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Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 1

The Cumberland Throw were pretty excited when these two legends of our great team AND the game of Rugby League said yes to being interviewed. We were even more pumped to know that these two said they would love to do the interview together.


Steve Edge, one of only few players to have captained two different teams to Grand Final victory and the man who captained our famous triplets of Grand Final success in 1981,82 and 83.

Mick Cronin, his point scoring records for our club, representative honours as well as a part of Grand Final teams from 1977 through to his retirement after the victorious 1986 Grand Final.

We saw a sneak preview of their interview when we presented our tribute to Jack Gibson, now we can begin to showcase the time we spent with these two legends and gentlemen.


In this first part, Steve and Mick discuss some of their early years in Rugby League, from playing days in country Rugby League, touching on the experience of playing in losing grand final teams to right up to when Steve joins Parramatta in 1980.


We hope you enjoy, Part 1, Edge and Cronin.



Our special thank you to “Parrathruandthru”(Geoff) for assisting us with sourcing some additional still images for the videos.

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24 thoughts on “Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 1

  1. DK Eel Post author

    The first of MANY priceless moments are on this video .

    When asked about playing against one another, Edgey says “Well, he’s a back and I’m a footballer” ….. just the start of the great banter that you’ll get to see in further parts.

    Hope these two bring back some great memories for you all

  2. DK Eel Post author

    I also wonder if Mick was inspired by Jack Gibson when he said “If you spend all your time looking backwards, you’ll never go forward too far”.

    Words to live you life by Mick 🙂

    1. sixties

      Nice job on the edit DK. Have to say, we’re all very proud to be able to present these interviews to our fellow fans. The word “legends” is appropriate for these greats of our club and they were extremely generous with their time. Again, some good stories shared – thoroughly enjoyable time had by all of us.

  3. Parramatta Tragic

    That was thoroughly enjoyable from two terrific blokes. Mick Cronin is a champion human being and a gentleman which is more important than being a footballer, but what a footballer! Looking forward to the next installments. Thank you gents for so many wonderful memories. Thanks also to TCT for making this possible

  4. Trapped in the 1970's!

    The 13 import rule was so instrumental in the eels resurgence in 1975 but I never realised that it delivered Mick Cronin to the eels rather than the dogs, how good was that. More great work guys, keep them coming.

  5. Kramerica

    Steve Edge: “He’s a back and I’m a footballer”
    Mick Cronin: “8 to 13 no brains”
    Priceless stuff from 2 of our all time greats.
    Awesome job guys, looking forward to the next installment 🙂

  6. Clive

    Incredible interview guys. I might be biased due to the content but these interviews are better than anything we see on free to air TV. These fantastic clips really illustrate how someone should interview a person. Quite often these days you see some ego driven “star” interview someone and they feel it is as much about them as it is the person being interviewed. It just goes to show that that if you ask the right questions and are humble with obvious good intentions these type of guys are so entertaining and open that you simply can’t go wrong.
    Thanks for another great video.

    1. Chris

      Thanks Clive. Took us a few hours to calm Mitch down but once the sedatives kick in, he does a great job. Thanks for your feedback. The next editions are even better or at least that is the promise from DK the editing master.

  7. DK Eel Post author

    We are truly humbled by all the compliments on these videos. We really wanted to bring you this first installment earlier, but I have been working on a feature film for the last few weeks (long days, late nights, early morning finishes), so hearing that you have enjoyed them is truly humbling.

    We’ve been so lucky that these legends of the club and indeed, legends of the game, have been so generous and giving of their time. Then to be able to share their generosity with everyone is such a bonus.

    Our game has such a rich history and heritage, being able to hear the stories from these greats has been such a tap on the shoulder to remind me not to forget that we are fans of the BEST sport in the world.

  8. Joe Briffa

    thanks boys with the physio and plenty of work on my behalf I am on the road to recovery, see you both soon.

  9. Joe Briffa

    Mate I am a Parramatta supporter through thick and thin and look at the quality of people I would of missed out on seeing if I had of stayed at home feeling sorry for myself

  10. JJ

    Great stuff again by TCT, looking forward to the next instalment. The term “Legends”can be certainly be used for these 2 greats of our club.

  11. June

    What a great interview, I am proud to say I know Michael and he truly is a gentleman. He attended my husbands funeral two weeks ago and as ever just stood back out of the way. He drove to Sydney, so I can’t speak highly enough of Michael and his whole family.

    1. sixties

      June, thank you for sharing this personal anecdote about Mick. When I first approached Mick about this interview, he didn’t hesitate. He then drove up to Sydney for us.
      I would also add that Steven Edge kindly opened up the Kogarah dressing room as the venue for this interview.

  12. DK Eel Post author

    next installment is ALMOST ready ….. part two is nearly twenty minutes of blue and gold goodness, so grab a tea or coffee and sit back.

    Why twenty minutes?

    well after part two is done I still have close to half an hour of these two to deliver and where I finish part two was just an obvious point to conclude on, I couldn’t break the stories or rhythm of those two before that.

    Hang on everyone, part two is ALMOST ready to upload …..

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