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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 4: Joey Grima Chats About Junior Reps


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The final preseason hitout against the Panthers looms large on Saturday. Before that though is an absolute bonanza of footy for fans of the blue & gold with a triple header of junior representative footy at New Era Stadium leading directly into a second triple header of senior footy at Penrith.

Before all of that though, TCT are proud to announce a new partnership with Starr Partners Real Estate Parramatta! It goes without saying that we appreciate every bit of support we get at TCT and Starr Partners have gone above and beyond in that regard.

TCT and The Tip Sheet are glad to welcome aboard a new weekly guest in Joey Grima. Grima, the Eels Elite Pathways Coaching Director, will drop by each week to brief the boys on the junior representatives – helping shed some light on the journeys that the young men and women at the club are undertaking.

This week Grima recaps the waterlogged victories of the Harold Matthews and SG Ball in Round 2 and how those two teams navigated the bye last week. He then details how the girls plan to bounce back from a heavy defeat at the hands of the Dragons in Round 3 and get their campaign on track.

It is a rapid fire finish to the podcast as Forty20 and Sixties breakdown some excellent media work by the club and then preview the headline act on Saturday night. In lieu of an official team list the boys cobble together one of their own and breakdown what coach Brad Arthur will want to see this weekend.

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TCT has always supported our juniors in presence and print , your coverage is informative and appreciated , thankfully the club has recognized this by allowing joe grima to be a regular on the site throughout the junior rep season , Kudos to the parramatta club management !!


Thanks Anon. Pathways has always been a huge focus for TCT. I’m glad we can provide further insight via Joey.

Matthew Sweeney

Good to know that ball of energy
is still with us. I believe he has great skill. Thx for the write up sixties.


Joey is a first class fella, and has always been generous with his time with us from when he was an NRL assistant coach through to his current role.

Jpe Briffa

Thanks fellas, no doubt about Joey he has always been so good with his time . I don’t get to see him as often as i use to for obvious reasons he is a wonderful communicator and never hear a bad word about the man. Thanks again Sixties, Forty and Joey great stuff see you both on Saturday


Thanks Joe. Joey has always been generous with his time and that’s been much appreciated.

Trouser Eel

Nothing better than hearing it from the horses mouth. Who else have you got in your list of interviewees?
This kind of stuff helps me, as a member, understand the background work that goes into building a better, stronger, football club.
I want more of this.


Cheers Trouser. No matter how much we feel we already know, I’m continually learning from talking to staff involved with the club. Very glad that we can take our readers/followers on that learning journey with us.

John Eel

Sixties is there any thought by the Eels that they may implement a formal media room at Kellyville ?

I noticed when Jarrod Hayne had his time in the NFL that is what they had. I think that they even broadcast to their fans with their own show.


It wouldn’t surprise me if that was a feature of the Centre when constructed. They could probably use the lecture room in the current facility for media gatherings but they used the external areas last year probably due to COVID

West Coast Eel

When does it come out on iTunes mate?

West Coast Eel

Thanks mate.

Achilles' Eel

There’s been some exposure of the club’s juniors in the press of late. One article has Will Penisini being poached from that game they play in Hades. It always gives me a chuckle when rugby union claim juniors who grow up playing both codes as its own. Youngsters Arthur, Russell, Loizou, Mataele, Taateo, Betham-Misa, et al. must have been playing for the Rhinos alongside a shadow since the days of their childhood.


Spot on Achilles!


Still no Sam Hughes this weekend?? has anybody heard if he is injured or anything??


Sorry mate. No info on that.


Joey Grima, is the New Kevin Wise of the Parramatta Eels, a well respected individual.


Both respected! We are very fortunate to have Joey available to add his knowledge to our pod. Besides the questions about juniors, we aim to have a question about coaching to add to our own understanding of some of the intricacies of the game.
I sit near Kevin at Bankwest, so I always make sure I grab a few words with him when I can.

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