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The Parramatta Eels Membership Pledge

Over the last few weeks, Parramatta Eels members would have seen or received information about the #ParraForever pledge.

Essentially, Parramatta (and other NRL clubs) are providing the option for members (who can afford to do so) to pledge their ticketed membership for the remainder of the season, even if there is limited likelihood of venues being opened for fans.

There is no expectation that members will do this.

People who can’t pledge are very much still part of the Blue and Gold family – there are no 2021 membership implications for not being able to make the pledge this season.

It is, point-blank, the simplest way that you can help the Eels during this challenging time.

Memberships are an important revenue stream for all NRL clubs. For a club like Parramatta, with nearly 28 thousand members (a large percentage of which are ticketed), the impact of an empty stadium is understandably significant.

By pledging the continued payment of their memberships for this season, supporters can play their part in lightening that impact.

I made the decision to pledge.

From my perspective, my Parramatta Eels membership has always meant more than my seat at the game. Supporting Parra has given me great memories, terrific mates and countless fun days at the footy. I decided that pledging my membership for this season was the easiest way that I could continue that support.

I also figured I was already saving at least $1000 across the season by not being able to attend matches (away games, food, drink etc).

Of course, it’s understandable that many people cannot afford to make that pledge. All Australians have been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have been affected in ways that will change their lives forever.

Outside of the challenges presented by COVID-19, the choice to seek a refund is totally justifiable.

I know of individuals and families who invest in premium memberships such as Captains Club. For some households this amounts to thousands of dollars. It’s unrealistic to expect supporters would continue to outlay money like that in these times – but for those that do, a huge thanks!

In fact, it’s understandable that any supporters might choose to seek a refund for the season. After all, you’ve paid for events that can’t be delivered. Under any similar circumstances a refund is due.

So whether you pledge or not, what the club has offered is that option.

I encourage members to contact the Eels Membership team to ask questions or to clarify your membership decision.

Hopefully we can all return to watching matches at Bankwest Stadium sooner rather than later.

Bring on May 28.

Eels forever!


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When the season was first put on hold my immediate thought was I hope I’m going to be refunded because I paid the lot upfront for three of us. I’m also lucky to have not lost my job so we have made the pledge in the hope that we might actually get to a game or two at the back end of the season. Let’s hope KARMA is good to us. Let’s pray that our hopes and dreams for our Eels in 2020 !


I think it is a nice gesture by the club to give recognition to the members who have been able to pledge but like they keep saying if you are not able to its ok. The game and the club has given us so much joy (and heartache) but we stick solid and live in hope of that our team can hold the trophy up at the end of the year.


When you have multiple seats in one name it could be expensive to pledge.
I would pledge an amount but not all.


That is a fair and reasonable call Anonymous, I think any contribution would be well received. I would hate to think the financial travesty this has thrust upon both the league and football clubs!


Pledge number 401, go the Blue and Gold! May 28th cant come soon enough!!!


Good morning mate, very well written and well explained. We pledged for this year and did so because we could afford it; i know some may not and its personal. I like the way the club has not vowed not to increase $$$ for current members and the offer of a training shirt. I see it as a way of helping the club, not akin to buying a coffee etc from a small business.


Id like to think the benefits would extend to any member who does not claim a refund. It should automatically occur. For one reason or another id suggest there will be many who will just allow their membership to stand as is. It could be as simple as the Clubs Email sitting in ones “junk mail”.

Gianni Giusti

I made the decision to support my club even though it has left me out of pocket over 4 k as i have 7 Captains Club memberships.A mate owns one of them so that helps a bit.Parramatta has been a part of my life since i was a little boy aged 4.I just had to convince the Mrs that our club means a lot more to me than a game of footy as i am by no means a big wage earner.I am happy with my decision.


We did pledge our family membership but we are not talking about an expensive membership and my family has not been impacted economically by the shutdown.
I hope people do what they can. If they can pledge I hope they do and if they can not, they can still support the club in a very important way by watching the games. Staying united and interested by watching in big numbers can only help the club with sponsorship money.

The dead man

i can’y believe i just read that the EELS signed field yet release parry n then say they are short on outside backs. i thought parra want big outside backs like parry instead of jai fields. im shocked about parry i really like that kid.


A couple of things here TDM, Ethan Parry can not tackle or make effective defensive reads, and I have watch a lot of him through the Juniors. Also Ethan himself, may have a lot to do with him not being there.

The rev aka Snedden

Sixties reading your comment n the dead man’s. I had a feeling Parry was going to go as soon as they re-signed Jenko on a 2 yr deal. I wish him all the best also but in saying that look what happened when Tonga n Lyon left they went on to win title’s at the dogs n Manly respectively. On another note why are ppl getting excited by duntser. He played the 9’s n next minute his a super star in waiting. Look a Bev french ppl said the same about him next thing his out the door. PS what… Read more »

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