The Cumberland Throw

Post Game Grades – Round 16 vs Rabbitohs


Parramatta_Eels_logo.svg  Parramatta Eels 0

  South Sydney Rabbitohs 38


The Good:
The Bad:
Phil Gould’s nauseating commentary and Parramatta’s inability to look even remotely interested in Rugby League tonight. 

What an absolutely inept performance from a team many had not only locked into the Top 4, but viewed as ready to cruise towards the Finals. Forget matchups and home finals, for weeks Eels fans had nervously wondered whether this team was on track to challenge for the trophy or destined to eventually book a Balinese end of season trip. Tragically tonight it looked like they had one hand on that boarding pass.

Brad Arthur needs to take a long look at the mindset of the team that ran out there tonight; a team looking like they either thought it would be an easy night out or were not ready for a game of NRL football. This pathetic performance wasn’t bounce of the ball stuff, but rather a glaring lack of preparation. Whether that was the result of individual players or a broader systems issue is a question I’m not in a position to answer.

Like some sort of magical machine invented by Willy Wonka, the Parramatta Eels are once again Rugby League’s disappointment machine; churning out equal doses of baseless hope and frustrating disillusionment on the 20 plus round conveyor belt of an NRL Season. Somehow both disappointing and unsurprising, in what will no doubt feel like a familiar tune for Eels fans, it seems we are once again all hype, no substance.

In other words: Christmas is cancelled, kids.

The X-Factor:
We really shouldn’t take anything away from Souths, they were excellent tonight. With that now said, I don’t care how good our opposition played; I’m here to dissect the now clearly decaying corpse of the Parramatta Eels Premiership credibility.

Tonight was a smorgasbord of Rugby League missteps; missed tackles, misfiring attack and a missed opportunity to silence our many doubters. This team evidently still has a long way to go.

Remember when we were good at Bankwest? Tonight’s humiliation now makes it 3 losses at home in Season 2020; it is our fortress no longer.

Tonight the Eels had an incredible 57 missed tackles across 80 minutes tonight (for context the Tigers missed 26 at the opening of Bankwest, the Broncos 40 in Week 1 of the Finals). Our frantic opening attack invited Souths to simply crank up the pressure on our defence; a once signature feature of our 2020 Season.

Having made 14 errors last week, and another 9 tonight, the Eels now have 192 errors for the season, the second highest figure in the NRL. The Eels ran for less metres (2891 to 2231), conceded more penalties (5 to 2) and had less ball (43%) than their opposition.

Next week will mark 9 weeks since we last played well.

The MVP:

1- Clinton Gutherson (c)

Fullback, Parramatta Eels

Earlier this afternoon, Clint Gutherson walked into Bankwest as cool as a southerly on a summer’s day. Little did he know the bloodbath that awaited him.

Sure, 20 runs for 212 metres and 3 tackle breaks is a really good individual attacking game, but as a leader Gutho is still learning how best to lift his team when we get into a hole; a task he clearly wasn’t able to achieve tonight.

Not unlike how halves take the blame for a spluttering attack, Captains (and coaches, for that matter) need to cop some of what a team dishes out, both good and bad. Tonight, there was only the latter.

2- Maika Sivo

Left Wing, Parramatta Eels

Many of you will not realise but in Fijian, the name “Maika” roughly translates to “frustratingly inconsistent second season”.

3- Michael Jennings

Left Centre, Parramatta Eels

Michael Jennings tried hard (17 runs, 155 metres, 4 tackle breaks), but didn’t get results (4 missed tackles, we lost 38-0).

4- Waqa Blake

Right Centre, Parramatta Eels

I’m sick of looking on the bright side of Waqa Blake’s season. Not only did he do nothing in attack (5 runs for 46 metres), Waqa was out there tonight defending like he was midway through a game of Twister; left leg green, right leg blue. Mark the defensive vaccine down for another 4 missed tackles tonight, and hopefully a spell on the sidelines to think about what he’s done.

5- Blake Ferguson

Right Wing, Parramatta Eels

Not unlike his nose, Blake Ferguson’s try scoring and defensive compass is all messed up. After shutting out Melbourne last week, our right edge was an absolute nightmare once again tonight.

