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Team List Tuesday – Field Marshalled For The New Field Marshall Edition

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Let’s go! Brad Arthur has eschewed conventional selection form this week and dropped a bomb in naming Jai Field to replace Mitchell Moses. While Field was one of the candidates I explored in yesterday’s blog ‘The Surrogate 7’, I incorrectly deduced that ‘BA’ would favour a known quantity in Brad Takairangi – especially given that there has been no Canterbury Cup to leverage form or match fitness from. Instead, Arthur has zigged when all the money was on a zag and named the high upside option to partner Dylan Brown in the halves.

It is a bold move from ‘BA’. One that speaks in equal measures to the confidence he has in other playmakers and to just how much Field has impressed in exceptionally limited opportunities. Naturally you would expect the Eels to streamline his responsibilities and generally act as a pressure valve for Parramatta’s new field marshall in Dylan Brown. The K.I.S.S system should be in full effect here as the coaching staff keep it simple so as not to overload Field in his club debut.

Still, you can’t help but be excited to see what this young tyro can bring to the table on Friday night. Field’s electric pace will allow the Eels to use familiar concepts down the right edge – although his passing game likely won’t be to the level of Moses. Of course there is a risk of expectations rapidly growing beyond reasonable boundaries and it should be stressed that Field is coming into the NRL ice cold. He last saw real footy on the 15th of March in the one and only round of Canterbury Cup to date. Parramatta will need to protect Field defensively and it is quite possible that he will split game time with Brad Takairangi if there are any concerns about conditioning.

It should be apparent but I am pumped up about this move. It is a selection that could herald further aggressive roster moves in the coming season and beyond as Arthur backs the strength of the exceptional core of talent he has nurtured to now in turn nurture a new wave of talent.

In other news, David Gower is back baby! He was stuck on 98 not out for far too long but will take a cheeky single to move to his 99th career game as an Eel in what will be a watershed moment for the one-time NRL journeyman when he finally gets to the milestone. Clinton Gutherson is hot on his heels to join the century club at the Eels but Parramatta’s inspirational captain will celebrate 100 NRL games this week (and his 95th for the Eels) as he leads his team out onto the freshly resurfaced Bankwest Stadium.

Stefano Utoikamanu is now agonisingly close to a NRL debut as he slips into 18th man. Utoikamanu might be departing Parramatta at season’s end but Arthur has consistently delivered the message publicly that the young bookend will get a chance when the time is right. With Kane Evans and Peni Terepo still sidelined and Daniel Alvaro sliding back to the extended bench, Stefano now looms as a very real chance to debut in the coming weeks.

The Cowboys could be a tricky opponent for the Eels. All the form guides and paper matchups suggest Parramatta should win this week, even without the services of Moses, but the Cowboys have rediscovered the knack of scoring points in recent weeks while the Eels are coming off a physically exhausting month of representative calibre games.

No doubt efforts will centre on mitigating the impact of Jason Taumalolo, North Queensland’s best player by eights furlongs, but the likes of Esans Marsters and Scott Drinkwater could cause mischief out wide for the Eels. Valentine Holmes has been named on the extended bench and has been given every chance by coach Paul Green to play on Friday night. Definitely a storyline to follow throughout the week.

The Cowboys have actually had the better of the running between the two teams in recent times, although games in Sydney have been few and far between with the Eels committing their annual Darwin match to the Townsvillains, sorry I mean Townsvillians. While this may be an easier game on paper, Parramatta can ill-afford to take it lightly. Every win without Moses helping steer the ship is huge for seedings in the finals and that challenge starts this week.


Parramatta Eels North Queensland Cowboys
1 Clinton Gutherson 1 Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow
2 Maika Sivo 2 Kyle Feldt
3 Michael Jennings 3 Tom Opacic
4 Waqa Blake 4 Esan Marsters
5 Blake Ferguson 5 Justin O’Neill
6 Dylan Brown 6 Scott Drinkwater
7 Jai Field 7 Jake Clifford
8 Reagan Campbell-Gillard 8 Josh McGuire
9 Reed Mahoney 9 Reece Robson
10 Junior Paulo 10 Jordan McLean
11 Shaun Lane 11 Shane Wright
12 Ryan Matterson 12 Coen Hess
13 Marata Niukore 13 Jason Taumalolo
14 Ray Stone 14 Ben Hampton
15 David Gower 15 Gavin Cooper
16 Oregon Kaufusi 16 Peter Hola
17 Brad Takairangi 17 Francis Molo
18 Stefano Utoikamanu 18 Reuben Cotter
19 Daniel Alvaro 19 Valentine Holmes
20 George Jennings 20 Corey Jensen
21 Will Smith 21 Jake Granville
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Ive got my Tickets and am very muck looking forward to the game i think if Brown and Gutho do the bulk of the game management then young fueld may get to show what he is capable of




