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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 8: Bigger Than Ben Hur! Supersized Pod feat. Joey Grima & Bernie Gurr


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A massive win over the Melbourne Storm deserves a proportionately sized podcast and TCT delivers with Bernie Gurr and Joey Grima dissecting all of the action from a watershed Round 2.

The show kicks off with Bernie joining Sixties and Forty20 to discuss the 16-12 victory over the Storm. The trio discuss how the Eels won the day and how in a way everything came full circle from the finals last year. Gurr discusses the overall form of Parramatta over the first two rounds and then the state of the game following the newly introduced rule changes.

Forty20 and Sixties then dig into a review of the Round 2 triumph on their own as they avail a long list of heroes. With an exhaustive list of positives to check off, the duo work through all of it before tackling the ugly Felise Kaufusi incident. Both of TCT’s talking heads tee off on the abhorrent action that lead to Ryan Matterson suffering a concussion.

Next up is the return of Joey Grima and even with the junior representatives getting washed out on the weekend there is plenty to talk about. Joey gives updates about the rescheduling of the Round 7 games and then previews the three games at New Era Stadium on Saturday. Sixties touches base with Joey on the Jersey Flegg before the segment finishes with a callback to Grima’s quality preview of the NRL action last week.

Previews close out the episode as a supercharged Saturday is blasted through. Six games are quickly rattled off the docket with the NRL preview headlined by the retention of Maika Sivo for a further two years!

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13 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 8: Bigger Than Ben Hur! Supersized Pod feat. Joey Grima & Bernie Gurr

  1. sixties

    Forgot to mention Will Penisini in our NSW Cup discussion. Make sure you get to Bankwest for the early game.

  2. John Eel

    Another enjoyable listen to an informative podcast. It is great to hear Bernie’s enthusiasm for the club and like all good beanies he loves his stats.

    Joey Grima is such good value has a lot to offer and full of valuable information.

    Good to hear Sixties that you have been called on to fill a spot on the bench for NSW Cup. I am sure the first player you will be looking at to knock over will be David Fifita. Don’t spare him Sixties

    The Sharks will be a real challenge for the Eels. They are well coached and should have beaten the Raiders. I don’t know if that says more about the Raiders or Sharks.

    However based on what we have seen since the second half of the Broncos game I am confident we can win.

    Given that the Roosters and Rabbits are playing. The Panthers playing Storm. A win by the Eels could push them into third assuming Storm beat the Panthers.

    1. sixties

      Thanks John. We are extremely fortunate to have blokes like Bernie and Joey, who’ve spent their life connected to the game at such high levels, analyse what’s happening. I really opened my eyes to Bernie’s analysis of the six again so far this year. I always try to slip in a question or two to Joey about how coaches can respond to certain situations. It’s a good learning experience.

  3. John Eel

    SEN radio reported tonight that Morris will not be at the Sharks next year.

    They did not know who the replacement will be other than he is an experienced coach but it won’t be Flanagan

    If this is true and Morris finds himself at a loose end next year. He might be an ideal addition to the Eels coaching staff.

    1. Anonymous

      Staff seem to be doing alright i thought , BA , MURPH , KIDWELL , CARR , JOHNS , how many do you want ????

      1. sixties

        In my observation, it’s a terrific chemistry within the Eels coaching team, and the players seem to respond so positively.

      2. John Eel

        Not suggesting that I think there is an issue with any member of the coaching staff. Based on the first two rounds I would say that they are doing very well

        Sometimes coaching staff move on looking for better opportunities or other reasons. Also there are special needs that arise at times.

        Just making the point that he would be a good fit based on his experience and past with the club.

    2. sixties

      Considering their roster, I think he’s going quite well. I tipped them for the spoon, not because of his coaching, but because of the garbage around them always looking for someone else.

  4. Jpe Briffa

    As usual another great listen, loved what Bernie had to say especially when he keeps on saying our team, and what about Joey gee he is a good man and what knowledge and modest.Loved it boys ,keep well and if God willing and the creek don’t rise i’ll see you on Saturday.

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