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Live Blog – District Representatives Round 8 vs Canterbury Bulldogs

SG Ball


15. Tevita MASIMA
2. Brent BARNES
19. William KEI
4. Joseph SMALL
6. Tyler FIELD
1. John-Paul NOHRA (c)
8. Harry DUGGAN
14. Penioni TOHI
10. Valance HARRIS
11. Matthew DOOREY
12. Charbel TASIPALE
20. David HOLLIS

9. Jayden YATES
21. Sione TUPOU
22. Aitasi MATAUTU


First Half

Eels kicking off.

Good first set by both teams there. Eels defending with plenty of intent while the Dogs kept their cool. They find touch 10m off Parra’s goal line with a kick that barely stays in the field of play!

Oh dear, first penalty of the day goes against the Eels in possession. Illegal PTB from big David Hollis. That might actually be an old school call for not playing it straight backwards rather than not using the foot. Bad error regardless.

The Dogs capitalise on the turnover as they cross for first points via a cheap dive over from dummy half. Weak start to the game for Parramatta. Ill omens for sure.


Try scored by the Canterbury Bulldogs #9. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 6-0


Masima rifles a line drive kick off that forces an error in goals! Chance for the Eels to reset the scores here.

Left to Nohra playing at halfback and he uses Doorey on a subtle overs angle. The Dogs desperately hold on and bring the backrower down. We work right through multiple tackles now and it culminates in Tyler Field rolling the ball in goals but the kick chase play for an inside breaking angle as it works right back into the corner and slowly rolls over the dead ball line.

Gee that proves costly as the Dogs immediately counter punch through the middle. A half break blossoms into a full line break after a spectacular take from a tough offload. Tevita Masima has a 2-on-1 to deal with at the backline and he can’t do much about it as the Dogs secure an early two score lead here.


Try scored by the Canterbury Bulldogs. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 12-0


Error from the Dogs coming out of their half. Another chance for the Eels.

Oh wow what a ball! That is just supreme touch from JP Nohra as he takes the ball to the line and throws a double cutout to Brent Barnes. The winger strolls down the sideline untouched to cross in the corner and get Parramatta back into this contest.


Try scored by Brent Barnes. Conversion unsuccessful by Tyler Field.

Eels trail 4-12


Excellent opening carry by Harry Duggan. Brent Barnes has the second run of the set. Right and wide to Charbel Tasipale before Joe Small has a run out of dummy half.

A good kick from Tyler Field completes the set but the kick chase isn’t quite up to scratch and the Dogs get some decent metres in reply.

Our right edge is looking a bit iffy but Doorey on the left lays on a nice shot as the Dogs work that way later in their set. They opt for a centrefield bomb that Masima ends up dropping relatively uncontested. Huge chance here for the Dogs.

Despite strong initial defence down our left edge the home team eventually crack the Eels with a short side play down their left edge. The Eels are caught too far infield as the cutout pass puts their winger over in the corner. Really worrying signs down that edge at the moment.


Try scored by the Canterbury Bulldogs #5. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 18-4

Ouch, our right edge bleeds a line break in the kick off set but do a pretty good job to scramble and shut it down and the Bulldogs manage to kick out on the full on the following tackle so there is a nice little break for the Eels.

Joe Small and William Kei make some handy metres early in this set before Hollis takes the ball down the right edge. A nice short ball from Field to Tasipale nearly releases the backrower but the Dogs desperately hang onto him.

A nice kick from Field does manage to force a line drop out but it quickly comes undone as Hollis, one Parra’s best this year, drops the ball on the second tackle of the repeat set.

Matt Doorey! What a crunching shot there as he lines up a Canterbury prop and flattens him. Nice positioning from Brent Barnes on the last to intercept a grubber aimed for the sideline.

A good run and offload from Tuigmala sees Masima make a few more metres and the Eels get to an attacking kick that is just too heavy off the boot from Nohra. It sails half a metre ingoals for a 20m restart.

Despite making plenty of metres in the 7-tackle set the Dogs produce a PTB error late in the count, letting the Eels off the hook. The scrum will be set 10m off Parramatta’s line.

Ah shit, an error from William Kei in the face of several clearly offside defenders. No penalty comes but the Dogs will get possessions 20m out from Parra’s line and in a prime position to take this game by the scruff of the neck.

