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Team List Tuesday – Help Us Obi Wan Kennobi Edition

NRL Team List


So here we find ourselves after the catastrophic events of Sunday afternoon. Brad Arthur spoke pointedly and without reservation about the dire lack of effort against the Sea Eagles (and the Panthers) in both the post-match presser and on Channel 9’s ‘100% Footy’ last night but the time for words is behind us – the only currency worth any measure now is that of action.

There are changes to be had today, both forced and unforced, but in typical Athurian fashion he has offered a shot at redemption to the squad, by and large, that failed him and the fan base so spectacularly on Sunday. I can understand if any fan feels frustrated by the relatively minor scale of the changes in the line up. On a personal level I am disappointed that Marata Niukore wasn’t giving a shot to bring both fresh blood and energy into the line up.

I do ask however that you consider waiting until Saturday night to see whether righteous indignation or vindication in Arthur and the team wins the day. Make no mistake, our Round 3 clash with the Sharks looms as a pivotal fixture. A win goes a long way to righting our campaign while another poor loss means real and significant change to the playing roster should be expected.

With that said there are two very welcome additions to the 21-man team sheet this week. Kenny Edwards returns to the Top 17 while Peni Terepo earns selection on the extended bench after returning from a hamstring injury. While neither Edwards or Terepo may bring balance back to the force fix the overarching issues currently present in the team, both are known for the physicality and energy they bring on game day – something desperately needed by the truck load for the Eels.

Beau Scott returns to the fold after missing Round 2 due to illness while Brad Takairangi will be out of action until Round 10 following a fractured eye socket sustained by an errant elbow late in the loss to Manly. Cam King has been cleared to play this week following the dreadful blow to the head he copped but both Will Smith and Kaysa Pritchard loom as possible bench options for Arthur if he feels he needs to spell his first choice rake on Saturday night.

There is an unsettling amount of gravity to this match given the preceding two weeks but in spite of the (understandable) negativity surrounding the team at present, I sincerely hope that fans turn out in number for our first home game of the year to barrack for the team in a period where there backs are very much up against the wall.

While there has been little cause to cheer thus far, I dare say there should be enough good will built by this team and coach to ask for some faith this weekend. Beyond that though I can’t say, a third loss, especially a comprehensive one in the manner of which the games against Penrith and Manly unraveled, would surely be the harbinger of change.


Parramatta Eels squad
1. Bevan French
2. Josh Hoffman
3. Michael Jennings
4. Jarryd Hayne
5. Kirisome Auva’a
6. Corey Norman
7. Mitch Moses
8. Daniel Alvaro
9. Cameron King
10. Tim Mannah (c)
11. Manu Ma’u
12. Tepai Moeroa
13. Nathan Brown
14. Beau Scott (c)
15. Kenny Edwards
16. Suaia Matagi
17. Kane Evans
18. Will Smith
19. Peni Terepo
20. David Gower
21. Kaysa Pritchard


Intrust Super Premiership Team List


Like their senior counterparts in the NRL, Wentworthville wore a hiding at the hands of Manly Blacktown on the weekend. The 46-0 shutout was every bit as painful as the corresponding fixture in first grade and shockingly shared a similar disdain for possession, defence and concentration from our boys. To add injury to the insulting scoreline, talismanic backrower Ray Stone has been sidelined until next week with a concussion from the Round 2 loss.

There is some good news for the Magpies though; powerhouse winger Greg Leleisuiao and new recruit Tony Williams are set to play their first game of the season with both returning from injury (and I guess suspension for ‘T-Rex’) this week. Wenty will need the best they can get from these two units after the embarrassing loss last week but they might also be boosted by the late inclusions of David Gower and Kaysa Pritchard while Will Smith and Peni Terepo could also be game day inclusions pending how Brad Arthur shapes his first-grade bench.

After a stirring victory over Penrith in Round 1, the sudden reversal in effort and application was bitterly disappointing. Let’s hope that Wenty learn from their erroneous ways on the weekend.


Wentworthville Magpies ISP NSW squad
1. Anthony Layoun
2. George Jennings
3. Dane Aukafolau
4. Nathan Davis
5. Greg Leleisiuao
6. Kauri Appouri
7. Zach Nicholls
8. Siosaia Vave
9. Brad Deitz
10. Magnus Stromquist
11. Matt Woods
12. Marata Niukore
13. Sam Gorman
14. Tony Williams
15. Andy Saunders
16. Haimona Hiroti
17. Piki Rogers


Jersey Flegg Team List


If the NRL and ISP teams left a gaping void where hope and joy are meant to be stored as a fan, the Flegg team offered a flame of enjoyment to huddle around as they took Manly to task on Sunday in their 38-6 demolition of our fated rivals.

