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Auckland Nines – What Did Eels Supporters Learn?

The Auckland Nines are done and dusted for another year and once again the Eels have acquitted themselves well via a semi-final appearance. The euphoria of Day 1 came crashing back to earth at the hands of a youthful and athletically gifted Panthers outfit. Nonetheless, the blue and golds can take pride in both their results and their attitude towards this event. For the club and its supporters, certain facts were either learned or reinforced.

* Corey Norman Is A Crucial Component Of This Team

Yes, and the sky is blue. Naturally this is a Captain Obvious statement. Parramatta can probably manufacture wins without Norman, possibly even beat any team on our day, but he remains the most important member of the squad. Essentially he embodies every component of a Premiership winning half, and any team with such a player would struggle without them.

However, let me temper these statements by adding that this was magnified in the context of the Nines. Norman is arguably at the pinnacle of the elite class in this format, and his absence in the semi-final was a bridge too far for the Eels. One can prepare for the premiership absence of a star player via days, weeks and months of training. It’s not so easy in a weekend tournament. We witnessed that on Saturday.

* Matagi Will Be A Starter

The question I’ve been asking at training has been, “What possessed Penrith to release this bloke?” After the Nines, other Eels fans were thinking the same. When the Eels recruited Suaia Matagi, I did my research, watched the highlights reels. He was certainly a man to be admired. A redemption story out of the same mould as Manu Ma’u. Matagi had a playing style that was akin to a more skilful Moi Moi.

Suaia Matagi – quite the debut in Eels colours.

Yet with this all research he still snuck under my guard. Back in October, without much time spent at training, I listed him as a starter for Wenty. Was I influenced by his previous inability to settle at one club? Whatever the reason, the pre-season soon changed my mind. By early January I had him listed as a starter in the NRL pack. Matagi plays with all of the aggression required in the engine room, then adds some deft ball skills. The Nines gave other Eels fans the opportunity to see what Matagi has showcased throughout this pre-season. To use one of Phil Gould’s favourite lines, “He’s a goodun!”

* Nathan Brown Is Ready To Fire

This bloke has a career history that made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Labelled by some sections of the media as a grub, you could be excused for thinking we’d gone out to recruit some mongrel for the pack. Without dismissing that notion, you’d definitely be short changing his skills to limit any profile to just his aggression.

At the Nines we witnessed his kick and chase, dummy half work (is this the reason for the “Piggy Riddell” moniker?) and ball skills. Mix that in with some firebrand defence and you have a potential representative level utility forward.

Brown was another player that I erred with in my October prognostications. Thinking back to his Rabbitohs days, I listed him as a starting prop. Watching him in person during pre-season, I was surprised to see that his size had more in common with Anthony Watmough than Tim Mannah. I soon labelled him as a “young Choc with ball skills”. With that in mind, he’s certain to be in the 17 and an ideal player to start at lock or come from the bench.

Shut it down, Nathan Brown!

* Gutherson Is Best Suited to The 13 Man Game

When I reflect on Gutherson’s performance in Auckland, I’m astounded by the doubters that have appeared on social media.  For the most part, he was confident and comfortable in the halves. That was until he was asked to assume a more prominent role without Norman. In the Penrith match he looked unsure about his options and his execution followed suit. However, this was far more reflective of his suitability to control a Nines match, rather than a 13 a side Premiership game.

Consider the role that Norman plays in Nines football. He dances around in front of the opposition, teasing the defence about what he’s going to do. At times he appears to come to a complete stop, almost beckoning his opponents to come at him, only to find a hole for himself or a support player. Few players are as dominant at Nines as Normz. Few players orchestrate their Nines teams like he does. He’s almost like the Cameron Smith of abbreviated footy. Take him out of the Eels line up and there will be an impact. It’s folly to expect Gutherson to fill that role in Nines. Nobody could.

Why then am I confident that Gutherson will be a success in the Premiership pivot role?

The key word is “role”.