This ref has to be kidding as he blows another penalty for the Dogs. Charbel Tasipale fires up and produces a huge hit that forces an error! But no! HOW? The ref has ruled the Eels have knocked it on!? That was clearly a lost ball!

Finally some justice as the Dogs lose the ball in the ruck and I will tell you what, there is a partisan element for the Eels in the crowd as they let the ref know about that sequence of calls!

And now a rare penalty for the Eels. Nohra wants to tap and go but the referee brings play back. A touchfinder will have to do.

Tasipale takes the opening run. Field goes left to Nohra who uses Doorey on another overs line and the backrower is nearly through! He throws an offload back to Nohra but the fullback-come-halfback can’t reel it in and a huge chance goes begging! Worse now for the Eels as the cleaned up offload leads to a penalty for the Dogs.

Fortunately though the Dogs can only make an error from the start of their next set. Ah, frustrating play from both teams here…just as Parra looked to be getting a real run through the middle the ref finds an error in the PTB. Can’t say I saw it but the Dogs will get possession near halfway.

A tidy set from the home team leads to a line drop out via a well weighted grubber kick. Masima was well positioned to limit it to a repeat set though.

Yet another penalty to the Dogs as we move towards the second lopsided penalty count of the day.

The run of possession proves to be too much for the Eels to stem as the Canterbury five-eighth crashes over down our left edge. Plenty of defenders in on the tackle there but they just couldn’t wrap the ball up.


Try scored by the Canterbury Bulldogs #6. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 24-4


Half Time

Canterbury Bulldogs 24 lead Parramatta Eels 4

Eels receiving.

Oh dear, what an ignominious way to let the Dogs open the scoring in the second half. Masima lets an attacking bomb bounce as there is some confusion between him and one of his wingers and it corkscrews right into his face and ricochets into the ingoals. Masima gives chase along with 2 Bulldogs and it is chaos as they all reach the ball at the same time, I honestly think the officials don’t really know who got there first given how crazy the contest was but the Dogs will get the 50/50 call here.


Try scored by the Canterbury Bulldogs. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 30-4


Well shit, make that two in a row now as Masima – obviously shaken from the last error – drops a simple bomb deep in his ingoals. Can’t excuse that one as the Dogs dive on the spilled ball and erase any chase of an improbable comeback.


Try scored by the Canterbury Bulldogs. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 36-4


An error from the Bulldogs on the kickoff. The chance to add a bit of pride to the scoreline for the Eels here but they are quickly pulled up for a forward pass down their right edge. Going to be a long second half it looks like.


Sorry about the lack of updates, my internet connection crapped out and refused to get back online.

In the meantime the Eels have well and truly checked out of the fixture today as the Dogs piled on points uncontested to crack the half-ton.


Canterbury Bulldogs 54 lead Parramatta Eels 4


Make that the big 60 as Dogs cross for the final time in this torrid game via their forward Mosese Pope. Nothing to be salvaged from this trainwreck unfortunately. Can only look ahead to next week.


Try scored by Canterbury #15. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 60-4


Full Time

Canterbury Bulldogs 60 defeat Parramatta Eels 4



Harold Matthews


2. Matthew KOMOLAFE
16. Samuel LOIZOU
4. Viliami PENISINI
5. Simon TITO
6. Jabriel KALACHE
7. Jakob ARTHUR
8. Peter TAATEO
9. Drew LLOYD
10. Trey MOONEY (c)
11. Desmond RAUKETE
12. Oscar MEZZOMO
13. Caleb TOHI

14. Kyle LEONARD
15. Mika TONU
16. Taylor MAUALA
17. Lachlan MARIC


First Half


Eels kicking off.

Solid first set from the Dogs as Josh Tuipulotu cleans up their kick inside his own red zone. The Eels respond with a superb kick from Jakob Arthur drives the ball into the corner. Parramatta are overzealous in their defensive efforts though as the referee pings them for going early.

A second penalty now as the left edge of the Eels is caught inside the 10m. Canterbury with the first rel attacking opportunity today. They work from right to left but Parra finally get their line speed right and turn the Dogs away multiple times before finally forcing an error down their right edge! Excellent goal line stand there.

Ooph! Trey Mooney flies onto a hitup and wears a brutal shot! He rolls through it though and gets another 5m! And a penalty comes for that first tackle, high shot.

