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Social distancing, isolation, job losses, financial difficulties, health concerns – in the big picture, a period without rugby league (or any sport) seems insignificant by comparison.

However, we all know that the NRL is an important industry within Australia providing employment directly and indirectly to many thousands of Australians. The majority of those people are now either unemployed or facing significantly reduced incomes.

Just as significantly, the NRL and sport in general provide vital health benefits for the community – both physical and mental. This should not be ignored.

If we are looking at anything up to 4 to 6 months of social distancing measures, then our current situation is only in its early days. Focussing on mental health alone, we are a long way off seeing the worst of what these times could mean.

The Cumberland Throw community is, of course, a community who loves their footy and the Parramatta Eels. We stay connected at the football, and we stay connected talking and debating about the Eels.

Going to the footy, be it weekly, fortnightly or occasionally, is a therapeutic social outlet. We catch up with mates, we have a laugh, we have a yell, we express our frustrations. And then websites like TCT allow us to continue that connectedness, especially for those who can’t get to games.

Right now, it’s important to stay connected.

Which brings us to this post.

In these days when we can’t catch up at the footy, or share opinions withIn our TCT community about the Eels and their matches, we have this platform to maybe make it a little easier for some fellow supporters.

So, if you’re involved in a business which is still trading right now, share that with us. If you’re now looking for work, you can share that too. Perhaps there might be someone in the TCT community who can help.

It might also be worthwhile to tell others how you’re making use of your time at home. Are you wearing out old recordings of footy games? Have you become an exercise fanatic, found the tradie or teacher within? Are you suddenly familiar with your kids names? Are you experimenting with sobriety or with cocktails? The local Liquorland store told me that they had sold $36K of product before 10:30am on Thursday, so I guess that was a sign of people’s plans for the Easter weekend.

The one thing that I’ll share is that a daily walk has become more important for me. It’s not just getting some exercise – because heaven knows I need it – it’s actually the simple act of saying “good morning” as I pass people. It might only be a few people that I cross paths with each morning, but I find a smile and a quick greeting is therapeutic.

I also wanted to extend my best wishes to all of the Eels players and staff. Many are without work and unsure of any return date. Others, like the players are on reduced salaries or getting whatever work they can. And in the case of BA and some of his staff, despite being stood down, it’s still a case of keeping the squad fit, motivated and ready for the premiership re-start.

To those many people involved with the Eels who follow TCT, please know that we are grateful for your work and the rewards that will come when the footy returns.

Finally, a huge thanks to our sponsors, Star Partners Auburn and Narellan, and Easily Green Energy Solutions, for continuing their support of TCT at this time. It’s greatly appreciated.

Eels forever!


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Parra Pete

I, too, wish to add my thanks to the companies that continue to sponsor The Cumberland Throw, and also to you Sixties and the team at TCT for continuing to ‘feed’ us supporters with interesting articles on the Club and its players. Not an easy feat to continually come us with items of interest..Well done, appreciate it


Nice blog Sixties. I cannot help but agree with your sentiment. For me life is not over and i have definitely not been stuck on iPads etc nor watching old footy games. Some of the fox shows on league have been useful……some not as useful. For me i am lucky to have permanent work and am now on a two wk break so its home mostly. I for one feel sorry for the small business owners and staff and others. I know some get some cash payments and the like but some miss out. V tough times. So my gym… Read more »

Greg Okladnikov

Hi Sixties and the team, as a sponsor, we really appreciate the thank you . We love being part of the TCT community, as a lifelong Parra fan I have been reading it since day one, and will continue to support as we can. This is the sort of sponsorship we like being involved with – and do in with a few groups – small ( smallish), community based, valuable to people that are involved with that group, and a bit “under the radar”or more “low profile” , and where we can add value or create opportunity. I think your… Read more »

Colin Hussey

I have just gotten over a series of emails with a long time friend, who gave the game a real going over, accusing the sport, and later added other codes as well to his first email to me, I have to say I was very much taken back by his reply and then a second one from him where he said most players were thugs, amongst other things. He would not wear the idea of what he believed was the game being played without health and government approvals. After three interactions and posting some links to what was in the… Read more »

John Eel

Sixties your suggestion that you now take a walk each morning leads me (should I say Segway) to this thought I moved to The Entrance from Pyrmont about 4 years ago and go for a walk each day. The first thing that I noticed after the Christmas crowd had gone back to Sydney was that people are more friendly and laid back. A small group of us sometimes gather at Toast & Co around the corner from Kens. This has grown from two to sometimes a dozen people. We discuss everything from sport to to politics Sometimes casual diners become… Read more »

John Eel

I live up near the surf club. I keep threatening Milo that I will catch up with him. I am sure that it will happen one day


We will John. I will stop by there one day before work.


Yes mate – always a good catch up. We stocked up the freezer with a few….for that rainy day.


John i hope there are less ‘human visitors’ this year due to the current health crisis; which of course means better seats and more ‘social distancing..’. Good food areas around there too….Ken’s a champion pie maker and his pastries are superb too.

John Eel

I have been to Kens a few times. I like his pies. Issue is that it does not fit in too well with my diet

The tourist numbers are way down on previous seasons which makes it tough for the traders. They basically count on the various holiday times to survive.

The biggest weekend for most in The Entrance is Chromefest. They all look forward to that


Good read sixties. Living life a bit slower isn’t so bad, we just stay alert and aware and go along with the advice and rules. Being retired is a bit like quarantine anyway,
Sixties, did you read Malcolm Knox’s article on why we love League, why people hate it, and why we stick with it? A good piece of therapy when all sorts of madness is lurking.


Apols sixties….by longhand…Google ‘Like a moth to the game Malcolm Knox’

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