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Inner Sanctum Vision – A New Standard in Fan Engagement

The recently released video footage of behind the scenes action at the Auckland Nines is perhaps the best media work ever produced by the Parramatta Eels. If the brief was to make the fans feel like they were there alongside the team, then it gets a huge tick from TCT!

It was truly riveting viewing, with BA’s instructions and debriefs, the dressing room rev ups, combining with the on field action and sideline reaction. As the tournament unfolded on Sunday, we were taken on a great ride with a team finding genuine self belief. With these videos, we gained that glimpse into the basis of that belief.

The media department at the Parramatta Eels deserve a huge congratulations for the production values evident in this footage. As fans we have been treated to a pre-season full of images and film from training. It’s almost like there has been no off-season.

Importantly, we should be grateful to Brad Arthur for allowing the supporters to engage with the team like never before. We all assume that Arthur has to agree to this media exposure and rightly so. However, I’ve discovered that BA was actually instrumental in formulating the behind the scenes concepts that we are all enjoying.

When the media team and the football department come together like this, the fans are the ones to benefit.


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4 thoughts on “Inner Sanctum Vision – A New Standard in Fan Engagement

  1. Pou

    Phenomenal couple of videos. I suspect a third is on its way, unless the club are looking to sell the DVD with the final win.

  2. Rowdy

    Well expounded upon sixties. Is there no limit to the depth of your comprehension my friend? 😉

    Phenomenal, great word Pou! and clearly defines the production of these videos.
    Don’t put thoughts in the minds of the footy marketing department though champ. I reckon the extra interest these type of fan focused videos create will tend to encourage more fans to become more deeply engaged with the club when they’re free. That in turn should generate more sales of merchandise.

  3. Me

    The access BA is giving the fans is unprecedented and unequalled,obviously their are limits but i feel BA is embracing the fans like no one before him , this guy cares about us and wants us in the family,starting to feel like we belong !!!!

  4. Mitchy

    Yes – very good vision and it highlights to me that although it was 9’s he kept telling them to defend etc. Simple clear messages. Support each other / turn up for each other. Simple but effective and he’s building the team well. Cross my fingers for the next 26 rounds

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