Reed Mahoney, he of Round 1 ISP stardom, returned to the Flegg team on Sunday and made an obvious and immediate impact but it was Joey Taipari that ruled the day with the fleet-footed half taking control of the game and tormenting the Sea-Eagles in the torrid heat.

It should come as little surprise that Dean Feeney has named an unchanged team as a result but Austin Dias and Ethan Parry do return to the extended roster after 1 and 2 week absences respectively.


Parramatta Eels Jersey Flegg squad
1. Haze Dunster
2. Michael Cheer
3. Tuimavave Afualo
4. Noel Aukafolau
5. Taufa Afu
6. Joey Taipari
7. Dylan Brown
8. Sean Keppie
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Oregon Kaufusi
11. Dylan Clifford
12. Nick Okladnikov
13. Michael Tupou
14. Jesse Cronin
15. Beni Valu
16. Sam McGregor
17. James Porter
18. Austin Dias
19. Bruce Wakeling
20. PJ Vaigalu
21. Jaydn Field
22. Ethan Parry

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Colin Hussey
Colin Hussey

Surprising but not! my immediate thoughts re the team for the sharks game. I really wonder if BA has too much trust in the players, and I would think that if we lose this week, even with an improved performance I’m not sure it would be good enough. I’m not sure that Evans and Matagi are the answers to our forwards going forward, neither have showed much in their games so far, thing is we are going in with basically the same run on team as was with Penrith, but the change against Manly did nothing either, both of those… Read more »

Mr 85%
Mr 85%

Any news on Dressler?

shane(norman is the best)
shane(norman is the best)

yes going from all reports Nickore has been going well and I too would like to see him get a crack. BA gives these players too much trust and they need to be shown that if they don’t have a dig than they will be dropped. Last game they seem to have a bad attitude and Iam wondering if Hayne has brought this bad attitude with him as he showed this type of attitued when he was at the coast and he is the only difference with the exception of Evans to the team from last year.


The players have their fate in their own hands & we can’t do anything but cheer them on… Go Eels!

NB. There’s only one coach who’s opinion really matters, although you wouldn’t know it reading some of the rants by the muppets on “that other site”.


Peni, Kaysa and Gower will be included I reckon at the expense of Evans, Matagi and King (rested post concussion). A case could also be made for Smiths inclusion given he went ok last game and we do need a utility on the bench. Could The Chairman be given a little break? He has been average recently and throughout 2017 but please dont tell him I said that.


Hoping in the coming weeks Greg Leleisuiao is given the opportunity on the wing although when gutho comes back it will be hard to find a spot. He brings a strong body with a freakish step although we’ll see how he goes for Wenty which is even a big jump from u20s


After the fiasco of the opening two rounds I will be very interested in seeing how Tony Williams performs. I know it sounds tragic and it shows my desperation but I think T Rex is the only guy in the club with the size and physical presence to fix our powder puff go forward.

Michael Formosa
Michael Formosa

No real surprise here, when Wenty gets totally smashed as well it’s hard to reward anyone with a call up to first grade. It’s a real bad position for the club to be in.

The rev aka Snedden
The rev aka Snedden

Having watched last weeks game (vs manly ) I hope we shift Peni n matagi. Peni needs to come from the bench. Kane needs to lift his game looks like he didn’t run with venom. I hope that T-Rex gets thru ok. If so I’d find somewhere on the bench to put him. Bench next week will be IMO. Smith Kenny T-Rex Peni. We can shift brown to prop n put T-Rex at 2nd row there for Peni can come on n replace alvaro or Timmy. I think if we can get brown to pass thru the line he should… Read more »

Longfin Eel
Longfin Eel

I wonder if BA will hold off putting Niukore into the NRL side for the moment to keep the pressure off him. ie get the team established and operating as a unit, then bring him in for a particular task. I don’t reckon we’ll see him during the first few months at least, barring injuries.

Colin Hussey
Colin Hussey

If he is to make an impact he should be given the chance early on when there is some pressure on him.

Not sure if that will happen though,

John Eel
John Eel

That has not been BA’s way in the past. I feel that players are better to debut when the team is going well as opposed to when the team is in crisis. Not that you can always achieve it.