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Live Blog – Junior Representatives Round 8 vs Sydney Roosters

Live coverage of a critical round of the junior representatives begins at 9:30AM today. It is a home triple header at New Era Stadium against the Sydney Roosters this week with every grade either looking to make a push into the Top 6 or the Top 2. As always, TCT will bring you the blow-by-blow action and be sure to drop by later this evening for the live blog of the NSW Cup!



Harold Matthews

Harold Matthews Team Lists


First Half


The Eels are receiving in the first half and are running away from the Cabramatta Leagues Club.

Big contract from the opening carry as Aufag Mino is turtled. Sam Tuivati and Raff De Stradis work through the middle afterwards and a strong clearing kick from Ethan Sanders completes the set.

Raff is immediately involved on the defensive sides of things when in the process of completing a double from marker he jolts the ball loose! Terrific effort.

The Roosters produce a jarring tackle of their own to quickly swing possession back towards themselves as Declan Murray is cracked heading back infields. A penalty to the visitors for an offside defender follows and suddenly the Roosters are attacking Parramatta’s goal line.

After throwing two carries at the Eels’ left edge, the Roosters work through a stacked backline to their own left edge only for Charlie Guymer to make a great read and tackle to force yet another turnover. Big defensive plays from both teams to open this game.

The Eels and the Roosters both complete their next sets but a bizarre call on the last gifts the Roosters a penalty. Patrick Spence had cleanly defused the attacking bomb and ran behind a shielding player only for the ref to call an obstruction.

Thankfully the visitors quickly drop the ball and the Eels then earn a penalty of their own as Terrence Lafai receives some extra curriculars in the ruck. A massive burst from Myles Martin flips the field and the Eels force a line drop out from a very neat Lafai grubber but it all amounts to nothing as the Roosters hold out and Parra drop the ball late in the repeat set.

Bit of a mistakeathon now as the Roosters heave their clearing kick out on the full only for the Eels to drop the pill cold. To make matters worse, an offside Eel recovers the ball leading to a penalty.

Raff De Stradis produces another cracking hit before the Roosters take play down their right before switching back to their left where a well executed stab kick pulls up in-goals and forces Spence to bat it dead.

The Roosters have had the better of the field position in the first half and they finally capitalise on it as their right winger dives over in the corner to score.

Try scored by Cooper Toy. Conversion unsuccessful by Josh Durkin.

Roosters lead 4-0

16min gone

Oh dear, a cheap penalty late in the set takes the Roosters from a relatively tough kick return set to back on the attack again. Ref pinged Lafai for pressure on the neck there, I didn’t really that much in it from my vantage but it is done and dusted now. A second penalty follows, this one in front of the posts, but the Roosters decline the shot at goal in order to tap and go only to turn the ball over in another jamming tackle. Looks like Guymer might have been the tackler again there.

Lafai scoops up the loose ball and pinches a solid 20m before Guymer earns a penalty with a strong carry. The Eels are on the attack now and they work a big backline play from left to right. Guymer powers onto a short ball and trucks his opposite before he is brought down by cover defenders but the defence has been pulled in and some crafty work from Ayache at dummy half gets Saxon Pryke over on one of their pet plays from dummy half!

Try scored by Saxon Pryke. Conversion successful by Ethan Sanders.

Eels lead 6-4

22min gone

Wowza! Offside chasers on the kickoff! How rarely is that called?

Big opportunity for Parra here as they find touch 15m into the Roosters’ half. Guymer taps and goes before they play two passes to the left via Pryke. Parra continue to play to their left edge but a huge play from their Roosters halfback completely reverses play. Cassius Tia is sweating on the short ball from Sanders to Murray and intercepts it near his own 20m mark. He has a huge lead on Murray and Suliasi Aho (coming from the other side of the field) but their efforts at least keep him restricted to scoring in the corner. Brutal passage of play for Parramatta there.

Try scored by Cassius Tia. Conversion successful by Josh Durkin.

Roosters lead 10-6

26min gone

A weak effort in the play-the-ball from the Roosters gifts the home team a chance to hit back with just over 3min left on the clock. De Stradis plays to Martin and the Roosters barely contain him. Repeat plays to the left for the Eels before they switch sides. The ball comes to Lafai as he sweeps to the right and he rolls in an immaculate grubber kick for Charlie Guymer. The powerful centre wins the race to the rolling ball and claims the try but the referee was right on the spot and he signals a knock on.