It wasn’t all bad (14 runs, 138 metres), but I still feel like I’ve seen this Blake Ferguson movie before, and it sucked enough the first time. 

6- Dylan Brown

Five Eighth, Parramatta Eels

It was admittedly only a couple minutes after his injured his ankle, but Dylan Brown showed uncharacteristically horrific defence on Cody Walker’s first half try. Yes, The Bag made some inspired runs to score one of our numerous disallowed tries (and only missed 1 tackle, making 19), but in the end it’s back to the drawing board for this team and our halves pairing. Hopefully that ankle isn’t too bad (update: it is).

7- Mitchell Moses

Halfback, Parramatta Eels

As touched on above, as our halves pairing you’d think Mitchell Moses and Dylan Brown are supposed to be our attacking leaders. Whether it’s the lack of attacking training, Gus Gould’s mock or simply a form slump, I wouldn’t follow either of these guys in a conga line at the moment with any sort of confidence.

Although he put up a few nice kicks, Mitch was simply too frantic inside the first 20 minutes, single handedly pushing passes that either weren’t on or were poorly executed. He also missed 5 tackles, with a further 3 ineffective.

We suck in attack at the moment, and rightly or wrongly it’s the guy in the 7 jersey who will often cop the blame. For what it’s worth in this instance, I think that’s more than fair.

8- Reg Campbell Gillard

Prop, Parramatta Eels

Once again rocking the sort of moustache that could topple a government, tonight RCG ran 15 times for 132m, made 38 and missed 5 tackles. In other words, he was just like a bunch of other blokes in Blue & Gold tonight to do some things well whilst remaining relatively fruitless in defence.

9- Reed Mahoney

Hooker, Parramatta Eels

Although that error early in the second half was a gut punch, Reed Mahoney was not only one tackle short of leading the Eels in tackles made (50), he was also the only Eel not to record a missed tackle. He was not perfect, but he certainly wasn’t the problem.

If you want to blame Reed for tonight’s loss, well that’s on you.

10- Junior Paulo

Prop, Parramatta Eels

Not necessarily one of those Junior Paulo games your grandfather told you about, Junez was nonetheless effective with the ball in hand (12 runs for 111m, 3 tackle breaks and a couple of beautiful passes butchered by his outside men). However like most Eels, Junior’s defence (5 missed tackles, 3 ineffective) left a lot to be desired.

11- Shaun Lane

Second Row, Parramatta Eels

After a quietly good game last week, Shaun Lane straight up shat the bed tonight; not only ineffective in attack (12 runs for 85 metres, 1 error, 1 try stopping obstruction) but also playing saboteur of our edge defence (5 missed tackles).

12- Ryan Matterson

Second Row, Parramatta Eels

One of the few shining lights in the starting 13 tonight, the Beautiful Stranger ran 12 times for 119 metres, had 3 tackle breaks and made 41 tackles. Feel free to mark his papers as “not the issue”.

13- Nathan Brown

Lock, Parramatta Eels

Likes: 17 runs for 158 metres, a team high 51 tackles, piña coladas, getting caught in the rain.

Dislikes: An error and a team high 6 missed tackles.


14- Ray Stone

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

On one hand, Ray Stone made several Rabbitohs think twice about running in his direction, chopping them down in the prime of their life as part of his 22 tackles. On the other hand, he also needs to ensure those hits stick, as in his 28 minutes tonight Stoney managed to miss a team high 6 tackles.

Oh, and he also ran for 0 metres.

15- Andrew Davey

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Andrew Davey had never lost at Bankwest Stadium. Now he has, and the music is fading.

16- Kane Evans

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Kane Evans was neither the problem nor the solution for the Eels tonight.

17- Oregon Kaufusi

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Oregon Kaufusi actually played pretty well in his 31 minutes of game time, with 4 runs for 45m, 1 tackle break and 29 tackles with only 1 miss. Big Country doesn’t deserve to be tarred with the same brush as his comrades.

I don’t want to overreact or anything but …

Don’t you hate well meaning, well intentioned and down to earth opposition fans with perspective?

