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Live Blog – Ken Thornett Medal (2017)

The crew from TCT have once more cobbled together the funds to attend the Parramatta Eels’ traditional end of season gala event! After a number of years at Curzon Hall the 2017 Ken Thornett Medal has switched venues to the Rosehill Race Course. We will bring you all the action live as the Eels celebrate a watershed season and recognize the greatest contributors to that success – both on and off the field.

So join us live at 6:30PM! Feel free to join the conversation throughout the night by dropping comments in this blog or hitting us up on twitter on @EelsTCT!


In the mean time let us know your predictions for each of the following fields:


  • Blue and Gold Army NRL Player of the Year
  • Ray Price NRL Community Award
  • Brett Kenny NYC Coaches Award
  • Steve Ella NYC Players’ Player Award
  • Geoff Gerard NSW Cup Intrust Super Premiership Coaches Award
  • Bob O’Reilly NSW Cup Intrust Super Premiership Players’ Player Award
  • Michael Cronin Club Person of the Year Award
  • Eric Grothe Snr NRL Rookie of the Year Award (In lieu of an eligible NRL rookie this award will not be handed out in 2017)
  • Jack Gibson NRL Coaches Award
  • Ken Thornett Medal


Hello ladies and gents! We are going to be underway in a matter of moments with the ever lovely Yvonne Sampson reprising her role from last year’s Ken Thornett Medal as master of ceremonies. A quick note; it is my understanding that the Eric Grothe Snr Rookie of the Year Award will not be handed out this year given that there is no eligible recipient.

It is a massive turnout for this year’s Ken Thornett Medal. The Eels are flying on the field and just as you would expect, their fans have come out in droves to support the club for its big night.

Just a heads up that this year’s ceremony will be a far more stream lined process on my end. I am obligated to only post award recipients in line with event protocol!


Blue and Gold Army NRL Player of the Year – Nathan Brown



Ray Price NRL Community Award – Darren Deitz – Try Time



Brett Kenny NYC Coaches Award – Greg Leleisiuao



Steve Ella NYC Players’ Player Award – Reed Mahoney



Geoff Gerard NSW Cup Coaches’ Award – George Jennings


Bob O’Reilly NSW Cup Player of the Year – Marata Niukore



Michael Cronin Club Person of the Year – Rev. George Dansey


Jack Gibson NRL Coaches’ Award – Clinton Gutherson



Ken Thornett Medal – Nathan Brown


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20 thoughts on “Live Blog – Ken Thornett Medal (2017)

    1. Forty20 Post author

      Yeah he was my favourite even before Gutho’s knee injury. I don’t think the bookies would even frame a market for this particular gong!

  1. Phil Mann

    Probably best keep an eye on 60’s if he gets near the bar. Mitch may need a body guard for some of his ratings through the season. Enjoy boys!

  2. parrathruandthru

    Brown KTM
    Gutherson B&GA Award
    Alvaro Coaches award
    Niukore ISP & rookie of the year
    Stone NYC award
    Mannah Community
    BA club person although he would hate it

  3. parrathruandthru

    BA probably has it written into his contract that awards are not required so Gutho for club person of the year. He has set a high standard for the team from the first day of training and was the guy who kept the teams spirits up when his own season was cut short. Wonderful clubman

  4. Offside eel

    Considering the age of our squad its impressive that we didn’t have any debuts this year.

    Browny is a cert of the medal

  5. Chris

    I checked the eels app and there is no live commentary on the event. Don’t tell that the eels head of Brand and Communications came over and told you not to blog Forty???

    Everyone knows TCT is basically the eels digital set these days. Cmon give fans what they want !!!!

  6. Mark

    Mate for us guys who missed it, could we get a bit of a wrap-up? Things said in speeches, B.A’s address, how the boys looked etc. Ta!

    1. sixties

      BA mainly spoke when presenting the award to Gutho. Plenty of praise about his total professionalism, selflessness, and drive to improve.
      There were no speeches as such, apart from Bernie’s address as to the “state of the nation” – what a gifted speaker.
      The recipients basically answered Yvonne Sampson’s questions. Plenty of credit given to the coaching staff & the tight bonds within the team.

      1. Joe Briffa

        I even answered Yvonne and no I cannot let you in to what was said.I meen some things have to remain in house. Very good night again

  7. John Eel

    Given the high regard that Marata Niukore is obviously held in, two questions. Firstly He did not make his NRL debut this year is that because he is not in the top 25. Secondly is there any news about him being resigned.

  8. Mitchy

    More importantly what was for dinner? Entree..? Was the night good…? And how much were the seats…? As I’d like to come along next season

  9. Rowdy

    Great blog Forty.

    It kept myself and son in Melbourne conversational for the whole period . Not that we don’t have other things talk about, but every post and tweet opened new (and oft repeated) dialogue on how we/Parra are going, where we might be going and where we’ve been this season.

    Good work TCT, just another string to the awesome bow that creates such beautiful Parramatta Eels music. TCT take a bow, you are also the quiver which contains many and varied positive projectiles in the world of digital Parra!

    PS. So glad I didn’t catch up with you or anybody else at Ringrose last Sunday, aaaagghhh!

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