The Roosters pick up a 20m restart as a result but a sloppy forward pass put them under pressure immediately and there is swift redemption for Charlie Guymer! Lafai turns him inside from roughly 12m out and he storms through two and then three defenders to slam the ball down to the right of the posts!

Try scored by Charlie Guymer. Conversion successful by Ethan Sanders.

Eels lead 12-10


Half Time

Parramatta Eels 12 lead the Sydney Roosters 10


Second Half

The Eels are kicking off in the second half. Spence drills it downfield and there is another mammoth collision but the Eels undo the great first up tackle by failing to get back onside on the second tackle.

A booming touchfinder puts the Roosters up over halfway and they get the first real opportunity of the second half. They don’t really test the Eels through the course of this set and complete the possession with a bomb towards Josh Lealaiauloto who calmly plucks the ball out of the air in his own in-goals.

A powerful set from the Parra forwards sees the ball rumble downfield. Joshua Alzahim nearly crashes over as he breaks several tackles and is held up over the line but his efforts earn a penalty. The Eels continue to hammer the goal line as both halves take on the defensive formation of the Roosters but play is called off after a carry from Lafai as the five-eighth gets banged up. He eventually gets back to his feet but he looks a tad ginger as he walks the injury off.

Alzahim is called upon again and the nuggety forward bulldozes into the defence. It sets up another dummy half play, the sort that this team thrives on, as Sanders guides Saxon Pryke back inside once more and the backrower dives through the piled up ruck defenders to score!

Try scored by Saxon Pryke. Conversion successful by Ethan Sanders.

Eels lead 18-10

36min gone

Oh what a chance gone begging! Sensational attacking footy from the Eels as powerhouse winger Josh Lealaiauloto scoots out of dummy half and breaks the line! Spence flies up on the right in support and Josh passes to his fullback. The cover chase barely gets to Spence in time so the fullback offloads to his winger but he grasses it! Geez that hurts!

The Roosters look for a rapid counterpunch of their own as they make a halfbreak down their left-edge. Spence cuts the break down only for the Roosters to post a very savvy kick to the other side of the field. Cooper Toy has a clear line to the bouncing ball for the visitors but makes a meal of the pickup as the roll on stays low and the Eels are let off the hook in the biggest way possible.

The Eels then pick up a penalty to take all the pressure off. Nothing too flash in the resultant set. Lealaiauloto gets some early ball down the left but is forced back in-field into the teeth of the cover defence. Sanders kicks for Lafai on the last and it goes very close to a try but Lafai is called offside so a penalty is the result.

Oooph. Midway through the Roosters next set, Lealaiauloto has exploded into a defender as he jams a backline move. The pass sails forwards and into touch but the Eels winger has left his mark on his opposite as he is left folded on the ground.

Another penalty for Parramatta now as the ball is reefed out with three in the tackle. Early play is left to Declan Murray but he will contained. The Eels work right via Mino before Lafai has a run on the last. He steps repeatedly off his right foot as he weaves between defenders only to be tackled inches short of the line. Not the worst result honestly but the Eels can’t concede a cheap penalty now.

Speaking of, a blatant flop late in the set does exactly that. Poor lapse of judgement there and the Roosters get a hugely relieving penalty.

This one is going to feature in the team review of the game as Parra bite HARD on a cartoonishly overexaggerated dummy from the halfback Tia. The defence almost part for the halfback as he glides over to score a try that gets the visitors right back into this contest.

Try scored by Cassius Tia. Conversion successful by Josh Durkin.

Roosters trail 16-18

48min gone

Another error from the kickoff set from the Roosters! Spences kick sails deep into the in-goals and their kick receiver takes a very uncomfortable attempt on his hip and drops it. Confusion reigns early in the next set as the ball pops out. It is ruled a legal strip from the Roosters and thus the Eels retain possession. A critical call as well as the Eels drive their way to the goal line and score their their third try from a variation of the dummy half play they so dearly love! Big bopper Aufag Mino is the try scorer this time around as he bulldozes over!

Try scored by Aufag Mino. Conversion unsuccessful by Ethan Sanders.

