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Team List Tuesday – Party Rockers Edition

NRL Team List


When Sixties extolled the efforts of Bryce Cartwright in the preseason and tipped him to feature in the Round 1 lineup he made a big call. A freak jaw fracture might have robbed him of those bragging rights but given that Cartwright just one hit out in the NSW Cup in a return from injury, ostensibly a fitness check, to earn a call up to the NRL –  I guess Sixties can still take credit for the prediction.

Yes sir. Yes ma’am. The Carty Party has arrived at Parramatta and after a very strong allround 80-minute performance in the NSW Cup, I am officially excited. The party of one featured his famed offload on Easter Monday but without utilising it in a reckless manner. His ability to temper his inclination to try and play-make was one of the biggest questions heading into this season and at the very least, his first-up answer was exactly what I wanted to see.

Most significantly though, he defended strongly. Not only did he get through a considerable amount of work (32 tackles, 1 missed, 2 ineffective) but he was delivering some heavy contact. It would have been exactly what ‘BA’ and his coaching staff wanted to see out of the NSW Cup run and it is why I am not surprised he was immediately promoted to the NRL.

Cartwright’s inclusion on the bench for the Eels is part of a double reinforcement of the backrow for Brad Arthur with Ryan Matterson also named to start on the left-edge. For real this time, I promise.

With I jest about Matto’s belated return I do want to point out that I am extremely proud that the club takes concussions so seriously. Matterson is a gun and an integral player in our team, particularly in attack. The fact that he wasn’t rushed back is a reinforcement that the Eels, like the Sydney Roosters, continue to lead the way in this particular field of player welfare.

Isaiah Papali’i slides back to the bench where he will switch back to reinforcing the middle corridor in a big boost to Parramatta’s ruck rotation. Ray Stone is the unlucky man to make way in the selection puzzle but he is named in the extended roster.

The Eels will host the St George Illawarra Dragons on Sunday night. The Dragons have been far from chump change to start the 2021 season and given that they posted a significant upset against Parramatta last year, an extremely rare loss at Bankwest for the Eels, there is no excuse not to come into this game firing.


1. Clinton Gutherson ©
2. Maika Sivo
3. Tom Opacic
4. Marata Niukore
5. Blake Ferguson
6. Dylan Brown
7. Mitchell Moses
8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Junior Paulo
11. Shaun Lane
12. Ryan Matterson
13. Nathan Brown
14. Oregon Kaufusi
15. Isaiah Papali’i
16. Will Smith
17. Bryce Cartwright
18. Ray Stone
19. Haze Dunster
20. Keegan Hipgrave
21. Jordan Rankin


NSW Cup Team List


1. Sean Russell
2. Solomone Naiduki
3. Will Penisini
4. Tim Lafai
5. Haze Dunster
6. Jordan Rankin
7. Jakob Arthur
8. Wiremu Greig
9. Joey Lussick
10. Makahesi Makatoa
11. Elie El Zakhem
12. Ray Stone
13. Keegan Hipgrave
14. Nathaniel Roache
15. Ky Rodwell
16. David Hollis
17. Hayze Perham



Jersey Flegg Team List


1. Tyrone Harding
2. Fruean Easthope
3. Peni Tohi
4. Jayden Skinner
5. Marli Townsend
6. Clayton Faulalo
7. Tevita Massima
8. Jack Colovatti
9. Kyle Schneider
10. TBA
11. Oliver Clements
12. Charbel Tasipale
13. Jayden Yates
14. Ethan Le Blanc
15. Lennox Whittaker
16. Matt Dragosic
17. Valance Harris
18. Mark Tepu-Smith


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Jeez maybe we saw Cartwrights performance differently I didn’t think he did enough to justify a spot.
I’d prefer if Lane was left out and papi started with Stone on the bench.
But BA just can’t drop Lane I suspect he has pictures of him or something


A rather negative response O/S. Cartwright no doubt followed instructions on the weekend (as forty outlined) plus he had a standout preseason (as sixties reported extensively) plus the Eels are looking for more in attack.
Wrt Lane – Don’t disagree with Papalii and Stone suggestions but BA picks & sticks and you just have to accept it.


As much as I appreciate sixties training reports every new player gets postive feedback so with all respect I take them with a grain of salt.

My main point is after a broken jaw another week or two getting contact and conditioning in a game over 80mins will do him well as opposed to possibly playing 15-20 mins of the bench whilst potentially being under done especially when Stone and to an extent Hipgrave have been doing the job.


It’s hard to be underdone for a 20 minute stint. If he was starting and playing 80 mins I’d be more worried. I’m sure the trainers have him right. He may have been doing non contact training over his month out too. Either way, for a bench stint I think he’ll be just fine as far as fitness goes.

Colin Hussey

I think I will have to try and find a video of that game with Carty, as I certainly must have nodded off or at the points where I was yelling at the teams work, but the ref killed it and not sure if I can stand seeing him again. I thought Carty was confined to the left side and stuck there like super glue, whereas eve Lane tended to move across field at times. I guess the pizza dough will show in the proofing of it with Carty and how he goes. Not too sure or convinced at this… Read more »




Thanks mate good contribution


Opinion fair enough ,it was your last line , thats 1ee rubbish


Oh you mean the joke about the pictures sorry I didn’t realise you have no sense of humour good luck enjoy taking life to seriously


Calling people idiot,now that is classic 1ee rubbish.

Gil Carter

Personally, I loved the game & intent of Wiramu Greig. He is 22 and a real goer!

Colin Hussey

He’s got a nice paunch on him. Can’t stand the mullet though. Amazing how a wierd haircut takes the name of a fish that is best used for cat food.

John Eel

Colin mullet is good eating if you know how to cook it. Another bottom feeder Flathead is probably my favourite fish. Love it beer battered

Talking of Cartwright I think he has a lot of upside when he is at his best. The only way to prove up his skill is to run him in NRL.


A lot of potential I think if Junior makes origin Greig may get a run during that period

John Eel

He is ahead of Hollis currently in the pecking order as you would expect.

Anyone know the history of Makatoa. Plays big minutes and works hard


Im sure others know more from my understanding he has Been around for a while on the reserve grade circuit also played in England under the current reserve grade coach then ended up with us.

Mr controversy aka rev

Strong side on paper but in saying that paper doesn’t win us game’s. Why does poor stone get dropped i think his played well in both game’s.

On Cartwright are we judging him like we all Judged RCG thinking he will be useless. If so i hope he is our X factor his offloading along with jrs will make us more dangerous with the ball. Eels by 18

Achilles' Eel

Is Hayze Perham auditioning for his future club side? Perhaps we should laden him with Parramatta Eels footy paraphernalia that will keep him from heading back to the Warriors.

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