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Introducing Colmac – Stats, Stats and More Stats

Welcome to the 2016 season – a season where the use of statistics in rugby league is becoming more and more proficient – just like the use of the gym, and the execution of set plays.


Stats are increasingly in-depth and just as integral as a coach’s notebook. Indeed, the NRL is following the trend of other major sports around the world, including the NFL and NBA which define the use of statistical analysis for every team, every player, every minute of every game played.


So to kick off my contributions to TCT, let’s have a quick look at some key stats for the Eels from 2015. After all, where better to start than the recent past!



[table id=2 /]

This represents the final statistics for the Eels in 2015.


Breaking this down on a points basis, Parra scored on average 18.7 points per game as compared to the premiership season average (all teams) of 20.4. In defence we conceded 23.9 points against a premiership season average of 20.4. Breaking this down further, Parra scored 83 tries at 3.5 per game, compared to the premiership season average of 3.6. So not too bad.


A key statistic which accounts for a number of losses (as we all know) was our goal kicking. We kicked 57 goals all season at an average of 2.4 per game, making us second last in goal kicking – just in front of Penrith. Seeing Michael Gordon kicking last Saturday night, this success rate should definitely increase. No pressure ‘Flash’.
Other Key Stats:

  • Semi Radradra – 24 tries – 1st
  • All Run Metres – avg per game of 1459.6 vs 1530.8 (Season average all teams)
  • Tackles- avg. per game of 309.7 vs 311.3 (Season average all teams)
  • Penalties Conceded – 173 (total) – avg. per game of 7.2 vs 6.6 (Season average all teams)
  • Penalties Awarded – 135 (total) – avg. per game of 5.6 vs 6.6 (Season average all teams)
  • Line Breaks – avg. per game of  3.8 vs 3.9 (Season average all teams)


Semi - his try scoring feats may yet re-write more of the record books.

Semi – his try scoring feats may yet re-write more of the record books.


Again, apart from Semi’s incredible performance, all of the data from 2015 is reflective of a team which finished just on the wrong side of the ledger in a number of key indicators.


Statistics are available on virtually everything that happens in a game, including run metres, kick metres, kicks per game, penalties, errors – the list is extensive!


As I work for Champion Data, I will be able to provide statistics that may differ from those available on etc. This can come down to the types of stats captured, the method of capture and ultimately the interpretation of the data.


You can see our live stats during play on the Champion Data Match Centre at (no www), Telstra’s Sportsfan website and app, and also on the Triple M NRL app and ESPN League Now app. You can also follow us on twitter @ChampiondataNRL.


Throughout the 2016 season on The Throw, I’ll be posting articles pertaining to the whole team and individual players. Each week I will post a “Player of the Week” statistical profile from that week’s game. If you have any ideas or questions about statistics that you’d like to view, please feel to post a comment.


TCT and I greatly appreciate the cost free statistics provided by my employer. There may be some statistics that cannot be provided cost free, but again we are very appreciative of Champion Data for the access to their stats.




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16 thoughts on “Introducing Colmac – Stats, Stats and More Stats

  1. Chris

    ColMac – welcome mate and thanks for your time adding value to our site. A couple of questions:

    1) BA has spoken at length about discipline. Are you able to give us more details on penalties conceded? Perhaps a breakdown of penalties per player and even per offence? We might be able to track that this season and see how well the team is improving in this area.

    2) since we seem to have such a leather left edge, would be great to know how often we go there this year rather than the right.

    3) I would like to know how often Norman and Foran touch the ball compared to say the Cowboys and Broncos halves.

    4) would be great to get some stats on our attacking play from dummy half if such a thing is recorded

    5) if any of this costs money, Miatch has offered to sell his Yaris to cover the first months subscription to champion data.


    1. Colmac

      Hi Chris,

      Yes we do capture all those stats as mentioned. I will see what I can do over next couple days using 2015 stats and can do comparisons against the higher ranked teams, or over the ‘perceived’ higher ranked players

  2. Serpent

    Good stuff Col and well written mate, looking forward to you being able to capture a few trends with your stats in regards to us versus the rest of the comp like youve done here, very interesting reading and having a background like yours its clear youve got your finger on the pulse with the stats and trends, cheers

  3. sinners

    Nice work Col. Another great contributer from thst other site. Well done boys this twitter account and website is gonig gangbusters. Great work. Just get your site up so we can all enjoy it as parra supporters. Everyone is sick of the shit from the other site

  4. Parramatta Tragic

    Hi ColMac and thanks for the stats. I would be interested in seeing a few details such as:
    How many penalties conceded in first 15 minutes
    How many penalties conceded in opposition half
    How many penalties are “piggy back” penalties to the other team to get them upfield
    How many tries scored after “piggy back” penalties
    On which tackle are the penalties given e.g. a penalty on the fifth tackle is very important
    I would actually like to somehow see all five of these items linked as they are game deciding penalties
    Thanks very much

    1. Colmac

      Hey Tragic,

      Wow where can I start??? You really cant do a stat for ‘piggy back’ penalties. All you can do is just show a stat on when a penalty is given. Yes you could see when penalties are awarded on which tackle and where on the field and by who, but not a ‘piggy back’ penalty. That would just be up to you to decided that. And yes you could be able to find how many tries have happened after a penalty is awarded from the ensuing set.

  5. Trapped in the 1970's!

    Good work Col. I’d be interested in knowing how many times the clown with the whistle got it wrong. Seriously though penalties at what stage of the tackle count are always of interest to me.

  6. Pou

    Brilliant addition to TCT. I absolutely love stats. Is there any way for individuals to get paid access to your company’s data, and if so is the cost prohibitive?

  7. DK Eel

    Can we get a stat on how many times the crowd hears Sixties yell “WAKE UP FLAG BOY!!!!” ?!?!

    But seriously, huge thank you for adding your stats to “The Cumberland Throw”. I look forward to reading your regular reports .



  8. HKF

    Good stuff Colmac, I am a big fan of stats.
    As I pointed out last season the eels need to get points against down below an avg of 18 points per game to make the 8, the top teams avg around 14 against so I would like us to get to around the 16 points against at least.

  9. Colmac

    Thanks for all the welcome posts. Really look forward to adding my 2 cents on The Throw.

    Keep the ideas coming.

  10. JJ

    Great stuff Colmac & TCT. Stats always have a story to tell about any respective game and the teams performance broken down on a individual basis. Does anyone know if BA & the coaching staff are big on the use of stats in there coaching philosophies ?.

    1. Colmac

      Hey JJ

      Yes BA is a massive stats fan. Have had talks with him about. He gets our stats we capture after every game.

  11. Rowdy Roddy

    Col, you and your mate Mac have brained it, excellent post and analysis profile for the future.
    Thanks also to your boss who is not only generous and gracious, but I would venture to say “not unwise” in how to get it out there bro! 😉
    As you have seen, we are all looking forward to the upcoming season stats.
    May we all do our best to promote the previously not as well known “Well of Information” aka
    Champion Data Match Centre at “CHAMPION of PARRA”!
    Thanks again Colmac,

  12. Jack

    Col, the stats this year I’m sure will be a pleasure to put together! Can’t wait break the stigma associated with the last 6 years of footy from the eels.

  13. sixties

    I’m interested in a stat from last year – first half penalty counts vs second half penalty counts. It always seemed like the starts of matches were particularly difficult. A typical match for me was the first match vs the Dogs. We were put under constant pressure through repeat sets. Regardless, the aim this year is to be more disciplined and to control the calls against us – though the number of penalties blown in the first half of the Penrith trial was a major concern for both teams. Excessive and pedantic in my opinion.

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