Eels lead 22-16

53min gone

A quality set after points from Parramatta as they ruck it out and allow Sanders to drill the ball downfield. A punishing set of defence pins the Roosters deep in their half, almost forcing them to run it on the last. They get away with a blatant forward pass as they spin it down their left and make a break. Spence does well to kill the break and get the ball back for the Eels but a loose carry two plays later gifts the Roosters a chance to level the scores.

The scrum is set 38m out from Parra’s line and the Roosters break to their left. Blaize Talagi channels Fui Fui with a crushing chest and all tackle and a couple of plays later Sanders forces the mistake with suffocating pressure via his line speed!

Parramatta are desperately unlucky not to pick up a penalty when a defender walks back through the ruck but they can only blame themselves after that as a sloppy pass from dummy half is pulled up. Roosters back on the attack.

Geez, the stinging defence of the Eels has really taken a toll on the visitors. There is no pep in the attacking runs this set and the set finishes with a heavy boot kicking the ball into touch on the full!

Under 3min left in this contest as the Eels play-the-ball 11m off their goal-line.

Guymer takes the opening carry and is followed by Pryke. Martin and Murray get the Eels over halfway, setting Sanders up for the kick. He looks for a booming midfield bomb but it barely catches the hand of a charging defender. The ball still sails over the defensive line but it is now up for grabs for whoever wants it the most! Blaize Talagi has pushed through aggressively on the kick chase and is rewarded with a kind bounce as he claims to ball and brushes past the fullback to score!


Try scored by Blaize Talagi. Conversion successful by Suliasi Aho.

Eels lead 28-16

59min gone

The Roosters get a kickoff away with 1sec left on the clock. They opt for the mulligrubber variant and it fails to go 10m. The ref errantly blows full-time despite the fact that a game can not end on a penalty but I guess that is neither here or there with the Eels securing an unassailable lead.


Full Time

Parramatta Eels 28 def. the Sydney Roosters 16


SG Ball

SG Ball Team Lists


First Half

The Eels will be kicking off the start the SG Ball.

Solid opening set from the Roosters as they punch it up to halfway. Josh Tuipulotu cleans on the kick on the bounce and makes a neat kick return.

Maximus Tupou fights through some strong contact. Jock Brazel is next up before Peter Taateo makes a brilliant run and backhanded offload to Josh Chappell! Chappell tries to kick to his left to a support runner but the Roosters clean it up in the nick of time. Seriously impressive stuff from Taateo though.

Good defensive set from the Eels now. Roosters are restricted to a 30m net gain before they find touch on the Eels’ 20m line.

Freeman Forysthe starts the set before Jabriel Kalache nearly breaks the line. Powerful surge from the centre there. Momentum builds with a bullish carry from Larry Muagututia but the Eels are pinged for attacking the defender in the air on the last. Tough break.

Consecutive penalties now for the Roosters as they go on the attack. A bit too simple in the end as they score early in the repeat set as their five-eighth Sandon Smith hits his right-edge backrower short and the Eels misread the play. Corey Ross beats Tuipulotu to the line and scores the opening points of the game.

Try cored by Corey Ross. Conversion successful by Sandon Smith

Roosters lead 6-0

7min gone

The Roosters complete the set after points and it is the Eels who blink first as they are pulled up for a loose pass from dummy half. The visitors will feed a scrum 10m into Parramatta’s half and will be looking to extend their early lead here.

What on Earth? Has the referee just called for a collapsed scrum against the Roosters? Bit of rugby union out here! Either way the Eels have the ball and a second penalty comes swiftly when Tuipulotu is upended on his head. It was actually a very good read from the Roosters defender but he went on with the tackle too far leading to the dangerous throw.

Superb opening carries from Tupou and Taateo have the Roosters reeling but they rally well to wrap up Tuipulotu and Fekitoa on the following tackles. Play unravels on the next tackle though as Parra grass the pill and let a prime chance slide.

Big break for the Eels two sets later as they run it on the last down their left. Kalache is held up but manages to get a pass away and it catches the hand of a defender. Maximus Tupou has another quality carry and the Roosters defend brilliantly on the following play to keep Taateo out on a crashing switch play.

A calm head from Chappell nets the Eels a repeat set via a line drop out.

Muagututia and Maula take the opening hit ups from the drop out but the Eels turn it over on the third. The Roosters open Parramatta’s right-edge up but desperate cover chasers pinch a turnover as Freeman Forsythe dives on a batted ball.