Looking forward, only Eels fans will be cheering for us as we take on everyone’s second team, the New Zealand Warriors. In truth, this will be the only time this season I won’t be cheering for them. Whatever happens, I bet it will feel better than this.

I guess I’ll see you then, sports fans.

Go you Eels,



Photos courtesy of the Parramatta Eels. Stats courtesy of the legends over at Champion Data.

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Ahh we are starting to unravel…… The frailties that is our right edge has been bubbling for months now. Not wanting to miss out, Maika has followed suit. I am not sure where to from here…


That hurt. I can’t believe I drove 90 minutes there and back to watch my team put in that performance. It was clear 20 minutes in that their heads weren’t in the game, and we were no chance of a comeback. I could see effort from a few players, but a total lack of composure both with and without the ball. I couldn’t even drink it away, as I had to drive home. My only positive is that I didn’t have to listen to Gus dribble and hate on us; damn but I despise him. Waqa Blake… there were a… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

you get your entrance money back if not you should that was HORRIBLE. i feel for you having to watch live that trash we dished up


Always slow to jump on the band wagon for the eels. I’m not keen to write them off. Will always love em there’s no way around that. Will say this; if I turned up to work one day made all sorts of mistakes heart not in it – missed opportunities and in general looked as though I didn’t want to be there. Got a nice chat from the boss at lunch & arguably performed worse after that. I’d be looking for a new job pretty quickly. These guys are pro’s to go from 14-0 for to 0-38 against in 7… Read more »

Jeff Cooke

Nothing changes my 57-year allegiance to Parra but, boy, they know how to hurt their fans when they have a mind to. Tonight was horrible to say the least and I’m struggling to find the reason(s) they played so poorly. We’re still 3rd and making wholesale changes this close to the finals doesn’t make any sense but making everyone accountable does. I’m not pinning the loss on one guy but Blake needs a rest I think. Our defence out wide is atrocious and every opposition knows it by now.


Out of the 57 missed tackles I think about 20 of them were in the nauseating run when Latrelle made it from the in-goal to the 50.up the night really.
The only positive I can take from the night would be that we still remain in the top 4, and that there were no injuries/charges. Perhaps this is the (yet another) wakeup call the boys needed.
I’ll be tuning in next week for a better performance!


That run was when I just about packed up and went home. We went from a potential line drop out to near defending our line.


RCG got charged


The sky is falling i dong see us recovering from this shit show.
1 positive ill take is Stone looks bettervat dummy half each time but thats it no positives


Very kind grade for Waqa there.


A simple well executed game plan turned our mob into a rabble. Lucky our defence is in order and only gave up SEVEN tries. We are in serious danger of exiting the top four arse first. S. Lane. Z grade.

!0 Year Member

We must have focused on attack this week


Not as kind as the grade he gave Sivo, he doesn’t even have a poor go.

Soren Lorenson

Is it too late to unpledge?

The Captain

I can take a loss, heck I’m a lifelong Eels fan born one year after our last premiership – I learnt how to handle a loss many, many years ago. What I can’t handle is trending downwards and dropping effort when so many things are in your favour. This season has been pretty kind to us: We have had a pretty favourable draw We started the season off with 2 confidence boosting wins against 2 pretty poor opposition We have had one of the fewest injuries this season (especially to key players) We haven’t had to travel as much or… Read more »


Best response so far…sums it up perfectly. I too was “very surprised” at BA in the presser – love the guy but he wasn’t “owning his effort areas” to well. And it doesn’t seem to be “an easy fix” getting beat by 38-0.

Rival coach and media questioned BA and players integrity just a week ago (and all week in the papers) – this is the response.

It’s not a 5 alarm fire, but there are multiple bells ringing (or should be).

Salty Pete

So true Captain. It is almost as if the NRL have set the comp up for the Eels to win. Easier draw. Many home games. Unfortunately, these advantage have made the team complacent.

West Coast Eel

What a dismal performance! I knew we’ve been bad over the last few weeks, but I was confident because our defence was holding up. Not anymore. A lot of work to do between now and the finals. If we keep playing like last night and drop a few more games, we’ll miss out on the top four. PS I hate Thursday night games.


