park. It was a triumphant return to an old stomping ground for the Parramatta Eels with both the Jersey Flegg and NSW Cup posting comprehensive victories. Sixties and Forty20 break down how they say the two games, who starred and what it all means as we start to get a grip on how these teams look.

In the major preview for the NRL, Forty poses a question to his running mate about whether the Eels can convincingly knock off the Dogs this week. He reflects back on trend-breaking results against the Raiders and even the Broncos in Darwin as weight for the argument but the duo also consider the long history of scrappy results between Parramatta and the Bulldogs. Ultimately, both Sixties and Forty tip a big win for the Eels on Saturday night so we will just have to wait and see how it plays out!

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Mr controversy aka rev

I heard about this game. Manly are blaming the eels for having faunia cited for a dangerous tackle in the manly vs west game last weekend. Lol. Go parra smash manly


Rev, it’s a load of crap that story.

Ken 70,

Are brock packer and big larry the same age,


Would be close as both have been in the SG Ball, under 19 team.


Parker under 19. Larry under 18 this year


Thanks Anon.


A correction to one of my observations, with thanks to Ham. There is another import in the Eels Matts team. Charlie Guymer is from Temora.

Jpe Briffa

Hi mate there isn’t too much that Ham doesn’t know about the young ones. Loved the podcast boy that took some doing ,i had 2 cups of tea just listening you both deserve a medal, thanks again boys. Ha Joey with his Maltese accent that took me back


Thanks Joe. We do start off with a time goal. Then we start talking….

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