It is almost a 12-point turnaround as the Roosters go from breaking the Eels line to having their own broken! Nice shape from the Eels down the left-edge results in Freeman Forsythe splitting the winger and centre to score. Josh Chappell, Josh Tuipulotu and Jabriel Kalache all had quality touches in the lead up there.

Try scored by Freeman Forsythe. Conversion u successful by Josh Chappell.

Eels trail 4-6

19 min gone

Parramatta get through their set without an error although Chappell’s clearing kick probably wasn’t the cleanest. The Roosters claw their way into Parramatta’s half and get into range for an attacking kick but Tuipulotu reads it brilliantly and tidies it up on the full.

Finally the Eels pick up a penalty and it comes late in the tackle count. The touchfinder from halfway is marked 15m downfield and the tap restart finds the tireless Tupou.

Larry Muagututia almost fools the defence with a show and go! Immediately right for Parra from there but the play breaks down. Taateo is barely stopped once more on a rampaging carry, the Roosters deserve serious credit there and while fortunate seems to have smiled on the Eels as they get a 6-again call for their kick being played at, Vlado Jankovic quickly has the ball reefed from his possession in a clever strip.

In Parramatta’s next possession Kalache produces a nifty run and a SBW-esque offload which leads to a penalty on the next play as the defenders are caught offside.

The big boppers play short to each other leading to big Larry taking the carry. The Eels hammer the Roosters near the posts and suck in the defence – setting up the expansive play. Chappell and Bray see it and spread it to the right but Fekitoa’s last pass to Caleb Coroneos is a fraction too far behind the winger and the ball is turned over.

Both teams have cheap sets though with the Roosters coughing up the ball early in their reply set.

Bray feeds Fekitoa early ball on the first before Faaofo Tuitino takes the second carry. Larry trucks a defender and offloads as he continues to impress. Fekitoa comes back on the third as he is turned inside. Larry is again in the thick of things as he bumps and offloads again and on the last Chappell throws an outrageous dummy and steps off his left to get over the line! Unfortunately one of the defenders who bit on the dummy looks to have blown out their right knee trying to realign themselves. It looks real bad here for the young Rooster but it goes from the stretcher getting called to the defender jumping up and re-joining the game! Miracle recovery, which I am honestly glad for.

Try scored by Josh Chappell. Conversion successful by Keahlan Bray.

Eels lead 10-6

31min gone

Oh no, that young Rooster is NOT okay. He has no lateral mobility and completely buckles his knee defending the next set. I have no idea how he was allowed to carry on but he is assisted off the far side of the field.

In the meantime the Roosters hit back with a crucial strike in the shadow of half time. Parramatta’s right-edge is cracked on halfway and the Roosters’ five-eighth Sandon Smith is rewarded for his support play as he links up with the runner and darts to the posts to score.

Try scored by Sandon Smith. Conversion successful by Sandon Smith.

Roosters lead 12-10

34min gone

There is enough time for the Roosters to work through a handful of tackles but they can’t impact the scoreboard and the siren rings out for half time.


Half Time

Sydney Roosters 12 lead the Parramatta Eels 10


Second Half

Strong opening set from the home team as they power over halfway. It gets undone by a sloppy kick chase and even further unravelled as the right-edge of the Eels again bleeds a line break. Parra need to patch that issue up ASAP because the Roosters have clearly zeroed in on it.

The pressure valve is ever so slightly released when the visitors are pinged offensively for not playing the ball with their feet, preventing a kick on the last tackle.

A penalty then is blown for Parramatta as the Roosters, who have been riding the whistle in the ruck for a while, are finally pinged and the Eels will resume play over halfway.

Taateo carries the ball into the redzone and allows Lloyd to dart from dummy half. The Eels attack down the left with Kalache but the defenders meet him strongly. He is getting driven towards the sideline and looks to offload to his winger inside but the ball is intercepted. The Roosters fly down the field and are certain to score save only for a herculean effort from Francis Faaofo Tuitino. The big man hustles downfield to cut down the break but his efforts eventually amount to nought as the Roosters score a few tackles later. That was all against the run of play there as the Roosters consolidate their lead.

Try scored by Zac Montgomery. Conversion unsuccessful by Sandon Smith.

