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Live Blog – Jersey Flegg Round 13: Parramatta Eels vs Melbourne Storm

The weekend’s action wraps up this afternoon with the Parramatta Eels hosting the Melbourne Storm at Kellyville Park in the Jersey Flegg. Joshua Lynn makes his Jersey Flegg debut for the Eels and will replace the injured Ethan Sanders at halfback. Sam Tuivati will start in the front row with the young tearaway continues his ascent in 2023.

While the Eels dropped their last game, the Storm enter Round 13 on the back of a 2-game winning streak and obviously carry a cheeky bit of form coming into today’s game. A win today is important for either team in terms of keeping touch with the upper echelon of the ladder  .

Kick off is at 2:45PM so tune in then for all of the updates!


Jersey Flegg Team List

1 Apa Twidle
2 Matthew Komolafe
3 Turoa Williams
4 Richard Penisini
5 Lene Feterika
6 Mac Puafisi
7 Joshua Lynn
8 Noah Reed
9 Jacob Davis
23 Sam Tuivati
11 Jock Brazel (c)
12 Saxon Pryke
13 Nic Lenaz
14 Matt Arthur
30 Lance Fualema
16 Lachlan Mears-Crabbe
19 Lachlan Blackburn
18 Damien Nati


Match Updates

First Half


The match today is beginning with a moments silence for the father of former Eels staffer and current Storm staffer Glenn Vanderwert.

Parra kicks off running to the southern end.

Storm completes their first set with a kick to the Eels 20. Parra struggle to get many metres and the ball flies out the back about 35 out. A quick shift to Komolafe and he breaks the line and crosses half way but the cover puts him out.

The Eels defence now does outstandingly well surviving three sets on the line. Seven tackle set now to Parra. Six again called. The play works close to the Storm line and Davies goes from dummy half – looks like a try but held up is the call. The last tackle kick is too heavy and it’s a seven tackle set to the Storm.

Parra block the Storm kick inside the Eels red zone and Williams breaks down field. A spread left now follows and the ball goes through Penisini to Feterika who beats his opposite and races away to score.

Conversion from Lynn successful

Eels 6 Storm nil about 12 minutes gone


Both teams now exchange a number of sets but the Storm have made an error just on Parra’s side of halfway. This is now quickly followed up by a penalty for a high shot. Parra get to the Storms quarter and the ball is spread right but in attempting quick hands an error comes through Puafisi.

The Storm reply with a solid set and earn a line drop out with a pinpoint kick. Short dropout from Parra and the Storm tap back goes over the sideline. Another incomplete set from Parra as they lose the ball on the quarter line. They now compound it with six again and the Storm have made them pay. Good hands across the front of the Eels posts has stripped Parra for numbers and they’ve crossed via the number 17 about ten metres to the right of the posts.

Conversion successful

Eels 6  Storm 6 Twenty minutes gone


It’s a bit heated here. The Storm have made an error in the play the ball and the Eels have a scrum on the quarter. There’s a play to the right off the back of the scrum but the ball goes astray and Komolafe just manages to haul it in. Across to the left now and there’s déjà vu in action as Penisini frees up Feterika who again beats his opposite to score.

Angled conversion from Lynn is successful

Eels 12 Storm 6, 25 gone.

Oh no. Parra has dropped the kick off and the Storm have a scrum  on the 30. They get to the kick which is a bludger of a grubber and the player gets his foot to it a second time. The Storm 14 grounds it and the ref belatedly points to the spot amidst Eels protests of a knock on

Hill converts

Eels 12 Storm 12 about 30 minutes gone


An error from the Storm and a penalty to Parra gets the Eels to 30 metres out. Yet another incomplete set however as a forward pass is thrown.

Once more the Storm have made them pay. They get to the Eels quarter and have Parra on their heels in defence. The ball is moved to the right and their winger Amosa dives over in the right corner.

The conversion goes wide as half time sounds. A costly last minute their for Parra.

Storm 16 lead Eels 12 – Half time.

