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Team List Tuesday – Stay Of Execution Edition

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Sixties and myself spoke about the possibility of zero unforced changes in the Tip Sheet last week and with Team List Tuesday hot off the presses we have had that particular hypothesis confirmed. Brad Arthur has handed a number of out of sort Eels what looks to be a final reprieve after naming Jai Field to five-eighth in place on the injured Dylan Brown in the solitary adjustment to the team that was blown off the park by the Rabbitohs in Round 16.

I don’t like the choice. I disagree with the choice. I will certainly be critical of the choice in this here blog but with all that said, I can see why the call was made. I have rattled on about it ad nauseam this year but the lack of a reserve grade competition is seriously warping these sort of selection decisions across the NRL.

Still, Waqa Blake should have been dropped for mine after last week. He might very well still end up watching the match from the stands should Brad Takairangi be called upon in a gameday gambit but I think the correct move was to outright drop Waqa on Team List Tuesday. There are compelling arguments to have followed suit with Maika Sivo and perhaps Shaun Lane but at the very minimum I think that Blake’s issues have been compounding down our right-edge for too long and we needed to do something.

To clarify my position on these roster moves, by calling out the likes of Blake, Sivo and Lane I don’t want it to be misunderstood as complete votes of no confidence in these men. At anything close to reasonable form all three stand to be crucial contributors to the team but I think each of them could use a chance to step back from the weekly grind and refresh their minds.

‘BA’ has historically empowered his men by backing them through lean runs and outside of the bizarre 2018 season they have repaid the faith so I can see why he is taking this angle. Still, as we have seen a modicum of attacking miscues spiral into a season worst drubbing over the course of the last two months it feels like staying the course is not the correct option this week.

I have laid the vast majority of the blame at the feet of the players during our recent struggles. I very much stand by that but in making this choice – which I should point out, could very well be the correct one if we do return to form – I think that Sunday’s result will be the first one that could and should be levied against the coaches.

In saying all of this, I truly hope that Arthur and his fellow coaches have made the right call. The New Zealand Warriors present a formidable opponent for the Eels this week. They have refused to roll over all season amidst the most challenging of conditions and laid out the wood on the Newcastle Knights in Round 16. Perhaps rolling out our strongest potential line-up regardless of form is the right course of action but I would be lying if I said I was happy about it.

I very much hope to be proven wrong on Sunday as the Eels roar to life and vindicate themselves and their coaches. Catch you all then!


Parramatta Eels New Zealand Warriors
1 Clinton Gutherson 1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2 Maika Sivo 2 Adam Pompey
3 Michael Jennings 3 Hayze Perham
4 Waqa Blake 4 Peta Hiku
5 Blake Ferguson 5 Gerard Beale
6 Jai Field 6 Kodi Nikorima
7 Mitchell Moses 7 Chanel Harris-Tavita
8 Reagan Campbell-Gillard 8 Jamayne Taunoa-Brown
9 Reed Mahoney 9 Karl Lawton
10 Junior Paulo 10 Lachlan Burr
11 Shaun Lane 11 Jack Murchie
12 Ryan Matterson 12 Tohu Harris
13 Nathan Brown 13 Jazz Tevaga
14 Ray Stone 14 Wayde Egan
15 Marata Niukore 15 Adam Blair
16 Kane Evans 16 Josh Curran
17 Oregon Kaufusi 17 Isaiah Papali’i
18 Haze Dunster 18 Paul Turner
19 Andrew Davey 19 Tom Ale
20 Brad Takairangi 20 Adam Keighran
21 Stefano Utoikamanu 21 TBA
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Colin Hussey

If there is a loss this week, then one would think and hope that changes are made the following week.


Changes to BA and the coaches or the players?

On thing about BA, he’s predictable. I’m expecting another loss this weekend and a flogging the week after now.


I feel that BA is repeating history staying loyal to players who are letting him down. Unfortunately no reserve grade forces his hand a bit but 1 of Sivo or Blake should of had a week off.
I want to believe in BA but if we continue our slide the questions will need to be asked


Agreed Offside, they (team) should be fine tuning their attack and defence now coming into the finals, but for me we looked flat over the last four weeks and that is a concern. Defence outwide has been poor.
I only hope they can lift and make an improvement otherwise we are making up the numbers only, which will be v disappointing. Brown is a loss, but we have 17 players who can all do their job and lift.
They have to in my view or finishing 4th or worse, and a flat end to season is on the cards…..


Like to see Marata and S.Lane swap positions for a trial. I think Marata could turn into our ” Kikau” and also S. Lane would be forced to actually get involved.

!0 Year Member

If anyone should have a break it’s Moses.

The rev aka Snedden

Really I just think his run out of ideas when attacking in the opposition 20 zone. He had a month of with his calf injury how long do you want him to have off ?

If anything he needs to start running more n taking on the line.


Rev they need to play more direct; but the forwards have to lay the foundation first; go back to the first 10 rounds or so. Must be Hungry with the ball and off it.

The rev aka Snedden

Jr and RCG can’t do much more it’s our backrow letting them down. The backrow have offloading in there Game.

Our backs are way of the pase Gutherson has stopped passing to Sivo or Ferguson n getting smashed each Time the wingers are running one out n not making any ground.