Gutherson’s role will be supported by the players around him. Players that were not there in that final Nines match. Norman is the most obvious. As a pairing, they will compliment each other. Gutho is a very good support player. He has the ability to take on the line and pop a pass and his short kicking game developed nicely in the latter part of 2016. His areas of development lie in game management and pass selection. This is not to describe it as a weakness. He looks impressive at training and is renowned for his dedication to improvement. Certainly his development In the halves in what was his first full season of NRL was astounding.

Gutho – a style that’s all his own.

The support play (both on and off the ball) of the pack will be crucial to Gutherson. Indeed, talented halves realise their potential when the platform is laid by the big boys. Additionally, the Eels pack contains a number of talented ball players this year, a facet of the team that will ease the pressure on both Norman and Gutherson. Pritchard, Edwards, Brown and Matagi can all use the ball before, at, or in the line. Viewers were treated to a couple of tries created through the ball skills of the forwards in the first game in Auckland. I’m expecting plenty of that in 2017.

To wrap up my assessment of Gutherson, I’m going to make a comparison with Corey Norman. The Eels purchased Norman for the 2014 season and regarded him as a high profile recruit. With four seasons and 63 appearances to his name in Broncos colours, he came with both credentials and expectations. With respect, it took Norman a good 12 months to settle into his role at the Eels.

In contrast, Gutherson arrived at Parramatta with little fanfare and just five first grade appearances across three injury plagued seasons at Manly. Yet in the most tumultuous year in the Eels history, he played across four positions and eventually assumed the role of a chief playmaker. It was a phenomenal achievement and leaves me with little doubt that Gutherson has both the determination and the football smarts to succeed in the halves. It ludicrous to doubt him after one average Nines game.

* Bevan French Is A Tough Bugger

We know he has speed to burn. We’ve seen him score tries that others couldn’t. But few have recognised how tough he is. Perhaps we lose sight of it because he’s lightly framed and there’s more concern about bulking him up than acknowledging what he can do in spite of his size. Over the weekend he surprised nobody with his speed, but he might just have turned a few heads with his defence and his resilience.

* Defence Wins Matches

Even in Nines footy, the teams who played with the best defensive attitude qualified for the semi-finals. The defensive application of the Eels was outstanding across the weekend. It was controlled and aggressive. Some of the hits from Brown and Matagi would surely have sent a signal about the way the Eels will go about their business. Line speed, hitting, sticking and trusting the bloke next to you must remain key, but we look to be building on the foundations laid last year.

With depth and options at his disposal, Eels supporters can be assured that BA will only hand out NRL jerseys to players who can tackle. The Auckland Nines was the first of three weekends that players will need to use to prove their defensive capabilities.

* Plenty of Talent to Add

With the focus on the strength of the Nines squad, the quality of the players left behind has surely been forgotten. Both centres and most of the pack are still to be added to the 17 man NRL team for Round 1. Very little needs to be said about the impact that will have. With a number of the Auckland Nines team set to fill roles for Wenty, it allows for pressure on positions, quality back ups and high standard opposed sessions. It’s a good place to be in.

A Final Word

The team performance in Auckland did not deliver a much hyped title, but a semi-final result was a fair start to the year. It would be foolish to ignore any red flags, but those were rare. Players who need to address aspects of their game will no doubt be spoken to by Arthur – he’s noted for his up-front approach to players.

Ultimately, this event is another part of each team’s preparation for the season. A sequence of rapid fire trials for half of a squad, played over one weekend. The coaches will decide what it will tell them. For mine, there were plenty of positives.

Eels forever!


Images courtesy of Parramatta Eels, NRL and Auckland Nines

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Agreed Sixties, no matter what the “self appointed experts” elsewhere may think.