The Eels will need to address their errors in the second half. The Storm are carrying the ball powerfully and putting Parra on the back foot in defence. Such opportunities are coming about through incomplete sets.

Storm kicking off.

Lance Fualema has hopefully set the tone with a huge carry from the kick off. Parra get a penalty two tackles later and now Lance takes another big run into the Storm quarter. The play now shifts left as Parra take another drink from the side of the field that delivered first half success. This time Penisini does it all himself as he accelerates into the line and reaches out to plant the ball close to the corner.

Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 16 Storm 16 two minutes of second half gone.

The Eels advance play into the Storm half and again earn a penalty. Parra’s got them on the back foot but a low pass from dummy half let’s Melbourne off the hook.

Melbourne have returned the favour by losing possession on their quarter and Matt Arthur is now into the game. The ball is deep in the Storm Red zone and in a spread to the right Williams takes on the line himself and beats his opposite.

Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 20 Storm 16 about seven minutes gone in the half


Great play from Twiddle to cover a Storm chip chase play. The Eels get to their kick and the Storm turn it over cheaply. The Eels work play into the quarter and Fualema is doing more damage with his charges. Parra look like they’ve scored next to the posts on the last but the ref calls held up.

The teams exchange completed sets, but Komolafe has grassed a pass from dummy half about 22m out from the Eels line. The Eels defend their line and it looks like Twiddlewhos covered up a dangerous grubber into the ingoal.

Parra now force an error from the line drop out and the scrum is set 15m out. Parra advance the ball to the Storm 30 on the back of good carries from Tuivaiti and Reed but they surrender the ball with a nothing run as it looks like they don’t realise it’s the last.

The Storm dummy half breaks the line and fortunately his pass to supports on the Eels quarter goes to ground.

Parra now with a scrum on the Storm 20 and they head left early. It looks like Feterika has lost the ball in a surge towards the line. Storm now rucking it out.

The Storm affect a one on one strip and get a line drop out on the last tackle kick.

Pressure is on with three minutes to go and the Eels defending repeat sets. Deep drop out. Oh, that’s cruel. The Storm have broken through and scored with 80 seconds left on the clock and it’s not a tough conversion.

Conversion successful

Eels get possession after the kick off and the Storm knock down an Eels pass. The scrum is on the forty and Parra attempt the two point field goal but it’s very optimistic.

Storm 22 Eels 20 Full time

Final Note

The second half of this match was a far more composed performance from the Eels. My apologies for not calling the input from some players. I’m mostly giving overall descriptions of what’s unfolding and then adding names for try scoring plays.

The Eels forwards controlled the middle much better after the break. I believe that the disallowed try to the Eels that they all celebrated was by Matt Arthur getting over from dummy half. The ref call was late as was the decision to award a try off a kick to the Storm in the first half.

As far as individual performances are concerned, I rated the efforts of Nic Lenaz, Apa Twiddle, and Richie Penisini. They’d be up there in any 3,2,1 counts but given the distractions of trying to blog as I watch there might be others better qualified to vote.

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12 thoughts on “Live Blog – Jersey Flegg Round 13: Parramatta Eels vs Melbourne Storm

  1. Big Derek

    It was a cold afternoon on the hill at Kellyville, and if there is a saving grace to be taken out of a very tough defeat it was, 7 players were over 2 years young with another player 3 years outside the age group. Competitive with a very strong, big and committed Storm side they did well and the experience will be terrific for development.

    Twidle was composed and very safe at fullback , Penisini the youngest player in the team stood out, and Josh Lynn was more than handy at 7. Good things can be predicted if these young men are allowed to progress, special mention to Sam Tuivati and Lance Fualema, their charges and running from the front row again playing up 2 years was more than encouraging.

    1. Milo

      Got to keep these guys Derek and allow them time to build. Throw in some good coaching and let’s hope

  2. Jack_sonny

    Sounds like a game that go away! You think penisini could be ready for some nsw cup this year mate? Sounds like his killing it

    1. sixties Post author

      Richie was very good today, but let’s see how he goes for a while yet. Blaize Talagi will be out for a while yet. Not sure about the exact time frame.

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