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Stat Attack Review – Round 10: Eels vs Roosters

EELS 10 defeated by ROOSTERS 48

Crowd: 10,467


What a ride it is following the Mighty Eels. It’s like a rollercoaster, one moment riding high, then the next, a massive free fall. That fall is just what we experienced on Mother’s Day this past Sunday with a total domination at the hands of latte loving Roosters.

Unfortunately, we have take the bad with the good, so let’s look into the stats that matter for Parramatta.


Score Flow:

Parramatta Eels
H Min Name Event Score
1 4 L.Mitchell TRY 4 – 0
1 6 M.Gordon CONVERSION 6 – 0
1 9 M.Gordon PENALTY GOAL 8 – 0
1 10 J.Friend TRY 12 – 0
1 12 M.Gordon CONVERSION 14 – 0
1 23 C.Gutherson TRY 14 – 4
1 25 C.Gutherson CONVERSION MISS 14 – 4
1 29 M.Gordon PENALTY GOAL 16 – 4
1 31 D.Tupou TRY 20 – 4
1 32 M.Gordon CONVERSION 22 – 4
1 37 B.Ferguson TRY 26 – 4
1 39 M.Gordon CONVERSION 28 – 4
2 44 D.Tupou TRY 32 – 4
2 47 M.Gordon CONVERSION 34 – 4
2 62 M.Jennings TRY 34 – 8
2 62 C.Gutherson CONVERSION 34 – 10
2 67 B.Ferguson TRY 38 – 10
2 69 M.Gordon CONVERSION 40 – 10
2 72 J.Manu TRY 44 – 10
2 74 M.Gordon CONVERSION MISS 44 – 10
2 76 B.Ferguson TRY 48 – 10
2 78 M.Gordon CONVERSION MISS 48 – 10


Full Time Stats:


 SYD Team Stats  PAR
58 Possession (%)


32/39 (82)

Complete/Total Sets (%) 17/24 (71)
47:42 Time – Opposition Half



Time – Opposition 20 7:05
2251 Metres Gained



Scrum Win 3
0 Goal Line Dropout



Penalty Conceded 6
0 Forty Twenty



These numbers point to a complete domination by the Roosters. They won everything in this game and Parramatta had no reply at all. No doubt the Roosters opening 10 minutes set this victory up. The Roosters put the Eels on the back foot from the opening whistle and kept them there.


1st Half:

 SYD Team Stats  PAR
65 Possession (%)


19/21 (90)

Complete/Total Sets (%) 6/9 (67)
19:33 Time – Opposition Half



Time – Opposition 20



Metres Gained



Scrum Win 0
0 Goal Line Dropout



Penalty Conceded 5
0 Forty Twenty



This is where the game was won. A massive 90% completion rate on top of 65% possession rate really gave the Roosters momentum and they never let up. Those figures are extraordinary! For Parra to not even get 10 sets of six to play with in the first half showed how much in control the Roosters were. The Eels had less than 3 minutes – that’s not even 10% of game time, in the Roosters red zone.


2nd Half:

 SYD Team Stats  PAR
51 Possession (%)


13/18 (72)

Complete/Total Sets (%) 11/15 (73)
28:09 Time – Opposition Half



Time – Opposition 20 4:14
1020 Metres Gained



Scrum Win 3
0 Goal Line Dropout



Penalty Conceded 1
0 Forty Twenty



To the Eels credit, they dug in during the second half and tried their hardest. Unfortunately, they simply had no answers and threw very little at the Roosters defence. Both Eels play makers were forced off injured and that killed any form of come back. Even making the score more respectable  was an impossible task.



Top 5 Runs
Name R
SYD S.Taukeiaho 19
 SYD B.Ferguson 18
 SYD D.Tupou 16
 SYD J.Waerea-Hargreaves 16
 PAR N.Brown 15
Top 5 Run Metres
Name RM
 SYD D.Tupou 205
 SYD J.Waerea-Hargreaves 186
 SYD S.Taukeiaho 178
 SYD B.Ferguson 171
 SYD M.Gordon 136


These numbers do not make for pretty reading. Of course, if you don’t get the ball, you don’t make the metres. Only two Eels in Josh Hoffman (127m) and Nathan Brown (121m) made the 100 metre club in this game. In contrast, eight Chooks ran for more than 100 metres.

Lets move on.