Grades were very difficult in this game, Dylan Brown was the best for the team playing on one leg, daylight second then Gutho and Matterson. When your best performing middles are Kaufusi and Evans, that lines up the team performance with the 3/4 line offering little. Leaving early for the first time in years, spoke to my son who coaches Div1 in junior footy, his comments were how pedestrian and obvious we were with the ball. Went on to be far more complex about overs and A defenders, but stated that Souffs just read every play Same as he was… Read more »


Derek, one for you as you know me being based in Qld I don’t see the juniors….is Dunster up to first grade…. and are we likely to have any quality backs potentially available for next year….. I understand that many have not played for some time if at all.

Big Derek

Dunster for a game or 2 could fill in, my main concern is running the same plays continuously and then not Understanding that experienced coaches actually review games and plan accordingly. We have some capable juniors coming through, but not sure that they are up to the standard we are seeing at Riff.
Conditioning staff changed and we have seen benefits, probably time to reassess the asst coaches. Some closer to the club don’t like that view as they see them as good people, which they are, but change is good ( see Barrett and others )


Is Sivo injured? He doesn’t seem to be running with as much vigour the last few weeks. And Moses needs to find a new dry cleaner – his current one clearly charges too much to clean the dinner suit he doesn’t want to dirty by actually taking on the line and getting tackled. Was watching and wished it had of been Moses go down instead rather than Brown


Sivo is caught up in his own hype

One Put Pete

Good write up Mitch. It captures my feeling exactly.
Were have we lost the Bankwest zest we showed at the opening games and the first half of this season. I am sad that the team has lost it’s cohesion and ability to dominate.
We have only 5 rounds to go, before the finals, and need to pick up our game plan and get back to the basics of attack and defence to be a contender.


I put this loss solely down to 60s, they obviously read his preview and believed it. What happened to our defence sieve, more holes than usual? They went around our edges and thru the centre. And when we attacked their edges that had 2-3 tacklers. BA better look at the video of that match and fix our D pronto. And our popgun attack, don’t get me started. I’m bitterly BA has been given another year. Good coach but not a great one and I have no hope that he’ll even get us to a gf let alone win one. Good… Read more »


I think it’s a bit harsh pointing the finger at one player for our defence the problem goes a lot deeper.Seriously on every occasion Souths threw the ball out wide they managed to get on the outside with ease it was like watching a Division 1 side play a division 2 side.I don’t recall our defensive coach being noted for his defence more his strong carry of the football.We need to get rid of this compressed defensive structure teams are exploiting it with ease and we are void of ideas.DONT GET ME STARTED ON OUR ATTACK.We need changes same old… Read more »

Trapped in the 1970's

I’ve read and I’d heard that with this squad we are in the first of a two to three year premiership window. Who’d have thought? The squad on paper should be a top four team and they occupy that table position, but really that’s where it ends.It is looking as though this team’s better performances are their inconsistent form, while their poor to average games are their consistent “form”. Some of last night tries were again scored not through some wonderfully rehearsed slick backline play, or a freakish pass or bounce of the ball, but a simple catch and pass… Read more »


I read a lot about taking a rest and just don’t get it? These blokes are cooped up in a bubble and should be busting out all over the place when they get a game of football. Our problem is that in trying to fix our problems on the fringes we have disrupted our whole defensive structure. Every time they overlapped us outwide, the scramble to cover meant we had nothing left in the middle. If Gagai and Johnson were playing on the respective wings we would have had 60 put on us! Sivo and Waqar have to go, its… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Pops, no real disagreement from me, but gee after watching more than half of last nights game, that whole backline with perhaps the exception of MJ, Guth & MM, seems that DB is gone for year now also, needs a large rocket in the rear end to get them to another club. Fergo is coming in too often, & I’m not talking about the way he leaves his wing but how he clutters the team up with coming in to take a pass and try to run, when was the last time he broke the line, and how much time… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Colin the reason why Ferguson is coming in it’s because he can’t leave his inside man so there for it’s not Ferguson fault it’s Waqa fault.

Colin Hussey

Rev, if you read my second paragraph, you will not that I am not referring to Fergy in regards to him coming in to his inside man as he cannot leave him rather its the amount of times that he is playing in the middle, also the aspect that he does not make very much ground from there either.