I’m seeing an element of like for like in his selection Offside. Moses is one of the fastest halves in the NRL. Field would probably better that.


i consider moses to be a very effective defender and i dont think jai could equal him in that regard. if he is faster it could be a gr8 showing. but has he played more than 10 nrl games

Colin Hussey

I have to admit to being happy to see Field in the side, it may well be a risk but so was Stone (up to a point) it was a selection though that I had suggested in one of the earlier blogs, especially with Taka on the bench, should Sheild show his worth in the position against the cows, it will make for an interesting and very competive spine overal.

Good to see BA taking a chance this early in a new players selection especially one as young as Field is.


I guess he has coverage with Taka on the bench too Colin.


He is also taking a chance with a light weight bench, hope mobility is greater than size.


Field is a terrific inclusion, surprised me. If he gets a chance to take off look out. More importantly our right side needs to shape up in defence. If they can get this right this team will take some beating !


The right side defence will definitely need to lift Prometheus. That’s the greatest risk with Field’s selection.


Great to see Field selected. With the young eels benefiting from Johns mentoring them it will be exciting to see how he goes. It’s a smart move by BA; minimises the disruption, provides a second kicker with some x-factor, keeps the flexibility of Taka on the bench & trials a new elver. Does this mean salmon has dropped down the pecking order or maybe he’s seen solely as a centre? Pleasing to see Gower given a game, keeps the fringe players interested and he always contributes. Overall two selections the are very unlike BA, possibly confidence but it does show… Read more »


Field has been part of Joey’s spine coaching, so as you say, it minimises the disruption of selecting someone who hasn’t been practising those plays.
i think the Eels see Salmon as a centre.


Will Field handle the goal kicking duties like he did in the trial game? Or will gutho retain it?


I’d reckon it would be Gutho.


Just saw on Dyl Brown’s Instagram account that he hates lining up against Jai Field, very quick and elusive. I personally can’t wait to see him play


It will be interesting if they can create space for him.

The rev aka Snedden

Well well field wins the number 7. Am i excited yes. But I do see the reason Imo behind Brad Arthur picking field n Gower. Field will give us speed n a extra goal kicker not sure on his kicking in general is like but hope his support play is like Gutherson’s can’t wait to see him in open space. Gower his not a player that will bend or even break a defence like the bronco’s but Brad has picked him because of his offloading before n after the Line. To me looks like Brad wants to tire out the… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by The rev aka Snedden

Hell no to Benji. I can’t see him being a positive influence on our team at this point. I’d much rather see what Field has to offer.


Billy i like field also. But would make sense to swap 2 player’s that are on the outer at these 2 clubs


Although I would have preferred Salmon I’m really excited about Fields inclusion. Im sure BA is trying to get some miles into the legs of his reserve forwards and thats maybe why Gower gets his chance this week. Any insights on Alvaros minimal minutes last game then out the back door?


I’m excited by this choice. I think it’s showing a lot of faith in Dylan Brown by -not- needing to put the more experienced Taka in (although I’d fully expect him to get a reasonable chunk of game time, as Field won’t be match fit). It’s also the more dynamic option. The Cowboys have shown they’ve got points in them, but both for and against. We’re trusting our defence, and going for the stronger offensive option. I’m always pleased to see Gowie get a run. You know he’s super-fit and will work hard, and he’s yet another forward with ball-playing… Read more »


I suspect Andrew Johns had a hand in this selection. Defence wise put him on the wing and move Wags in. I think it would better suit his defence style with Matterson support. Field is exceptionally fast and even in on attack on the wing with open space he is gone you won’t catch him. The Eels have coped really well with a very tough draw and while BA would see no game as easy this one is easier. No JT no Morgan young halves – it is a chance for two our to shine and they will. Parra has… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Sixties do you think they will hide field in defence instead of putting him on the wing to not have the cowboys run at him.

Personally I’d have a Gutherson in the defensive line n Field at the back in defence n swap them around in attacking period.


Leave it to the coaches ,

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