Top 5 Tackles
Name TAK
 PAR K.Pritchard 48
 SYD J.Friend 43
 PAR D.Alvaro 39
 PAR T.Moeroa 37
 PAR W.Smith 28
Top 5 Missed Tackles
Name MT
 PAR K.Pritchard 4
 PAR J.Hoffman 4
 PAR M.Ma’u 4
 PAR K.Auva’a 3
 SYD D.Napa 3


A not so pleasing read of the defensive Top 5 stats with the Eels featuring heavily.

Again, Kaysa tops both our tackle count and also missed tackle count. But what is interesting to read is the defensive effort of Will Smith. The Roosters ran a lot of traffic at him and he pulled off a well made 28 tackles with only 1 miss. So well done Will. Unfortunately this probably took him out of the attack and nullified his involvement there.

The Eels made 338 tackles to the Roosters 248. This equates to 90 more tackles, so with an extra 15 sets to defend it was no wonder the score ended up as it did.


So this one is history and now we move on and back home against the Raiders and no doubt a very warm welcome to Ricky Stuart from the Eels faithful.

Stay True, Stay Blue and Gold.

  • Colmac






Browny was a shining light on what was a gloomy Sunday afternoon (both on the field and weather wise).

Nathan picks up another weekly award and is playing out of his skin. No doubt Brad Arthur would be pleased with his week in week out efforts.

Both Nathan and Clint Gutherson are showing the way for the Eels. The consistency of their performances has been a highlight of the season thus far.

Congrats Browny

Possessions 16
Runs 15
Run Metres 121m
Offloads 1
Tackles 26
Tackle Breaks 1
Minutes Played 80


Champion Data

Stats courtesy of Champion Data. All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.

Champion Data

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Colin Hussey

While easy to pick Kaysa out with missing 4 tackles against his 48 actuals, he was not solo in that amount of tackles misses, but with Hoffs missing the same number which he has a bit of consistency in the miss department as well, the other 4 missed tackler being Ma’u to me is a bigger worry, as his form and tackle numbers are also below the 28 mark of chooks Napa’s count.

If Kaysa was not making the number of tackles he does every week, what could be the scores against us?

John Eel

Let me preface this comment with the news that at the time of the game I was on a plane heading back from Perth. Whilst I have recorded the game I have not plucked up the courage to watch it.

48 tackles in a match is great by any count. Also a 92% strike rate is very credible. To have 4 misses when making so much effort in a team under duress is understandable.

There are bigger concerns in our forwards than Kaysers 4 missed tackles.

Colin Hussey

John & Clive The nail has been hit on the head. I have been saying for a while now that even though Kaysa does miss some tackles, its usually the case that he is doing work that his supports should be doing, he is too often the first man in, as he seems to take some pride in getting to the attacking players first, if he is knocked away, he has usually got up and races to get involved again, his work even when not initially effective slows the opposition enough for others to get in and finish off. Tim… Read more »

Colin Hussey

John I too recorded the game, but after watching around 75 minutes of the game, I simply hit the power switch and turned the recording off, It is however worth watching the two eels tries being scored though.


I think the missed tackle count can be a bit misleading in regards to Kaysa. Quite a few of his misses come when he is rushing off the defensive line and really throwing himself into much larger players. Usually helps stop their momentum and other guys finish it off.

Of far more concern was Auva’s atrocious defence and the ease in which the Roosters managed to roll down field through the middle. Also some of Tim Mannahs early defensive efforts were tragic.

John Eel

I noticed in the team photos posted today there was no Beau Scott training with the Eels. He may be just photo shy but I was really hoping that we would have him back for the weekend.

It is going to be interesting to see how the team lines up come game time on Saturday given Mitch is hoping Gutho plays in the centres .

Just mentioned on Fox sports that GI has entered a mental health institute. does not sound good.

Colin Hussey

I would like to see Gutho in the centres, but I believe he will stay as 6 until Norman gets back, as he’s the best option in the 6 spot ATM. While Taka could play there as well, I see Gutho as a much better option. Taka if he proves his fitness should go to the centres, but he is another one that needs to lift his defence and how he reads the opposition.

The best way for them to lift is if Wenty players start putting their hands up and apply pressure for the spots.

John Eel

Update: Just been reminded that Beau Scott is in photo 29. I looked twice and still missed it.


He was there.

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