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The Tip Sheet – Finals Week 2 Review


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They teased us with potentially one of the greatest against-the-odds victories in the history of the club but ultimately the Parramatta Eels fell short in their sudden death final against the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Parramatta’s 38-24 loss was equal parts furious attack and self-flagellation as a raft of second-half errors tipped the scales against the Blue & Gold.

The Eels started game-day with the crushing revelation that Michael Jennings had likely played his final game as an Eel following a positive result from an A-sample and were left to scramble from there. Haze Dunster made his NRL debut on the right wing and Parramatta’s overhauled backline was left with yet another emergency reshuffle. In spite of that they battled admirably and gave themselves a genuine shot to put the Rabbitohs away.

Forty20 leads the post-mortem with the thought that this game was a microcosm of Parramatta’s season. Glorious highs and prolonged flashes of stellar football undermined by self-destructive errors. From there the lads analyse the standouts from Saturday night and hail the efforts of Junior Paulo and Clinton Gutherson. The tables are then turned onto who let the team down before Sixties holds a sidebar to poke fun at some shoddy ground-announcing.

The show is wrapped up with the boys running over the semi-official departures list and what it means for the club before signing off with a message that like the club, TCT is just getting started heading into the off-season.

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After the disappointment of last night and the stupidity on social media this morning this was a fantastic and fair summation of what happened. Thanks for the podcast during the season. Always a good listen. Top two finish next year and a deep finals run.


Thanks Shaun.


Hi Mr Sixties. Well it takes a couple of days to get over the loss. We get used to it. The thing despite that set back they kept going – they didnt give up. When you start playing catch up things happens – intercept try. Some of the boys were outstanding – most were great. Moses, won’t forget that moment. It can be liken to Glover’s dropped ball, the Ben Hunt fumble whatever but it will be his nightmare. A Parra tragic sent me a note after the game and it is somewhat iconic. “When I die l would like… Read more »


Kyle Schneider has massive wraps on him. Anyone know why he is leaving the club?


I’m one that has a wrap on Kyle. I would suggest that a top 30 contract is difficult to offer to anyone who couldn’t play footy in 2020. I hope he gets an offer from a club or a second tier deal from us.


SO Schneider is leaving? No way. He was forecast as an up and comer. Pls no way!!!!


Thanks Forty I get that and appreciate the reply; my concern is he was primed for nrl at some point I feel, and I only hope we bring in someone who is going to be better for the long term. I heard and saw some v good things from the boy, and think he is only 20?
You only need to look at the backup from Stone this yr. His defence was great but his passing was avg at times.


Disappointing way to go out,the boys tried hard but yes too many errors,Cook absolutely should have been sent which would have made the difference. Move on to next year. I too have been shocked by the so called fans and the blame games on SM and certain other fan forums which I can’t bring myself to read anymore. The team should build on this,I do believe we are missing another key forward or three and of course a strike centre, another year under the belt for the spine we will be better next year. Also if they could get in… Read more »


Plenty of positives mixed in with some natural disappointment I hear you mate. Like you, I’m over the blame gamers.


Agree Eggman, we need to keep that momentum into the second half and not drop off, and your last sentence was spot on, crushed is how I feel.
This is a bench thing i feel. We still need to back ourselves when we drop the ball / miss a goal and and build pressure.

Alan Sutton

What a cracker of a game – how could anyone be disappointed with the teams EFFORT particularly Gutho and Junior. They say you make your own luck we just couldn’t snag it last night – Moses Kick for goal hitting the post, If ever there was a professional foul when junior was getting up to play the ball that was Cook last night. Gutho’s lost ball in goal was another (un)lucky moment – reminded me of what happened to Tedesco on Friday night. I said to my wife ( with us sitting behind the southern goal line) this could go… Read more »


Well said Alan. The turning point around that penalty changed the course of the game. What was going to be an arm wrestle for the last quarter of the game became Parra chancing their arm.due to being 8 down. The first half was some of their best footy of the year despite the outs.

Jpe Briffa

John you thanked us but i think we should be thanking you and Craig. From early yesterday morning i felt crushed i rang poor Craig i rambled ,sorry mate i’m still crushed, be keeping an eye out for all things TCT hope to talk soon,your mate Joe


Cheers Joe. I’m sorry I couldn’t talk much. My phone was in meltdown and I barely had time to scratch myself. The boys responded well, but the errors delivered a heavy price to pay


Tks guys, good stuff, a bit of Sunday therapy. I prayed to be first scorer after halftime, we really had their measure. It was a late count missed tackle on Reynolds that changed the momentum, we expected a wide shift and lost intensity in the middle.The last 20 minutes saw impatience and bad luck mixed together like a Putin cocktail(you don’t survive those little beauties). The Cook call dealt us no favours, I didn’t hear Klein’s held call, whether Cook heard it or not, refs don’t usually make a judgement on that, the action warranted professional foul. The Moses grubber… Read more »


Cheers BDon, I don’t like Klein’s officiating but it was Sutton in charge. Junior’s game was close to the best I’ve ever seen from a Parra prop. He was almost unstoppable. He didn’t deserve to walk off the field without a win.