The Eels roll the dice early in their set as they raid the left edge of the Bulldogs. Desmond Raukete, the big backrower on that side, throws a cut out pass to Matthew Komolafe but the winger can’t beat the cover defence inside and is bundled into touch.

A couple of possessions later and the Dogs are attacking in Parra’s half, something of an opportunity for them as the spread it wide down their left edge. Komolafe comes infield to try and stop the movement but the cutout pass beats him only to be dropped by the Canterbury winger!

Another incomplete set though from the Eels in reply. An oddly scrappy start from them today and it is giving the Dogs that upper hand in field position.

Oh wow what a take from Komolafe! An attacking bomb from the Dogs in our red zone and he flies at the ball and plucks it out of the air with a huge leap! Play grinds to a half three tackles later though as a minor fracas breaks out in the ruck. After a lengthy deliberation between officials the penalty will go to the Bulldogs and Caleb Tohi will spend 10min in the sin bin. Not really sure what happened there but a tough period of play coming up for our boys.

Great effort from the Eels there! But gee did it look like the Dogs butchered a certain try! With a massive overlap down our left edge they cut it out to their fullback in a deadset 4-on-2 and their fullback ends up bundled into touch! Huge hold!

No frills set in reply as the work against that 10min timer but Arthur puts in an excellent clearing kick that traps the Dogs inside their red zone. First real field position exchange the Eels have won in a while.

And just like that it all unravels. After doing a brilliant job of working their way back into the game with a man down a momentary lapse in the ruck on halfway leads to the opening points of the day for Canterbury. Their hooker slices through the middle as a our big men turn their backs and then Tuipulotu takes a bad angle at the last line of defence to let the little rake beat him on his outside.


Try scored by the Cantebury Bulldogs #9. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 6-0


Chance here now for Parra. A wicked half-torpedo bomb from Arthur is spilled by the Dogs and Parramatta go right back on the attack. A well worked set play on the left edge is only stopped by a stellar tackle form the Bulldogs #7 as he brings down the much bigger Oscar Mezzomo with a blade of grass to spare! Back to the posts with Trey Mooney before a right edge shift to Tuipulotu. last tackle now and Arthur goes crossfield to Simon Tito who taps it back where it catches a Canterbury hand. Bit of luck here for the Eels but they will take it.

Only to throw it away though. Needlessly greedy short edge play from the scrum win and it leaves Tito with three defenders in front of him and very little real estate to work in and he ends up bundled into touch.

A contentious penalty to the Dogs in the following set for what looked like a lost ball on the far sideline. Their winger was getting bundled into touch and the ball came out. The initial call lost but it changed to a strip. A second penalty for a strip follows, this one 30m out and directly in front of the uprights. There is no scoreboard at Belmore today so there mustn’t be be much time left in the half as the Dogs take a shot at goal.


Penalty Conversion attempt successful.

Bulldogs lead 8-0


Indeed that was the case as the referee signals an end to half as the Eels prepare to kickoff.


Half Time

Canterbury Bulldogs 8 lead Parramatta Eels 0


Second Half


Eels receiving.

Trey Mooney takes the opening hit up. Caleb Tohi has a monster run on the third tackle as he is turned inside by Arthur. A penalty on the next tackle! Huzzah.

Another strong charge from Tohi as he tries to make up for lost time and wide left from there for Parra. Another penalty follows and what happens next is bizarre.

Viliame Penisini takes the tap and run and it takes about 5 defenders to push him back off the goal line. A new rule interpretation comes into play as four defenders fall off him and the ref rules a strip – although it looked like the ball was still in Penisini’s possession. This in turn leads to a penalty for the Bulldogs as Penisini refuses to relinquish hold of the ball in the contest.

The home team produce a big set on the back of that penalty as they work downfield and force a line drop out.

Yet another penalty for the Dogs in the following set. A high shot the call here. And they butcher a gimme try! Big movement from right to left for the Dogs and the Eels are desperately short but the final pass to their winger is ruled forwards! Massive let off for Parra.

They work over half way in reply but Arthur puts in a rare messy finish to the set as he miscues his kick. More momentum for the home team in the next set as another penalty for a high shot is called.

Some brutal goal line defence from the Eels now. Komolafe makes a great jam and tackle down the right! It culminates with Parramatta repelling the dangerous Canterbury #9 on the last and forcing the turnover on tackles.