Roosters lead 16-10

42min gone

The Roosters pile on the pressure with a strong set and kick finish after points, can the Eels lift in reply?

A strong carry from the freshly injected Koevy Lemusu helps but it appears that Parramatta lose track of the count as they run it on the last and are tackled just over halfway. It might prove to be a rather costly lapse as well as the Roosters open up that fragile right-edge again.

Their five-eighth Sandon Smith is having a heck of a game as he splits the front line and nabs a try assist as he passes to his left and puts his backrower over.

Try scored by Jordan Swann . Conversion unsuccessful by Sandon Smith.

Roosters lead 20-10

47min gone

The Eels get a timely break as another sloppy PTB is called up. It quickly escalates to a penalty following some sass towards the referee and the Eels find themselves deep in the Roosters’ half. They don’t waste any time this set as they look to erase the two-score deficit. Josh Tuipulotu glides down the left-edge and hits Forysthe with a pinpoint pass to put the winger over untouched! Gee they needed that one badly!

Try scored by Freeman Forsythe. Conversion successful by Keahlan Bray.

Eels trail 16-20

50min gone

A miscued kickoff from the Roosters gives the Eels a early advantage but it is followed by an incorrect PTB from the blue & gold as the referee proves to be consistent across both teams in that regard.

Time is called off early in the Roosters’ next set as Drew Lloyd falls to the ground injured. Looks to be a knee injury for the young utility and the trainers assist him off as he struggles to put weight on the injured leg.

The Roosters attack down their left and for the first time in a while the Eels defend well down that side but two tackles later they are caught napping down that very same corridor as a grubber kick rolls between a triangle of defenders. The left-edge backrower for the Roosters, Zac Montgomery, nabs his second of the day as he dutifully chases through and claims the ball for himself.

Try scored by Zac Montgomery. Conversion successful by Sandon Smith.

Roosters lead 26-16

53min gone

Gee the right-edge of Parramatta is just shot to pieces today. The Roosters are having their way with it every possession and again it directly leads to points as they run it on the last and blitz the sloppy tackle attempts of the Eels. Tuipulotu has no chance at the last line to shut the play down and the Roosters look increasingly like they will waltz to a comprehensive victory here.

Try scored by Thomas Deakin. Conversion successful by Sandon Smith.

Roosters lead 32-16

57min gone

A poor finish to the set after points from the Roosters keeps the Eels in the hunt. The clearing kick is sprayed off the side of the boot and barely travels 10m. Some extra curriculars in the ruck then gift the Eels a penalty.

Larry has a great charge to start the next set but a strong tackle on the second neutralises the momentum. Left now to Max Tupou before Chappell plays right to Taateo who then offloads back to his five-eighth. Once more, the Roosters are equal to the task though as they meet Josh with some top tier defence.

That brings up the last and the Eels NEED a result here. They play to the right-edge short side as Bray calls the shot. He plays to the line before rolling the ball in behind for a flying Fekitoa who plants it for the four-pointer! There is still life in this team.

Try scored by Kamoe Fekitoa. Conversion successful by Keahlan Bray.

Eels trail 22-32

62min gone

Uh what? The ball is clearly lost backwards from the kickoff and I mean clearly but the referee has ruled a knock on. Brutal result there and the Roosters now have a chance to put this game beyond reach.

The Eels are scrambling through the whole set and eventually they crack as a long, looping cutout pass to the right winger Kyron Fekitoa gives him enough room to step back inside and dive over. That will secure this one for the visitors.

Try scored by Kyron Fekitoa. Conversion unsuccessful by Sandon Smith.

Roosters lead 36-22

66min gone

Some loose defence from both teams in the final minutes leads to see-sawing territorial swings but with nothing added to the scoreboard the game ends with the Roosters booting the ball over their dead-ball line.


Full Time

Sydney Roosters 36 def. the Parramatta Eels 22


Tarsha Gale

Tarsha Gale Team Lists


First Half

A strong start for the Eels in this grade as they build pressure on the back on multiple repeat sets. The Roosters, to their credit, defend strongly throughout and survive the waves of attack.

Gee the Roosters have done well there. After making that big goal line stand they have punched the ball through the middle of the field and produced the opening points as their fullback Maddie Binding bounces off the defenders of Parra’s left-edge and slips an offload away to Sophie Whitton who dives over in the corner.