RE Blake, for me I would rather see him on the wing and Fergy at centre. The other aspect is that that right side has been a monumental problem for some time now and before Fergy and Blake arrived.

The rev aka Snedden

hey popa does Franky n rattle snake know your on this great site i thought you need their permission lol

The rev aka Snedden

Weather there in a bubble or igloo there still tired how the Panthers are doing it who know’s but our team is tired


Yes, a toss up between Reed and Matto for MVP, but no one wants to look for the coin. Ive thought all year that we just don’t number up, Souths laid that bare, skinned it without mercy. The ease they created not only 2 on 1 but 3 on 1 was embarrassing.OK, we re going for compression but the problem is that our opponents want to play on the whole field. Even the lower clubs get more numbers in red zone defence than us. Remember when Robert Jennings put 4 or 5 on Michael and George and he ran around… Read more »

Salty Pete

It’s been a while since I have made any comment on the fortunes of this side, but last night’s effort has compelled me as I believe we have witnessed BA’s deficiencies as a coach. This is a good Parra team, but they are flat – very flat and have been for weeks. BA, like Bellamy and Robinson, should have been rotating fresh blood through this squad for weeks: Taka, Field, Salmon, Smith Dunster, and others. The effect is two-fold: Keeps the 17 on their toes, and more importantly, spells the players who need refreshing. The problem is now all the… Read more »


You are spot on Salty.

The Captain

To be fair most of the rotations made by Storm and Roosters have been forced due to injury. But given the fact that we don’t have a reserve grade competition or any byes this season, it seems like a smart move to keep some rotation going. I don’t think it’s too late for a few changes. Wholesale changes, yes, too late but not a few here and there. Look at Davey – he’s come in and shown desire and talent. Sivo and Blake need a spell, they’ve had plenty of time to turn things around and haven’t. It’s no good… Read more »

Longfin Eel

As bad as we were last night through lack of focus, lack of creation, lack of attention to detail, the coach must take a fair chunk of the responsibility. We completely unraveled through Souths attention to detail and focus and creativity. Their technical plays completely bamboozled us and we had no answers. As the commentators said, we must have watched videos of Souths all week yet still looked puzzled with what they did to us. This is just not acceptable, and something the whole team and coaching staff need to address very quickly. If not we will certainly only be… Read more »

jack herd

I dont normally comment but I need to vent. The last few weeks have covered up some potential serious issues with our side. When things are going our way, we can look like magic but when the game is on the line we need mitch to step up and grab it by the scruff of the much as I love him, I am yet to convince he can turn the game like (keary, cleary, walker, munster)…Our right edge defence has been a shambles since waka and fergo have started playing together…there is no quick fix and to be honest,… Read more »

Salty Pete

Couldn’t agree more. There is a lack of energy. I actually think Moses is still injured, and should have been rested more. Big issue is none of the replacement players have match fitness because BA wasn’t smart enough to rotate them into the squad weeks ago just in case they might be needed – like now. I think it’s a massive up from the coach.

jack herd

I thin there is a careful balance between consistency with the team and blooding some of these guys during the soft part of the draw….I would ring in some of these changes this week just to keep everyone on their toes. Our first contact in defence is poor, we are not hit and sticking..Mitch needs to engage the line more (which indicates he may be injured)…we are playing way too impatiently. What happened to blowing teams off the park through the middle, through relentless battering and then waiting for the points to come. Ever since the pressure of our “attack”… Read more »


Sums it up


Lol but so true.

The rev aka Snedden

I’ve seen car crashes that look better then the Rubble we dished up last night. Mitch i read a stat last night b4 the game & it said no team has lost the following week after keeping another side to 0 n the other side who won by 50+ the week b4 had lost the week after playing the team who kept the other side scoreless. our right side defense is a rubble. ive been saying this for a while bring Takarangi into the centre’s n drop Waqa for a few games. you should’t have even give them a rating.… Read more »

Last edited 10 days ago by The rev aka Snedden
Colin Hussey

I have a question! what was the reason for the DB no try? I have to say that this game was likely the most embarrassing I have seen for a long time, the nil score line showed it all, as was the first UGM try in short time, doubt my stop watch would have picked it up. While its hard to point the point the finger at one player, rather one needs hands with 9 fingers & point with them both, Inept, in a big way also embarrassing owing to way they played, not as a team but as individuals.… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

it was the lead up into the try brown ran into a gap were a eels player was standing there for obstructing the attempted tackle of a south’s player

Colin Hussey

Thanks Rev. Had an answer, nuther question to ask in relation to it, but makes no point in the end.

