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Interviews – Jack Gibson Tribute

The Cumberland Throw has had the very special privilege of interviewing some legends of Rugby League.


In this presentation, Peter Wynn, Bob O’Reilly, Steve Edge and Mick Cronin all speak about the person who had a significant influence on not only their careers, but on their lives outside football – Jack Gibson.


Not only do we recap some of what Peter Wynn and Bob O’Reilly had to say about Jack, but we give you a sneak preview into the interview with Mick Cronin and Steve Edge with some touching, insightful and downright funny recollections of their times with the Supercoach.


We hope you enjoy this special presentation .

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Really proud about this and thoroughly impressed with DK’s edit.

Rowdy Roddy

You’d go a long way looking for a better tribute than that.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Not only speaks volumes for Jack, but also of the legends who clearly are still in awe of the bloke.
A sincere thank you to Wally, Bear, Edgie and the Crow for the shared memories.
Sixties and DK, champion effort once again.


Cheers Roddy. These footy legends have also been legendary with their time – it’s been brilliant to meet them and listen to their stories.

DK Eel

thanks Rowdy!

Really appreciate the comments. It’s been an honour and pleasure to interview these guys and just the same to bring these interviews to the site

Phil Mann

Wonderful. Gee I miss 1981


Gee that is superb stuff. DK I can see the major tv shows and fox asking for rights for this mate. Great stuff and thanks for heads up Sixties. I’ll make sure this is part of my schools curriculum….!

Bill Kelly aka FatGuy on One Eyed..

Brilliant tribute to Jack Gibson Guys. Loved every minute of it….thank you for the effort and work that went into this…..

DK Eel

cheers Mtichy 🙂


Outstanding fellas – loved the story about Jack’s rating of Ronnie Hilditch after a poor game – had me in stitches! Can’t wait for the Edge/Crow interview 🙂


Brilliant. Surely the envy of every other NRL Team. Many thanks for everyones efforts.

DK Eel

Just want to say a huge thank you on the comments.

My personal favourite moment was the “get that corpse outta here” story from Mick Cronin.

You can hear in the background all of us desperately trying not to laugh over the audio …. and failing miserably !

One last comment from me, you’re going to love the interview with Steve Edge and Mick Cronin. 😀

Parramatta Tragic

That’s really special. It was obviously a wonderful time in the players lives as well as for the supporters. I have all of Jacks books and I can tell you that they are worth more than you may pay to any doctor or shrink should you ever need one. They are full of one liners from famous authors and also quotes from the players which are a combination of great humour and great philosophy. Jack’s books were a real eye opener to me and reading those one liners from the great philosophers had a huge impact and I remember them… Read more »

Jim Ferg

Ahhh, terrific stuff. I love the “Penrith’s dropped off” jibe to Ronnie Hilditch after he had a shocker in terms of them losing interest in signing him. Nice work all.


I remember one day at the SFS i was in the lift with my son he was about ten he is now 22 and Jack Gibson walks in and says to Joel who signed your hat son.Joel says Michael Vella.jack replied your a good man Michael Vella.You could see he wasnt that well as he was shaking>My son then asked me who that man was.I said that man is a legend one of Parras greatest coaches.


Jack was a unique man and it has been amazing to be in the presence of these legends as they talk about Jack (and other yarns). If our site stopped today, it has still given me privileges I wouldn’t have imagined possible.

Michael R

Thoroughly enjoyed that …. I can tell already the Cronin Edge video is going to be a cracker. Can’t wait to see it. Got to love the old stories from the Parra legends and you just hope the club sees the value in having these guys involved with the club and with the current players in some way. Great role models.

DK Eel

Cheers Michael!

There was so much gold from the Cronin and Edge interview. They were so generous with their time too. Both of them real gentlemen with a touch of larrikin .

I know everyone will love the interview 🙂

Trouser Eel

Really enjoyed that piece. It must have been a real inspiration to work under such a respected coach and mentor.
The affection for him really shone through. Great work.


It’s amazing to have blokes who are legends in their own right talk about how Jack touched their lives. What a great man!


Boy, I thoroughly enjoyed the video, thank you.
I met Jack once, in that hour he changed my life, I’m not an emotional guy but that presentation had me shedding happy tears.


That’s incredible to hear Joseph. It adds to the stories of how he changed people’s lives.

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