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The Tip Sheet – The Tip Sheet (feat. The Parra Podcast) – 2021 Juniors Super Preview Part 2


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In Part Two of this special crossover edition of The Tip Sheet Forty20, Sixties and Ham continue their deep dive into the Parramatta Eels Juniors in 2021. After powering through the Tarsha Gale, Harold Matthews and SG Ball in the last episode, the boys finally arrive at the main event in the Jersey Flegg.

Parramatta were set for a big season in the Flegg in 2020 before COVID-19 scuppered the entire competition. Still, the brief look that the trio got at the squad through the preseason had them chomping at the bit for more next year.

Strap yourselves in for in-depth breakdowns on players, positional groups and team-projections for the Under 21s in 2021.

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Jpe Briffa

Well thanks again that was very entertaining. I found out one thing i used to get phone calls and all the caller did was heavy breathing and i think it sounded a lot like the heavy breather in the podcast,anyway the channel nine commentary team better smarten up.


I was told about the heavy breathing sound but how has me stumped. I’ve had some issues with the mic and as Forty suggested, it’s hopefully remedied at Christmas time. 😁😁😁


Great episode. Just on Schneider, and without any inside scoop, I have a theory that I believe is the only one that fits the facts. The main fact is that, as far as we know, no club has offered him a full time contract (top 30 or development) for 2021. The theory is that the Eels have identified a key weakness in his game that will preclude him from becoming an NRL player, and obviously no amount of training will overcome it. There are plenty of young blokes on NRL or dev contracts for 2021 who played zero footy this… Read more »


Pou, Kyles lack of game time is deeper than 2020, but this year was going to be critical for him. He just never got the opportunity due to lack of lower grades.

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