The rev aka Snedden

I want to do a poll

Semi vs Sivo
who would you Rather


No brainer


The answer does seem Semi but Is this a trick question rev?

The rev aka Snedden

No my son its straight forward who would you rather semi or sivo. simple as that .

Salty Pete

Rev, I personally think Semi and Eric Grothe Senior are Parra’s two best ever wingers.

The rev aka Snedden

We have had some good wingers salty that’s a big call on semi but 100% on Eric grothe senior.


Its not a big call on Semi at all, he is now regarded as the best in the world in Rugby terms.

The rev aka Snedden

your right with semi poppa his the best in the world at rugby not league.


yes agreed and by a country mile….I never thought anyone could get close to Eric Snr but Semi was the closest.


Mitch the MVP should go to those of us supporters who sat there and watched the debacle for the entire 80 minutes.


I was given a free ticket last night and for the first time sat in the Brett Kenny Concourse (and I still feel like I’m owed a refund). Maybe im spoiled, usually being in the stands, but I must say im not a fan of the concourse at all. Its a horrible view but to each his or her own I guess. Ill not sit there again even for free. And while on Bankwest, what the hell is with the surface? Our guys looked like they were on skates last night. That late try by the Souths winger where he… Read more »


Geez your lucky I pay 4 k to watch this but luckily I am battle hardened from the disappointments of the 90 s and I’m a sucker for punishment anyway so will continue to support my team till I die.We are Parramatta.


Yeah I definitely appreciated the freebie but the view and the performance soured the experience somewhat. Regardless it was probably better than my first game at Cumberland in 1964 seated on the splintering planks.
Onwards and upwards. They say its not how often you get knocked down but how ofter you get back up is the mark of a man. I guess we will see.

!0 Year Member

So we need to be good in defence to win a comp, we need to be in the top 4 to win a comp, no one whom has lost by 38 to zip during the regular season has won a comp. Looks like another year missed. But I still hold eternal hope.

We look tired and bereft of ideas. I place our problems down to our attack. We are unable to reward our forward for all their hard work and we have not been able to for a few weeks. They are human after all.


The juvenile attacking plan which good coaches eat for breakfast has a lot to do with it. No variation from dummy half but the long pass to Moses see’s us going sideways continually. Dylan was the only back to attack the line directly.

Colin Hussey

10 Year, How can a team that had no defence or dare I say was ultra poor in their defence have any hope of winning by scoring no tries. We have been good in defence but sadly at this point of the season, all that has been shafted by last nights performance in defence and non existent attacking plays? I am not a direct member anymore but have been a following supporter of the eels since the 1950’s. The play last night rated amongst the worst in that time. BUT! it wont stop me from supporting them, just hope to… Read more »

Last edited 9 days ago by Colin Hussey
Jonny boy

I agree with you regarding
Reed Mahoney
But next time Parra play watch how many first up contact he makes
Hardly ever unless he goes legs.
Mahoney is always 3rd or 4th in the tackle which makes his tackle count higher than it should be and makes his stats look allot better than they are.

Parra fanatic

Since Reed resigned he has been ordinary. You can defend him all you like but even his performances have not been up to par. The team needs a freshener up as all players looked lethargic and tiered. Yet IV watched training a few times lately and there are no excuses a for there performance. BA has to take the blame He has his favourites and whether they are performing or not he persists with them. You have a squad of 30 for a reason. Use the players. Stop playing favourites to underperforming players Stop being their mate and start being… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

The Canberra game was his last good Game


You’ve been watching training lately? Next time you’re there, come over and say gday.

Peter Johnson

A question. When counting missed tackles do they include tackles that are not attempted and “air swings” that miss their mark completely? If they were counted they would be nearly doubled.