Colin Hussey

60’s a very good report and well rounded. Looking at Gutho and without his half with him, or do I say a half, like he did last year with Robbo he went well, missing the player he affectively has trained with in the off season and I guess basically called upon to perform Norms role he was caught out. Can he handle that spot? I believe he can as I have said on several posts that I think that Norms and Gutho may very well interchange at times and that will increase his confidence. I am also liking the look… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Thanks Sixties, Interesting to say Kaysa is an impact player, I could well imagine some choice calls over on the other site if you repeated that there. I always believed that the trials will be the crucial times to finalise what I see are the touch and go positions & the 9 spot is to me the most interesting one at this point of time. I think BA has likely given Cam King the chance to show his wares without a specialised 9 breathing down his neck at the 9’s. He knows what he has with IDG and Kaysa, and… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Mate you are so right regarding his time on the bench, I forget the game but was one of the last in last season (perhaps 2nd or 3rd last) the where BA had been increasing his play time and in this particular game he came on very late, with only 10 or so minutes, it was all but a disaster as he was overly eager and his game was not as good as in previous matches. What I saw in that game was he was so gee’d up that he was actually kamikazi in his dummy half runs, but he… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Fair call 60’s and you see much more of the overall situation than I do, and that means I get basically a small window view. Unlike many, I guess I see something more in Kaysa than maybe others especially (naturally) his detractors. Much of what I have seen in the training galleries, especially some of the video clips show a person who is thoroughly enjoying what he is doing, and he looks happy. One early snippet shows him with his big brother who was bent over 90o and Kaysa comes over to put his hand on him and says something,… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Mate totally understand, and I guess its just the element that I see something more in him and just hope that he gets it out. I actually wonder if having big brother there may be the catalyst he heeds, I hope so.


Sorry col but i agree with 60s that kaysa cant run a game and hes had chances and fsiled to control himself even in 15 minute stints

Colin Hussey

Anonymous, my personal thoughts are that his mind and eagerness runs too fast for him as he’s so het up about getting on the field and wanting to do all he can. If he can control that, I think his game management will also be helped. My thought is and I have said it before is that he needs a bit of tuturing from a known hooker, someone retired to try and steer him in the right direction, Problem is who? We have not had any real top line hookers since Steve Edge retired, but even he could be of… Read more »


Well said Sixties. Always enjoy hearing your comments and really appreciate your positive outlook.


The thing i learnt the most was that not only now we have a great team we have a great squad thats more important for me


Agree Sixties – Gurtherson is a project player on a steep learning curve – looking at how far he has come in 12 months it gives you every confidence he’ll be operating at a whole new level over the course of this season. So many positives to come out of the weekend; attitude, defence and squad depth were great. Wheels were wobbly against Penrith but sometimes momentum is against you. Bring on the start to the season.


I endorse Keelhaul’s comment. Am really excited to see Normy and Gutho together this season. I see them being in the top 3 halves pairs in the comp this year.


Hey Manginina, many thanks. Like Sixties and yourself, no matter where we end up this year we will win plenty and really that’s where the real enjoyment and excitement comes from. Cheers talk soon.

Michael Formosa

What happened to Scott Schulte? Didn’t BA name him as a player to watch? Or did he mean he is the player that will be watching lol


Injured at training so not risked

Michael Formosa



I watched most of the games,not just Parra, over the weekend, remembering it was a 9’s competition( a bit of fun) and saw a Parra team that plays for each other and you can see they have a strong bond. They really seem to get along and have fun. That has not been the case in the past and I for one loved seeing it last year and am confident it will continue.That bond is something that all good teams have, especially when they are exhausted but need to push harder to make a few more tackles to not let… Read more »


For a team that bought over basically rookies and didn’t care the Penrith team certainly played a good game. Time for our club to raid their juniors to fill any holes we may have as Penrith can’t keep them all. Against Penrith we played a more structured game against youthful exuberance and flair and paid the price. The one negative to take out of the campaign was Hoffman, I never even knew he was on the field, he was invisible. The positive was Tuha, strong in attack and defence, and based on what I saw he could/should take the right… Read more »


Really doubt honetti will ever be nrl level glenn ,dont make judgements based on 9s mate go and watch him at wenty in real footy ,


Great analysis Sixties. Lots to read and also the comments are very insightful by all.
All I say is if our halves do well, we will be good. We’ve strong depth all round I believe and moneyball players.
Anonymous I certainly hope Honeti is pushing NRL, as the competition for spots will be tough. Honeti can make NRL i believe. Guts, determination and effort is needed.

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