Try scored by Sophie Witton. Conversion unsuccessful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 4-0

10min gone

This game is going by at a frenetic pace with very few breaks. It seems to be favouring the Roosters currently as a promising kick return from Ameena Kanj results in an error. The visitors pour on the pressure in the following set and score in somewhat dubious circumstances from a dummy half dive. The ball looked short from our viewing point but the referee awards it after some consultation with his offsiders.

Try scored by Taneka Todhunter. Conversion successful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 10-0

18min gone

The young ladies are doing well to hang on here as the Roosters spread the ball aggressively to their left-edge. While they do well to keep the tri-colours out and force a turnover by attacking the hands of the runner, they immediately gift possession back to the visitors with a knock-on of their own and by golly does it cost them.

A simple backline movement to the right catches the tiring Parramatta defenders short and Sophie Whitton secures an early brace.

Try scored by Sophie Whitton. Conversion unsuccessful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 14-0

24min gone

A chance now for the Eels as the Roosters drop the kickoff! Parramatta look to crash over early in this set before venturing down their left-edge but the Roosters turn them away. They switch play back to their right as Toevai links up with Summah Terare. The right-edge backrower cuts back in-field before she is wrapped up.

Lorren Luamanuvae tries to earn a repeat set with a grubber kick but the Roosters clean it up in the field of play.

Some sloppiness is creeping into the Roosters game now as they work the ball out short of halfway and then drop it cold. The door is very much ajar here for Parramatta. Alas, they too can’t complete their set and the Roosters finish the half with a serious bang in the next set.

I have to give a tip of my to the visitors here, they score in the seconds before half time care of a gorgeous interchange of passes down their right-edge. They break Parramatta’s front-line with well timed short passes and then bamboozle the cover defence with some terrific support play. Big lead for the visitors now.

Try scored Taneka Todhunter. Conversion successful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 20-0


Half Time

Sydney Roosters 20 lead the Parramatta Eels 0


Second Half

Disastrous start for the Eels as they spill the ball from the kickoff carry. The Roosters are quick to strike as they crash over down their left a play later. That lead continues to pile up.

Try scored by Otesa Pule. Conversion successful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 26-0

33min gone

The momentum is crushing Parramatta now as the Roosters unleash their left winger Zoe Cass in this set. The tall and long striding flanker beats a swathe of defenders to make a big 40m gain and set up an attacking bomb. The home team can’t bring said bomb in cleanly and end up gifting the Roosters another set but thankfully the tri-colours are very sloppy from the scrum win and drop the pill cold.

Wow! The Roosters are putting on a show here as they cross again, this time via Zoe Cass. The real star there was Maddie Binding though as she freed her left winger up with a ridiculous cutout pass that would make the highlight reel of any grade. That was spectacular.

Try scored by Zoe Cass. Conversion unsuccessful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 30-0

40min gone

Shut the gate. The Roosters are running rampant here with our girls struggling to string tackles together under the duress of fatigue. Their hooker Taneka Todhunter jumps out of dummy half and scythes through the middle of the Parra defence to crash over.

Try scored by Taneka Todhunter. Conversion successful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 36-0

43min gone

Bang, bang. Parra can’t keep up with the electric pace of the Roosters as the combination between Whitton and Cass strikes again. Another gorgeous cutout pass rewards the winger Cass with a try and she dutifully obliges.

Try scored by Zoe Cass. Conversion unsuccessful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 40-0

46min gone

Some serious questions about the legitimacy of the putdown but a silky smooth backline move from the Roosters puts their left-edge backrower over. Otesa Pule gets her second of the day.

Try scored by Otesa Pule. Conversion successful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 46-0

50min gone

The girls rally for a brief period and come perilously close to avoiding the shutout as they attack the goal-line of the Roosters over several sets. The visitors continue to turn the blue & gold away though and maintain their clean sheet before counterpunching with yet another try to bring up the half century.

Try scored by Sophie Whitton. Conversion unsuccessful by Ruby Smith.

Roosters lead 50-0


Full Time

Sydney Roosters 50 def. the Parramatta Eels 0

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  1. sixties

    Mixed feelings. Terrific win by the Matts, but the Ball was a combination of resolute Roosters defence and too many Eels errors. Tarsha Gale Roosters too classy. Can’t believe they aren’t near top of the table.

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