I watched BA’s interview from earlier in the week (Yesterday) and he was forthright. The upside is with players returning BA’s faith is everybody wins! (except the Warriors). The downside, another week of picking over the entrails. And burning our jerseys of course. Well, maybe not mine. I’ll get someone else’s.

The rev aka Snedden

Well this was clear as day that Field was going to be 5 \ 8. With that being said I expect Gutherson to be in the Front Line when attacking n Field at fullback. Then swapping in defence. Just a question for anyone. Does anyone think Sivo should shift to Centre n Jenko to wing ? On Waqa I like him but his defence is really poor for someone that’s played around 100 NRL Games to his name. I’m worried about this Game because if the rooster’s beat Canberra we skip to 5th n good bye 2nd chance n home… Read more »

Last edited 4 days ago by The rev aka Snedden

Not to 5th, it would be to 4th if we lose. Roosters and Raiders both on 22 points, we are on 24 points. Only one of those to can go to 24 points, making us 4th


I am stunned rev….you would move Sivo to centre, generally a specialist defensive position these days and move our best defensive centre to the wing…… what could you possibly hope to prove with such a “brain snap”. The problem with both Waqar and Sivo is technically they do not know how to defend and equally do not know how to read a play. I agree wholeheartedly with 40/20’s views on Field but do accept that maybe Field will play fullback and Guth 5/8. I thought that Waqar who is still an attacking weapon may have a better chance of defending… Read more »


Pops, I often am aghast at some of your prognostications in regard to team members or coach analysis. Not this time my. I am about 80% in agreement with you my fellow would-be analyst, your dismantling of the rev was not too difficult because your reasoning is clear and sound, unlike the good rev? Waqa is a case in point for sincere consideration, I too believe he is a winger if his defensive reads and performances are anything to go on. Sivo is even more clearly not a very confident winger at the moment which solves two problems if we… Read more »


Rowdy, thank you for your kind words, nothing like a good prognostication to get the blood flowing….. Lol All that said I keep putting the bait out there that we are an overrated side and no one takes it. I am as loyal as anyone when it comes to Parra but whilst its great to be supportive of the team….. I think we have to be realistic about the actual players in our team. If we had a rep side picked tomorrow i.e. origin…..we would not get a player in!! That tells me that for a team on schedule to… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Pops I read what you say here n on the other site with snake n Fong. Between the 3 of you I have read with deep thoughts on what you have to say n I respect your decision but this time is going to be the Only Time I agree with you. On Sivo moving to Centre was just a question put out There for ppl to give me their thoughts. At least we agree on gutherson to 5\8 n Field to fullback. Not sure on bringing Rankin into the side I’d bring salmon in instead. But I keep getting… Read more »


Firstly you might see me on the other site with the 2 you mention but putting the 3 of us together is quite an insult. If you asked them they would tell you likewise what they think about me. I like both sites and am much more respectful of the people on here with regard to manners…..that won’t stop me giving a direct opinion notwithstanding. I think it is great to talk around selections but when you talk about Sivo going to the centres, I have no idea how you could accommodate such a thought…. anyway that’s fine…I assume your… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

No name’s not Keith not by a long shot poppa. The reason for me saying Sivo to Centre it’s because him coming off his wing. Look I for one am happy for your opinion poppa opinions are like heads everyone has we agree or not.

I hope Brad Arthur has done his homework n told the player’s stay on the wings. Look I hope we win if not then yeah heads should roll.

Luke Winley

Well be sweet.
We havent lost 2 in a row all year but youd think we are running 9th. Junior paulo needs to start running through brick walls and his halves will get all excited all over again.


I’m disappointed in the lack of change, partly because I think it’s harder to justify handing Dunster his debut the following week against the Panthers, should Blake again fail to perform (regardless of the team win/loss). If anything, it makes it more likely that Salmon or Taka would get the chance, given we’re only a few weeks from finals. Personally, I think either would offer more. Taka is a known quantity, definitely good for an error, but also with ball skills in attack. I noted a few weeks back that I’d be interested to see how Salmon goes, given we’re… Read more »

Achilles' Eel

Can the TCT crew – just for fun, or for old times’ sake – pick a reserve grade and under-20s team next week? I miss the listing of all three grades.


Difficult with only 28 blokes available to pick from.

Achilles' Eel

It was intended as a light-hearted hypothetical exercise, given how now there are murmurings that the lower grades might not see the light of day for another year.


Point taken Achy. Don’t mind me mate. Apparently there is a quasi Sydney/Metro Cup going on which I’m told has quite a few young fellas running around in it along with others. Yesterday I was also told there is an U20’s comp being played that features the same’s not played by district teams against each other ie Parra v Penriff though, more like Rouse Hill v whoever?

Achilles' Eel

No worries, Rowdy, mi casa es su casa; and thanks for the additional info. I hope the young fellas coming through now can still get a fighting chance to prove their worth. It’s a hard time for 18 to 25 year olds seeking secure employment in many industries.

jack herd

If the boys cannot get up for this one, they got more serious issues than we thought. The trust he has in this starting lineup will mean the likes of Waka, Lane and Sivo will need to drastically improve or they will be dropped. I like how BA has left their future in their own hands. I expect a big improve from the boys this week…back to our grinding, suffocating best.

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