Some nice ball playing at the line from Arthur no as he uses his edge options down the right to get the Eels to halfway. A poor last tackle option from interchange hooker Kyle Leonard fortuitously results in a fresh set when he grubbers for himself and somehow draws a knock on.

The best attacking set of the game follows for the Eels as they really test the Dogs on both edges before forcing a line drop out off the boot of Arthur. If they stay the course here they will be a real chance of cracking them.

Urgh, shouldn’t have typed that I swear. We throw a speculator to Penisini and he can’t reel it in under pressure. Dogs back in possession but the Eels rally for a strong defensive set and it lays the platform for what comes next.

A strong kick return from Tuipulotu takes the Eels into highly advantageous field position to start the set and Caleb Tohi steps up to the plate to get the Eels back into the game. Tohi flies onto the ball up the middle and showcases superb agility and pace at the line to beat the Canterbury forwards before stepping past the fullback and beating the cover chase to the line! Outstanding individual effort.


Try scored by Caleb Tohi. Conversion successful by Samuel Loizou.

Eels trail 6-8


Excellent run from Trey Mooney and Raukete provides a good follow up down the right. Here we go! All the Eels needed was a sniff it seems as they crack the Dogs easily in the follow up set. Stacked left edge for Parra and they want to get some early ball to their wrecking ball centre Penisini. They do just that and he cuts through the front line and powers his way over out wide! Parra finally in front in this game.


Try scored by Viliame Penisini. Conversion unsuccessful by Samuel Loizou.

Eels lead 10-8


Gee Caleb Tohi is on a tear after that binning as he drives for big metres after contact. A great kick from Arthur on the last is only bettered by the kick chase as the Eels start to swarm the Dogs in all phases of the game.

The Dogs pick up a much needed penalty for hands on the ball, something they have gotten away with all day, so they get a huge hand downfield. Big set incoming for the Eels.

They looked to have held out on the last after deflecting and diving on the grubber kick from the Bulldogs but the ref has found a knock on in the clean up of the ball. Canterbury will get another shot here with around ~8min left if my stop watch isn’t too far off.

Although the Eels scramble well early in the set they come undone off a crash ball to a big prop. It looked like the initial contact was alright but they fell off the ball carrying arm, allowing the forward to promote the ball over the line. Tough break there.


Try scored by the Canterbury Bulldogs #8. Conversion successful.

Bulldogs lead 14-10


Damn, after forcing the Dogs to a hurried kick the Eels lose the ball in the ruck early in their set. Tough call, and one that has gone against the Eels in defence in similar circumstances earlier, but Penisini is the man that has turned it over. Parramatta clearly aren’t happy with the call as a scrum turns to a penalty for backchat. The Dogs with the chance to make it a 6-point lead.


Penalty conversion attempt successful.

Bulldogs lead 16-10


Short kickoff from Parra but it isn’t executed all too well and the Dogs clean it up without a great deal of pressure on them.

The Dogs work out the set towards our goal line and that proves to be enough to work the clock out and secure the upset victory.


Full Time

Canterbury Bulldogs 16 defeat Parramatta Eels 10

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Hey forty / 20 thanks again for live updates 🙂


The juniors are the only good thing happening at the moment for parra . hoping the win let’s hope .


ouch same old same old


Cheers Forty. Not the same quality from the 18s this year.




Ouch the Ball team; i know they’ve got some key injuries and it must be hard for them. Shame for Matts as it seems they were doing well.


Well it looks like our hope reverts to “The Mighty Eels” nrl side on Monday with close win to Wenty prior to the first grade? Parra!


Very disappointing our Ball side.
A few changes were made without luck.
I think a few boys need to have a real good look at themselves. We all had high expectations on this side and individuals in it.
Maybe players need to be re evaluated – Maybe great players 2016 – 17
But what’s happened in 2018.?


Or maybe it’s a team full of kids who are without a stack of their teammates from last year who are playing up in Jersey Flegg?

There would be few combinations from last years SG Ball or Harold Matts I would expect.


It’s true Rowdy. The only players left from last year’s SG Ball grand final squad are:

1. Nohra
10. Harris
11. Doorey
12. Tasipale
16. Duggan
20. Kei
21. Aliva


Thanks Pou that puts some context into their performances.


There is some perspective in that, but the level to which they’ve dropped their heads over the last few weeks is unfortunate. They’re young kids, so the last thing they need is a bagging. Just one match left in the season, so hopefully they can find something positive for that.