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The Tip Sheet – Episode 2: Peter Gentle, Parramatta Eels Assistant & Forwards Coach

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Peter Gentle attending the 2017 Ken Thornett Medal


Episode 2 of The Tip Sheet is here and it is a cracker! Peter Gentle has graciously taken time out of a decidedly hectic lead up into Saturday’s blockbuster final against the Melbourne Storm to speak with TCT. Gentle, the forwards coach and one of Brad Arthur’s assistant coaches at the Eels, sits down with Forty20 and Sixties to break down his unique role at the club.

From the impact of analytics and the importance of off-the-ball efforts to who among the playing group would make a good coach. Gentle speaks candidly throughout and like Joey Grima before him, gives fans of the Blue & Gold a truly unique insight into the four year journey that has taken the Eels from back-to-back spoons in 2012 and 2013 to a berth in the Top 4 this year.

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Trapped in the 1970's

Guys, thanks again for your efforts. These interviews are such an eye opener for fans in the stands like me and to get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes is fascinating. With the results that the eels have returned so far this season I’d be happy if the coaching staff came across as cranky old B’s and I’m sure that they have their moments, but both Peter and Joey come across as such good down to earth articulate individuals that I’m sure they have excellent rapport with the players, apart from the positive impressions they must make… Read more »


Thanks for the reply, Trapped. It’s indicative of the value that the staff place on Eels supporters that they share such great insights with us. These interviews aren’t part of any media obligations, it’s them saying no worries to our request. Every staff member that I’ve met have been terrific blokes (besides doing such a remarkable job with the team).
As a footy head, I’ve found the interviews to be a genuine learning opportunity about the preparation of the team and the individual


Another great interview guys, I really look forward to listening to these when they pop up.


Thanks Clive. Wouldn’t happen without the staff being so generous and candid. Episode 3 coming up next week!


The change in the culture and self belief since 2013 has been remarkable.


Absolutely love these. Awesome work again guys.


Cheers Pou. I reckon you know it’s something that we love doing.

Achilles' Eel

Allow me to join in this chorus of approval. Another fine effort TCT. It’s such a privilege to sit back and have your wonderful work colour my evening. Looking forward to the next instalment, already! I also wish to thank the Parramatta club for its continued support of this forum.


You’re welcome Achilles. Next one very soon. We are very grateful for getting the opportunity to interview the coaches.


Another excellent interview guys. Thank you to Pete for letting us fans hear about what’s going on behind the Scenes. Both Pete and Joey seem like great guys. The way BA and the coaching staff have turned our club around has been amazing. With our coaching staff and Bernie running the show I can see us being a powerhouse. Very exciting times for us fans.


Thanks Matt. There is a genuine confidence about where the club is heading. Exciting times ahead.

Tristan Marks

Another top shelf interview guys …. Pete gives great insight to his coaching position without giving away too much. It’s great to hear how the boys make their way to the positions that they currently hold too … gives us a look into their background so to speak. Good to see that they, the coaches and the players, have such a awesome relationship which contributes to the way the group play !!! Thanks for your time Pete, great to have you onboard at the Eels and thanks again Throw boys for another insight into the Eels core !!! Keep em… Read more »


More to come Tristan. Wouldn’t be possible without a club and staff that values the supporters.


Outstanding interview 60’s & 40/20! Really insightful questions and didn’t PG answer them with both honesty and clarity.

Well done!


Cheers Walpy. Seems to be the mantra under BA isn’t it – honesty and clarity.


Great interview. It’s a testament to the culture and character of the club, players and coaching staff who make themselves available for us fans. Proud to be an Eels supporter.


Well said Adam. Thanks for your reply.


Great comment on the junior development / section being mainly based on attacking skills. You can see that by the NYC scores!


Very true Chris. It possibly explains why the Warriors success in NYC in the past has not translated into premiership success.


Another great interview TCT. Peter, like Joey Grima has a wonderful heritage in the game and brings a wealth of experience to our club. It was interesting to see the way BA was immediately onto Peter’s email availability immediately and pursued him from Bali while on holiday to gauge his interest and philosophy on rugby league by the sounds of it. Peter Gentle has always been someone in and around the game on the coaching scene from my own awareness for many years as I recall and he brings a perspective that is experienced and knowledgeable across a broad spectrum… Read more »


Thanks Rowdy. Forty and I try to come up with questions that other supporters would like to ask, and questions that may not be asked in traditional interviews. I reckon BA and the players would be very happy with the staff at Saleyards, it’s part of what makes the club a sought after destination for players too.


As a passionate fan and member this insight to heart and soul of the team is incredible. I appreciate peter gentles knowledge, passion and the bond he has forged with the club, coach, staff and players.
It’s this bond that makes the club and drives the passion behind the supporter base. Thank you


Thanks for the response Jack. There is a genuine sense of family with this group, and when you hear from the coaches, it’s easy to see why.

Gem KM

How lucky are we to have blokes like this at the club. Them, along with BA are all part of the reason we are on the up and up. Thank you for your hard work gents!


Thanks Gem. They’ve been so generous with their time – and it’s been done because they’re passionate about what they do and they appreciate the fans.


Late to the party but a great interview. Love hearing about how our staff made their way to the Eels. Keep up the great work Pete and TCT with these interviews.


We’re very fortunate to have this access. We’ve learned plenty from these interviews.

Always a eel

Great stuff the all seam to be happy working with Brad


Thanks mate. It’s a common thread of acknowledgement of Brad and what he drives.


Superb insight. Dont discount stats too much Pete. I’ll be out of a job haha.

It was interesting to hear him say go with your gut and use the stats to back it up. Very wise words and how I approach the way I do my columns on here and with work.

Great job 60’s and 40’s for bringing this to us.

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