It’s all over for 2020, they’ve hit the wall and look exhausted, they need new voices new ideas and if they aren’t gonna sack BA they need new assistant coaches…Flanagan would be ideal but BA won’t go for someone more intelligent than himself.

The rev aka Snedden

iv’e stated that brad needs Flanagan also but when brads time is up i think we should go after Flanagan


Rev, for me personally if Flanagan ever steps into our club that will be it for me. No morals for me.


Seconded Milo.


Why’s that sixties, will your blogs be put in disarray?


Will my blogs be put into an untidy state? No, I will always attempt to keep them as organised as possible.


Nice smother, why won’t you be happy if Flanagan ever coaches at Parra?


Some very poignant comments. For me its a few things: Our point of attack seems to be flat footed / and sideways, and it has been for a while. Its poor and the amount of times our halves catch the ball not running is frustrating. Defence outwide – everyone can see it (Stevie Wonder can for heavens sake…). Our errors have caused a headache for a month or so now. I know we cannot win each week, but the mentality of doing the 1%ers has to kick in. We have too many backs who seem to clock off…….read into that… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

I keep hearing n reading that gutherson to 5\8 to replace Brown. Well it’s all good but I’ve got another idea.

(1) Field
(2) Dunster
(3) Jenko
(4) Gutherson
(5) Ferguson
(6) Salmon
(7) Moses
(8) Evans
(9) Mahoney
(10) RCG
(11) Brown
(12) Stone
(13) Matterson

(14) takarangi
(15) Paulo
(16) Lane
(17) kaufusi

Just my thoughts on this weekend’s Game.


Are you off your head where’s Marata.Has only been one of our best consistently all year

Last edited 8 days ago by Gustarny
The rev aka Snedden

Calm down forgot marata


Just to clarify Rev, you would move our in form spine player, and introduce three players who have either played zero or almost no footy this year?

Salty Pete

Yep. Sixties is spot on. I don’t think BA can introduce Salmon or Smith even if he wants to. He has painted himself into a corner due to lack of squad rotation. Has to be Field or Taka and leave the rest of the spine and team intact and hope for the best! Bearing in mind whoever he chooses has to last the rest of the season in all likelihood. My personal preference is for Salmon if he had been playing. Not sure that is the right choice though under the current circumstances.


To be honest, our injury situation to this point has been good. Other teams have not had a great run and this is when they have introduced other players. I’m not sure that there has been too much rotation used by any coach apart from injuries or form lapse enforced changes

Salty Pete

Possibly Sixties, but we have had form lapses with no consequences for any players. Robinson dropped the comps leading point scorer when he felt the Roosters were a little off even though they were winning. We have been off for weeks with no changes.

The rev aka Snedden

So who would you bring in sixties. I’m thinking fresh let’s yes I understand no Match fitness but who would you slot into 6

Salty Pete

Rev, I like Salmon as a player but believe BA has already shown his hand when Moses was injured. It will be Field. I think Salmon must be on the outer. Maybe he’s going elsewhere next year? Anyway, it’s a tough ask given the team is already out of form.

The rev aka Snedden

Your trying to tell me that Gutherson’s in form if so then sorry his just as much out of Form as the rest. Sorry his play on the 5th is not on all I see his him gutherson running after the ball from sideline to sideline. I Think gutherson needs to touch the ball more n that’s why I Think field shifts to fullback we could use his speed n gutherson talk in the front line.

Colin Hussey

If as some have said that Field is no good in defence, why would you have him at Fullback?


He wouldn’t

The rev aka Snedden

So who does Brad bring in surely not matterson n marata to backrow


He won’t move Matto he told him he wasn’t a five eighth.3 options in my opinion.
3-Taka that would mean no other backline changes


I’ve said for a couple of months, the Eels have a 4th year that is above every other team’s. But some teams (Rooster, Panthers, Storm) have a 5th gear that the Eels can’t match. The Rabbitohs came out in 5th gear & were on cruise control for the whole match.

The question is, where can the Eels find the spark to get to another level? Gutho can’t really do better. Moses & Reed seem to have hit a ceiling. D Brown is out. I reckon it has to be Waqa & Fergo. They have to find some magic.

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