Yes,he was outstanding, BA couldn’t get him back on quick enough, I saw him with the sub card on the sideline at the 47 min mark. We just didn’t nail a decent re-commencement.


Thanks to Sixties and Forty and the entire team for an amazing account of all things Parra for 2020. I am almost emotional as I write this as its been a terrible 24 hours or so. But life moves on. V fair summation for the team and thanks fellas, it must have been tough to record this one. Look we showed pure emotion and effort for the game but our execution at critical times was the downfall, and a few poignant parts for me; the intercept, missed goal and Gutho’s lost ball in-goal. For me they hurt us and I… Read more »


Cheers Milo. It wasn’t easy to record this the next day. It was an emotional way to close out the year. We have a massive number of roster spots to fill and a dummy half must now be high on the list, along with a couple of forwards and a centre. We must recruit some quality to keep moving forward.


Great efforts of the guys last night bit there are also bad moments which costs us the game. BTW, Do you have signing rumours? I reckon we need 2 more powerful interchange forwards. When Junior and RCG are rested we lose momentum. Also, we still need someone who is mature and footy IQ that will serve as a calming voice in case things does not turn out well during a game to get their bearings back. Thanks for your podcast. Go PARRA!


Thanks Toleelts – we can’t escape that there were errors that we can only blame ourselves for. Recruitment is paramount. The only signing that we are certain of is Opacic. With the likely loss of Jennings going forward, there’s still 9 places to fill. I’ll tip 2-3 happen internally as you have to reward the best prospects, which leaves 6-7 spots, with at least 4-5 needing to happen by the time preseason kicks off. I’ve watched the next young group go through their paces as a squad a few weeks back, mostly conditioning, and some are probably locked into a… Read more »

Salty Pete

Firstly, these Parra players gave their all. No doubt about it. Getting four in the NSW SOO team is a great effort and well deserved. Gutherson, Paulo, and Brown have hearts as big as Pharlap. Much has been said about Mitchell Moses, and most of it is unfair. Goal Kickers miss kicks. The team should have been prepared for that outcome – that is a coach’s decision. When DB injured his back last year, BA bought him back to First Grade immediately. He was underdone, and had 4 ordinary games, but Parr won those game in spite of this so… Read more »


I had heard the rumour about Schneider and it seems to have been confirmed on here that he is leaving/not wanted. I am not sure how that has been allowed to happen given that we have had no junior games and he is not injured. This is difficult for me to pontificate because I have never seen the kid play….. but I understood him to be pretty special and yes Reed has put a decent mortgage on the 9 jersey. Now the way I read things at present is we are short on dummy halves and also halfbacks in the… Read more »


Poppa, I see Kyle as a victim of circumstance. He was added to the bubble but then that meant he couldn’t play in the 20s competition that was launched later in the season and contained many of our younger pathways players. He was injured in the back half of 2019, after being injured for most of 2018. That makes 3 seasons of limited footy. He needed this year, and he didn’t get it. I am a huge fan of Kyle and had hoped he would have stayed. Haze was the only other player that could have been debuted, and yes… Read more »


Thanks Salty. Quick question. What would you have liked BA to do differently with player management? For example, I believe that Maika needed time out during the back half of the season and I would have debuted Haze then. By the same token, Maika was starting to come good again because they spent so much time working on him at so I can understand their logic. I also would have played Oregon ahead of Kane, but the inexperience without Marata would have been hard to justify. Apart from that, there just weren’t other roster options – and I watched plenty… Read more »


Once again a great podcast guys. Insightful, critical without being negative and overall a positive break down of the game. To say I was disappointed with the result is an understatement, however I was very proud of the way the boys played after all that had happened over the last week or so. The Game The first half speaks for itself. We were great. Everyone did their job. Gutho was fantastic and has been all year, deserving his spot in the NSW squad. Paulo was amazing and has taken his game to a whole new level. RCG ran hard all… Read more »


I want to like this ten times Sparky, it totally says what I want to. I really felt we missed Niukore. And I’d be quite interested to see stats on the Eels ‘big game’ experience (finals, SSO, Tests) versus other finals teams’ – it certainly feels like that composure under pressure is still lacking, but improving. The only way to get that exposure is to keep making finals, which also helps get your players into rep teams, which gets further exposure. Realistically, I recognised earlier in the year that this year probably wasn’t our year just yet, so while I’m… Read more »


Thanks Wilhelmina
I was optimistic at the start of the season but as I mentioned in my post something went off there midway through the season for what ever reason we don’t know. We have the pieces in place to improve again next season


Wilhelmina, ditto for me on Sparky and thank you also for your opinion. You are spot on about the benefit of experience.


Sparky, I can’t thank you enough for the depth of your response. Much appreciated mate.


Keep up the good work TCT!!


Thanks Joshua.

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